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Stepz Fitness is about making health and fitness more accessible to more people around Australia. Our goals are to provide the latest state of the art fitness clubs to local convenient locations around Australia at affordable membership rates. With memberships starting at $18.95 per fortnight there is now no need to pay for activities you don't use.

Here’s Why Our Fitness Clubs Are So Popular…

“HALF Price Gym Memberships!”

Our membership fees are the about ½ the price of the traditional gym. We offer all the latest state of the art gym equipment. We don’t offer pools, spas or free group cardio classes. So if you currently go to the gym and never attend the classes or use the spa and pool facilities, then our gym is for you. This greatly reduces our overheads and allows us to offer much lower membership rates that's about half the price of the traditional existing gyms.

“No FIXED Contract Memberships”

Too long have gym members had to put up with long contract gym memberships that they cannot get out off. We understand that peoples’ lives change and therefore we also offer flexible gym membership rates with no fix contracts. You just have to give us 30 days notice to cancel your membership.

“A Gym that is Always OPEN to Use Whenever You Want”

Membership at a Stepz Fitness Club is like having your very own gym, because you can use it whenever you want. Each member receives an access card to enter the gym whenever they want. Go to the gym at 2:00am in the morning if you want. Each gym is fully equipment with a 24/7 comprehensive security camera system that is monitored back to base. We also have distress pendants that you can wear for extra security at no extra cost.

“We have a Complete Range of the LATEST State of the Art Gym Equipment”

Stepz Fitness Clubs offer the latest state of the art gym equipment for all it’s members to use. This complete range includes treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes, elipticals, rowers, a range of strength equipment and free weights. We provide our members with very high quality equipment made in Italy or the USA. The superior ergonomic design and quality gives you much better results and helps minimises any potential injury during your workout.

“We limit the number of members in each Club.”

Stepz Fitness Clubs limits the number of members each club can enrol. This allows us to provide a much more personalised service to every member. Limiting our member numbers also ensures that you will rarely ever have to wait in line to use any equipment.

what some of our members are saying:

"I enjoy the gym and don't need a spa, pool, sauna or other extras. The availability on public holidays and every other day of the year offers freedom that many other gyms do not. It is close by and the staff are actually fit, unlike some places where the staff do not look like they "walk the talk". The place is kept clean, the equipment works well." Andrea Bandito - Stepz Fitness Stones Corner

"I would highly recommend it. The fact that it is so close and open 24 hours eliminates many of the excuses a lot of us use to avoid exercise." Gabby Elliot - Stepz Fitness St. Lucia

"It's open 24/7, staff is very helpful and always willing to answer questions related to workout mode/exercise technique. I feel I'm getting stronger. " Lisa Seiler - Stepz Fitness Stones Corner

"Good value for money, excellent convenience to home. It has inspired me to lose 3-4 kilos and keep feeling healthy too." Sharyn Pearce - Stepz Fitness St. Lucia

Attention Personal Trainers


Stepz Fitness Clubs are gaining rapid popularity within the Personal Training Industry. Why? Our rent is only $125 per week. That's about 1/2 of what most other gyms charge and you keep 100% of your client fees as well. So if you have just received your Certificate 4 or looking at rapidly building you client base then this is the club for you. We have experienced club managers who are Personal Trainers themselves to assist you in building your client base.

To all experienced PTs with existing clients:

Do you want a Gym for your clients to work out in?

Well now you can use Stepz Fitness Gyms for ONLY $99.00 per week! And your Clients don't pay any extra or have to be a member at our gym. Train as many clients as you like in our gyms. You're also welcome to increase your PT client base by offering your services to our members. You can also wear your own PT uniform to enable you to truly build your own business. If you're currently paying any more the $99 per week to use a gym for your PT business then you've got to check us out!

There are a limited number of PT positions available per club. So contact us now for more details on how you can utilise our gyms for your PT Clients.
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