Meditation Brisbane

Meditation is a period of time set aside every day to quiet the mind. Meditation is a way to slow down, chill out, and get in touch with the eternal side of your being. Initially in meditation, thoughts are slowed down, and eventually, thought stops completely. The height of meditation is a state called samadhi where the mind is completely merged with worlds of perfect light. Meditation recharges you and helps you get in touch with your inner self. It brings clarity and insight into daily life - you can more easily determine what is really right for you. Meditation makes you happy and bright. It also empowers you to accomplish things in the daily world by connecting you to the power of the universe. Eventually, dedicated meditation practice leads to Enlightenment. The great news is that the benefits of meditation will be experienced right away, beginning with your first meditation session.
Beach Health Retreat
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HeavenEarth Natural Therapies Clinic
Meditation Made Easy
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Noosa Forest Retreat - Permaculture Courses
Pure Health Clubs - Coorparoo
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