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Welcome to your life after diets!
An empowering alternative for women who are fed up with emotional eating and struggling with your weight

Brought to you by Brisbane-based Karla Cameron who, through her own personal and painful experience of being a weight loss industry ‘failure’ time and time again, shares with you a non-diet philosophy to transform your relationship with food and your weight. Don’t Diet

Dieting make us pre-occupied with food and our weight. Dieting triggers emotional eating and overeating. Overeating causes weight gain and weight gain causes further dieting, which is how we become repeat-clients locked into the weight loss industry. The last thing the weight loss industry wants us to do is get wise and become “unobsessed” with food and our weight – it’s not good for profits!

The amazing paradox with this philosophy is that as a result of no longer dieting, you will also no longer be rebounding with overeating, so yo-yo dieting will become a thing of the past - as will struggling with food and your weight. Most women end up losing weight as a long-term natural side effect of embracing life as a 'non-dieter' and dealing with the real issues of why you emotionally eat.

What you will get

We give you a non-traditional and holistic philosophy about the whole food/weight issue and present it to you in an easily digestible and very woman-friendly form over a series of one-on-one mentoring sessions and small group seminars.

Interstate clients can utilise telephone and email mentoring sessions with Karla. In this thrilling and ultimately life-giving journey to freedom from diets and emotional eating that rules our lives, you will be given plenty of tried and tested practical strategies, tips and ideas to understand your emotional eating so you can finally deal with it and get all your emotional needs met without using or abusing food.

Best of all, when you adopt a non-diet approach, you never have to starve yourself again! Just imagine how good it will be to start eating all your favourite foods again. Scary, yes, but totally liberating.

Full responsibility is handed over to the best person there is to make all the decisions regarding your body, your weight and your eating preferences – that's you!

It is only through living this experience that you will be fully empowered to ‘own’ your own success with a non-diet philosophy.

The Life After Diets Experience

You'll love this: • Down to earth, practical guidance and mentoring from a real woman who has ‘been there’. Karla knows the struggles, the heartache and the challenges inside out and she has the ability to assist you to move on this issue – if you’re willing.

• The truth about diets, detox’s, ‘healthy eating plans’ and everything else the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know.

• What’s wrong with all the “good, healthy, professional advice” out there from people telling us what to eat.

• How to replace your disempowering diet mentality with a liberating non-diet mentality (which means total freedom), even if you’ve had one for 30 years!

• Powerful and effective strategies to break the cycle of addictive overeating, emotional eating and binge eating.

• Heartwarming guidelines on how to start eating exactly what you want, when you want it, without feeling guilty - using your Intuition muscle.

• Learn how to listen and respond to your body’s needs with kindness, which means developing self-love through practising self-nurturing

• Identify what it is that you’re truly hungry for in all areas of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually (it's not about the food!)

All the motivation, inspiration, support and easy-to-use tools you’ll need, so you can live the life you want and be free of your “weight problem”

Life After Diets is situated on the corner of Days Road and Lanham Avenue.

Please note: The above times are guidelines only. Bookings are essential for all appointments.

My Clients

“I found the workshop to be very beneficial, Karla. You have certainly changed my mindset about what I am doing. I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt in a long time, it’s a great message you are giving.”
Chris Fuller

“Thanks for the workshop Karla. You are truly an inspiration! I’m eating all my forbidden foods now and it feels really good. Your down to earth attitude was much appreciated and I just loved all the tiny details!”
Karen Miller

"My thoughts again and again go back to the seminar. I have learned more than I initially thought. This turned my world around because now I'm not looking for answers from outside any longer. I keep ‘undieting’. The biggest change has happened in my mind, I'm so happy I was able come!"
Simone Bowers

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