GOOD REASONS TO CHOOSE US Fully Qualified Practitioners
You are assured a treatment of the highest quality as you will consult with practitioners who have a Diploma of Health Science (Clinical Hypnotherapy), Diploma of Psychotherapy, Post-Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling, Diploma of Crystal Therapy, Bowen Therapy as well as being qualified Reiki Masters, Adv. Liquid Crystals Mineral Therapists and Reconnective Healing Practitioners TM.

Individual Attention
As everyone is different, we tailor each session to suit your individual health requirements and goals.

The Right Combination of Therapy For You
We draw upon our knowledge in psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, spiritual and energetic healing to provide you with the most effective combination of treatments to help you overcome your specific concerns. It is this flexible approach and extensive knowledge-base that makes EnergeticFx so effective in addressing your needs.

A Holistic Approach To Your Health
We understand that everyone is different. As such, we draw on our vast experience in a variety of modalities to tailor a session to suit your particular conditions or goals.

If you consciously intend to change the way you live, EnergeticFx offers you a safe environment to effect these changes. Our qualified therapists offer you a safe, gentle and sensitive, yet focussed approach in guiding and assisting you through these changes in a nurturing, caring and respectful way.

Who would benefit from our services?

Anyone living in the Twenty-first Century, especially anyone who may experience: Stress, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Nightmares, Uncertainty regarding the future, A lack of self-worth, Job dissatisfaction, Chronic Fatigue, Illnesses, Lack of direction, Confusion. Anyone having difficulty with: Career change, Relationships, Limiting belief structures, Self-sabotage behaviour, Chronic disease. Anyone wanting insights into their: Relationships, Personality traits, Emotional patterns, Karmic influences, Astrological Chart, Bio-energy field, Aura Imaging. Start Your Healing Journey To make an appointment or to find out more information about how our fully qualified practitioners can help you with your particular concerns, give us a call on 0408 005 408.

We are happy to give you friendly and professional advice about how you can take a holistic approach to your health. Health Fund rebates available with some private health funds. Call: 0408 005 408

My Team / Memberships

Alandra Rayner DEH, DCH, DCT.
Dip. Health Science (Clinical Hypnotherapy)
Dip. Psychotherapy
Dip. Crystal Therapy
Post-Grad. Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Dip. Esoteric Hypnotherapy
Bio-energetic Therapist
Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner
Reconnective Healing Practitioner®
Reiki Master
Esoteric Astrologer

She is a graduate of The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, Hawaii, The Academy of Human Sciences, NSW, and The Academy of Hypnotic Science, Vic. and an accredited member of The Academy of Hypnotic Science (AHS) and The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) and The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH).

Gerard RaynerDCH, MAHS
Dip. Health Science (Clinical Hypnotherapy)
Dip. Psychotherapy
Post-Grad. Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Bio-energetic Therapist
Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner
Reconnective Healing Practitioner®
Shamanic Healer
Reiki Master.

Both Alandra and Gerard are passionate about ongoing professional development and are vigilant about the ever-changing face of health, wellbeing and longevity to ensure their clients are getting the most up-to-date therapeutic applications.

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