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Rosalie Medical Spa's experienced, licenced laser operator, Terri Cross,  offers professional treatments for laser hair removal, laser vascular treatments and laser Genesis to suit ALL skin types and all  skin colours  in a number of selected clinics in the Brisbane area. The equipment used includes the Cutera Class IV laser system to get the best result no matter what your skin type or colour.  Cutera's 1064Nm laser is our preferred method to most effectively treat  darker skin types as well as to treat hair problems caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome or genetic hair growth.

Cutera's Class IV Medical Laser can also effectively treat surface Spider Veins and Capillaries, Haemangiomas, Cherry Angiomas and Port-wine stains.


  • Class IV Medical Laser Treatments for Facial Capillaries/Spider Veins, Hair Removal and Photo Genesis (Excellent Treatment for pore size and texture, Rosacea, Scarring and Redness). The Cutera laser is suitable for all skin colours, unlike IPL machines.

    Professional & Experienced

    Rosalie Medical Spa's experienced operator is fully qualified, accredited and licenced by Queensland Health for all Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vascular and Laser Genesis treatments at the clinics we operate from.
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