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Behind a large glass door at the Warner Village Shopping Centre lies a little piece of heaven on earth.

SASI Skin Spa offers a step up in skincare, providing a choice of the latest treatments expertly delivered by our highly trained therapists. Here you will find quality treatments backed by experience and knowledge at an affordable price.

In addition to the services listed, we have a visiting cosmetic injectables doctor for lifting, plumping and managing frown lines and "crow feet" and an IPL specialist for Hair reduction,pigment, rosacea, capillaries, sun damage and skin tightening.

100% Guarantee! Our 100% guarantee is to repeat the service and exchange the products (on proof of purchase and with a proven reaction within one month)

Our Clients

When I first started coming to Sasi Skin Spa 3-4 months ago my forehead was very red, bumpy and inflamed by Rosacea.. On my first appointment Adelle was able to help me start using the right products for my skin right away. Since I have started coming to Sasi for my weekly to fortnightly treatments and by changing my cleansing products to DMK, my skin has cleared up dramatically. I also take DMK EFA tablets in combination with the DMK products I use. My skin isn’t so thick where the Rosacea is….It’s nice and smooth. I’m just amazed how my skin has cleared up. I used to have a full fringe so I could hide my forehead, as I didn’t want anyone to see the redness and comment on it. I now have a no fringe as I love how my skin looks. I have battled Rosacea for years, this is the first time that I have had any relief and seen any improvement with it. I have Adelle and her team to thank for my amazing skin transformation. If I hadn’t come to Sasi and seen Adelle when I did, I’d still be using products that were doing more harm than good for my skin.

A Happy Mum
I am truly grateful to Sasi Skin Spa and their knowledgeable and caring therapists.

I began my journey with the salon 18 months ago when my then 15 year old son was suffering from acne on his face, neck, shoulders and back. He was so self-conscious I had not seen him without a shirt off his back for over 4 years. Needless to say the acne also affected his self confidence.

Then one day I took my son to Sasi, and it was that day Adelle turned his life around. She introduced us to a product by the name of Danné. She took the time to explain to him how long it would take till he would start to see an improvement in his skin and only recommended enough products to use at any one time that a boy could handle. Every step was clearly demonstrated and then written up for him as a reference for when he got home. We were told we were welcome to drop in for weekly visits if we wanted to. This was something he did willingly and within 1 month we started to see his skin improve.

Then one day standing at my kitchen window I saw my son take his shirt off and dive into our pool. I was ecstatic.

Today my son has beautiful skin with the occasional breakout; he wears singlets and is not embarrassed to go without a shirt. Most importantly because of the wonderful treatment and correct products recommended by Sasi he has not got one scar on his face to show for the state his skin was in just 18 months ago.

My son’s confidence has returned and he still visits Adelle to say hi, restock his Danné products or with a bunch of flowers to show his appreciation because he knows without the team at Sasi Skin Spa he would not be the clear skinned young man he is today.

My Team

Adelle and her fully qualified and friendly staff are ready to welcome you!

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