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Indoor Cricket
No more hot Saturday afternoons in the sun! Indoor cricket caters for people of varying fitness and skill levels. Players can score runs by hitting the ball into the nets and running between creases. Runs are deducted if a player is dismissed (-5) and the batsman remains in the game. Teams consist of 8 players and grades range from mens to mixed and juniors. Indoor Cricket is great for improving your reflexes and can also improve your coordination!

Indoor Netball
The game of netball, wrapped up in one big net. This is the sensation of Indoor Netball, the most popular game played at Ozsports Arenas. Men, women and juniors love this game as players are allowed to deflect passes off the nets surrounding the court. There are no outs and indoor netball can be played in any sort of weather.

Indoor Soccer Enjoy watching the world cup soccer? Well, why not try the real thing, only in a miniature version! Ozsports Arenas offer indoor soccer at a competitive or social level. The team consists of 4 players with up to 2 substitutes and is played on a netball court with surrounding nets. This game can be played by professionals or by those who just want to have some fun. And what’s more, it’s great for your fitness!

Beach Volleyball
Ever wanted to compete in the Olympics? Well now’s your chance to start training. Beach Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia and has recently been included in the Olympic line-up. Play Beach Volleyball at Ozsports Arenas any night of the week in a team of 2 a-side, 4 a-side and 6 a-side competitions. We can cater for the competitive athlete or for those who have never played before. Enjoy the thrills and spills not possible on a hard surface!

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You can nominate a team to play on the night of your choice (subject to availability) or include your name on our single players' register.<

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