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Tracey Stranger, the face behind Essential Health Australia, is passionate about natural health and the body’s ability to heal itself. The Essential Health team has a wealth of experience and passion for Aromatherapy, based in Queensland, Australia.

Aromatherapy is a gift from nature to energise or relax and calm us. The pure essential oils are carefully extracted from plants, leaves and flowers to ensure the quality and magical properties of these complex oils stay intact and the cleansing aromas tantalise our senses.

At Essential Health Australia we buy locally as much as we can to support local growers.

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We sell

  • Large range of pure essential oils and massage oils
  • Specialised range of gentle oils for Mother & Baby
  • Gourmet Handcrafted vegetable and goatmilk soaps
  • Beautiful electric oil burners
  • Meditation CD’s for beginners and children
  • Inspirational books – How To Overcome Stress Naturally – NEW RELEASE

    ANNOUNCING:How To Overcome Stress Naturally by Tracey Stranger with a foreword by HH Dalai Lama. In all major bookstores from November 2009.

    Everyday moods of frustration, anger, hopelessness, anxiety and fear are all too commonplace. The purpose of this book is to help you before stress gets a hold of you in a downward spiral to more serious health diseases. I interviewed 6 natural health experts in Western, Integrative, Ayurvedic, Nutrition & Environmental medicine plus 5 everyday people with their inspirational stories Plus a practical daily plan And 20 page Resource Directory.

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