Alkalife is Australia's own natural alkaline water high in minerals so important to our wellbeing.

Not all waters are created equal.

While most natural bottled waters are acidic Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water is all natural alkaline water. Bottled straight at the source in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains cavern area of Australia Alkalife is rich in minerals our body cries for.

If you're currently buying bottled water, compare the typical analysis with Alkalife. We are confident that minerals that are good for health such as calcium, bicarbonate and silica are much higher in Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water than the water you are currently drinking.

But what are alkaline waters and why are they good for us??

Diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment but thrive in an acidic environment!

Alkaline neutralises acid. So drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline food helps rid acid accumulated in the body. Every time we eat, sleep, exercise and even breath, we create acid and acidic by-products. The chances are that the water you are drinking now is acidic. Every time you drink acidic waters, you are adding acid to your body - imagine doing this for the rest of your life! If acid is accumulated in the body it can weaken your immune system and make you prone to disease.

Not only is Alkalife naturally high alkaline mineral water, it's high in calcium. Calcium is an alkaline mineral and is a vital mineral that helps maintain strong teeth and bones. Calcium has also been known to assist in alleviating the chances of certain types of cancers.

Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water contains 290mg of bicarbonate in every litre. Bicarbonate is a compound typically found in antacid solutions and so aids in digestion.

You will also find your daily recommended intake of silica in every litre of Alkalife. Adults generally need 20mg to 30 mg of silica daily to promote good health. Silica helps maintain healthy nails, skin and hair. The best part? Alkalife Natural Alkaline Water contains 26.4mg of silica per litre!

Why is Alkalife a better choice of drinking water?

The disadvantage of filtered water is that filters must be changed regularly otherwise it may be worse than tap water if they fail to filter out unnecessary metal compounds. It also does not contain nor add minerals that are the body needs. If these minerals aren't found in the water, you are missing out. Alkalife provides the added benefits of minerals so important to your wellbeing without the need to change your diet.

Spring water may be clean but most have very little mineral content and are mostly acidic. Drinking acidic water and eating acidic foods merely makes your body more acidic and prone to illness. Compare the levels of bicarbonate, calcium and silica in Alkalife with any other. These are minerals our body needs and most spring waters have very little.

The best water you can find is alkaline water from a natural source that also contains high amounts of minerals that benefit your health and free of impurities.

Alkalife is just that.









Benefits of Alkaline Water

We get old and sick because of excess acid accumulation in our body and alkaline solutions netrualises acid. Our body is alkaline and functions best when they are in an alkaline environment. However, everyday life creates acid. Digestion, respiration and stress all generate acid and acidic by-products.

Problems can develop when the body doesn't have enough alkaline resources and has to steal them from other parts of the body where minerals are stored such as bones, blood and tissues.

Alkaline water has no nutritional value to give you energy nor any medicinal value to cure any disease. By drinking alkaline water we increase the intake of oxygen and help neutralise the build up of acids before they are stored in the body. This promotes better blood circulation, and better blood circulation helps the body heal itself. Alkaline water helps rid acidic waste making them more soluble in the blood. Thus, acidic wastes will be easily drained from the body in the form of urine and sweat.

pH is a factor that has a vital effect on your blood’s capacity to uptake, carry and deliver oxygen to all parts of your body. Blood pH is highest just after it leaves your lungs, around 7.6, and lowest just before it returns to your lungs at 7.3 or a little less. Along its journey, as your blood begins to give up oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules replace the lost oxygen in the red blood cells. The CO2 represents acidic waste that will be released either in the kidneys or the lungs for elimination. When oxygen is lost and replaced by CO2 in the red blood cells, the alkalinity of your blood decreases. As alkalinity decreases it becomes more difficult for the red blood cells to hold the remaining oxygen, or, to put it another way, it becomes easier for your blood to release oxygen to your body. There is a delicate balance between CO2 and alkalinity that must be maintained to ensure oxygen is effectively distributed.

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