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Mind Therapy Brisbane is based at The Red Hill Centre in Brisbane.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool through which a hypnotist can help you to change your life by changing the way in which you react to circumstances in your life. The range of benefits achievable through hypnosis is really only up to you. Hypnosis is about how your mind deals with what life puts before it. Many doctors are now referring clients to hypnotists where traditional medicine is not achieving the necessary results.

With hypnosis you can expect to see an immediate change from the very first session, but every person is different and every issue is different in some way. So if you suffer from a phobia, if you want to stop smoking, get a better night’s sleep, be more confident, lose weight, suffer from stress.......whatever the issue, why not phone or email us to see how we can help you.


What is hypnotherapy?

The simple answer, hypnosis is a state of mind in which we become highly responsive to suggestion. In this state of mind we can change the way that we respond or react to what happens in our life.

Our subconscious mind sends instructions telling our conscious mind how we should react to the things that we see and experience in our lives. Our subconscious bases these instructions on past experiences, which may not be helpful or a good experience. Using hypnosis we can help you to change these instructions. The power in being able to do that through hypnosis opens up an incredibly broad range of issues where we can help you to improve your life.

The extent to which hypnosis can help you is really only up to you, please contact us to find out how we can help you with your special needs.

Tony Grant

Dip. Clinical Hyp., Reiki Master
Cert. Power Hyp., Cert. Hyp. Fascination.,
Cert. Age Regression., Cert Parts Therapy.

BA (Acc), Canberra Uni.;
Grad. Dip. Corp. Admin., Uni of NSW;
Grad. Dip. Computing. Monash Uni.;
MBA (International Marketing), Uni of Southern Qld.

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