Plan of Attack

Plan of Attack provides personal Coaching designed to support you through times of uncertainty & periods of transition.

Think of us as your partner in your search for peace.

Are you trying to make sense of who you are?
  • Do you feel lost or out of control?
  • Do you feel guilty? Stressed? Tired? Frustrated?
  • Are you feeling increasingly anxious, depressed or unsupported?
  • Perhaps you have just noticed that you are reaching for the bottle of wine or that block of chocolate more regularly?
  • Is the state of exhaustion in which you live starting to take its toll on your health or your relationships?
  • Do you lack direction?
  • Do you simply struggle to find time for YOU in your busy life?
  • Do you feel unsupported but find it difficult to ask for help?

Unfortunately, “LIFE” has no rule book and it often leaves many of us feeling overwhelmed.

Plan of Attack Coaching gives you strategies and a supportive sounding board that allows you to find your peace in periods of confusion and change.

Plan of Attack Coaching Packages

  • 'Get on Track' Package
  • 'Keep On Track' Personal Coaching Package
  • 'Make your own Tracks' Personal Coaching Package

As a successful business woman and mother of two, Kate knows how hard it can be to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Through listening to you and supporting you she will help you to find the lifestyle you are looking for.

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Kate Vaisutis

Kate is the owner of "Plan of Attack" Personal Coaching and Author & Illustrator of "Our Favourite Things".

Her journey into coaching began in 1998 when she attended a “firewalk” seminar with Kurek Ashley and she realized then that she wanted to empower people to fulfill their passion in life. She provides personalized coaching programs that include the time tested ‘Beyond Success Life Management Modules’ to encourage you to take control of your life, assess your core values and where necessary, release emotional blockages from your past that are inhibiting you from realizing your passion and getting the most out of your life.

Kate runs by the philosophy “if you think you can or you think you cant, either way you are right” and has used this logic to get her to where she is today; happily married, with 2 inspiring children, running her successful business from home.

Plan of Attack Special Offers

1hr FREE Personal Coaching session (over the phone) valued at $235.

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