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The Vitality zone takes a wholistic approach to understanding disease processes and focuses as much on prevention of illness as on the treatment of health conditions. Treatments targets not just the presenting signs and symptoms they look at underlying condition, other health problems and the general state of health and well-being. Most diseases or illnesses present with a core set of recognisable signs and symptoms, but the actual presentation of a particular disease or illness will vary from person to person. For this reason, people with similar health condition may be provided with quite different treatments.

Our Philosophy

All our practitioners are highly trained and are Fully qualified therapists who use a wholistic Approach to health and wellness, mixing modern Theories with traditional techniques in achieving the Best results and getting the body back into balance.

My Team

At the vitality zone our practitioners are trained to offer you treatment that specifically matches and treats your individual health problems. As your condition changes and improves with treatment, the treatment will also change, until the desired health outcome is achieved.
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