EarthSentials is Australian owned, Australian made, produced, manufactured and distributed by Inner Dawn.

Tracey Hammond, the founding director of Inner Dawn, formulated and developed Earthsentials due to her constant frustration in meeting clients with allergies and sensitivities to certain products while feeling bored and limited with what was available on the market to fulfil her clients needs. With this in mind Tracey set herself a mission to research, not only for her own satisfaction but so that she, as a therapist, could offer the best to her clients at all times and not be restricted to what was available 'off the shelf'.

Our dispensary concept range, Earthsentials, has grown throughout Australia since our launch in late 1997, due to public demand for a highly effective, more natural and safe product, free from artificial preservative, colouring, fragrances, perfumes, synthetic chemicals and bulk fillers.

Earthsentials opens the door for those who may not be chemists, but have the desire to customise formulations for clients, taking into account their clients desired aroma and preferred texture. With this in place you can further guide the client with your professional knowledge. Earthsentials dispensary inspires a more adventurous skin and body care program which gives more variety and satisfaction with results.Professional Body, Beauty, Wellness, Spa Training On top of the 180 Stores around Australia - please put: Then under 180 Stores around Australia please put: Australia New Zealand South Africa USA

Why Natural?

Our products are inspired by nature, formulated from earth and natures bountiful store, where every ingredient has a purpose.

Today the majority of our modern products are synthetically and chemically based, mass produced and very expensive, yet we allow ourselves to overload our skin and body with them.

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