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Our concern for your health has played an important part in the growth and professional development of the A1 Colonic Brisbane team. Unlike many other operators in the industry we strive to set the standard in colon cleansing health services in Brisbane. We are the only colonic irrigation clinic in Brisbane offering pre-filtered water systems removing the chlorine and fluoride from the town water system before ionising and oxygenating the water before the colon hydrotherapy treatment, providing a higher level of quality to the service in the industry.

The business was developed after the owner, Carolyn, had personally experienced the benefits of colon hydrotherapy overcoming nagging health issues which normal medical intervention could not solve. She was so impressed with the result and the difference it made to her life that she bought the company.

Now the business is at the forefront of the industry and is one of the few colon hydrotherapy clinics in Brisbane with a dedicated and friendly team focusing on your health and well being. A1 Colon Hydrotherapy offers a range of detoxing solutions to suit your personal needs and time restraints including,Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Foot Detox Spas, a wide range of inner health products including psyllium Husk powders and tablets and custom designed programs for your full Liver Detox journey.

People around the world are becoming more aware of their own mortality spurring a revolution to become healthier inside and out.

A variety of health strategies have become more popular as individuals discover and experience better ways to live longer healthier lives. One highly beneficial activity that has been growing in popularity with people of all ages is that of colon hydrotherapy.

There is a whole range of benefits for people who have health issues through to individuals who just want to be healthier and happier. Sometimes our bodies need a helping hand against the toxins derived from our modern lifestyles.

The health of your intestinal system has a high impact on how your body copes under stress, disease and fatigue, this is why A1 colon hydrotherapy can provide a solution to many of our modern day health concerns, utilising the latest oxygen infused and filtering techniques to ensure your total satisfaction.


Buy multiple Colon Hydrotherapy sessions and receive discounts + relax in the Sauna each visit as a BONUS.

Buy a 3 pack deal & only pay $95/session – SAVE $117 Buy a 5 pack deal & only pay $90/session  Buy a 10 pack deal & only pay $85/session – Single booking Hydrotherapy session = $105 First time bookings receive a Free Sauna ($40 value).

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“New Customer” Exclusive Bonus.
Book in your first colonic session and enhance your rejuvenation with an infrared sauna for FREE.(Valued at $40)

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