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How can we help you?

Each new client at Heaven Earth Healing has to be individually assessed and the first appointment is a thorough consultation. This will involve a detail case history with a variety of Traditional Chinese Medical and Natural Medicine diagnostic techniques in order to identify the underlying pattern of disharmony and give the client the most effective treatment.

There are 3 main ways where we at Heaven Earth Healing may help.

1. Treating specific disorder to provide relief of symptoms and reduce complications. Also to treat the cause of the disorder and reduce the likelihood of its recurrence
2. Maintenance treatments for a long term problem. This is to provide a more comfortable state of health and reduce the need for medication and surgery.
3. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapies are an effective form of preventative medicine because of their ability to detect and treat energy imbalances before they lead to disease.

The earlier a disorder is detected the better, so regular check-ups are recommended.

About Us

Robert Kendall, holistic practitioner and workshop facilitator

Bachelor of Acupuncture - Dip. Herbal Medicine - Educational /BodyTalk Kinesiologist - Emotional Freedom Techniques - Workshop Facilitator - Meditation teacher.

member Australian Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Association.

member National Herbal Association Australia.

Robert is a Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Educational Kinesiologist with over 27 years experience, covering such areas as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Herbalism, Kinesiology and Superlearning. For over 36 years he has studied many aspects of the mind and body through the philosophies of Yoga, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Western Psychology.

Robert has taught seminars in the UK and Australia on Accelerated Learning, Creativity, Prosperity, Healing, Tai Chi Chuan and Self Development.

He has been a Lecturer in the Acupuncture Faculty of the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

Watercolour by Robert For 5 years Robert and his wife, Shauna lived in Scotland as members of the famous Findhorn Foundation (a charitable Educational & Spiritual Trust). He was the Foundation's only recognised Natural Medicine Practitioner and was a group facilitator within the Educational Staff Faculty.

Robert has also been a profession artist. With paintings in private collections (UK, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia)

Shauna Kendall, Visual Artist, Holistic Herbal practitioner and workshop facilitator

Shauna has work with Robert for over 18 years in Healing, Teaching and Art.

Shauna is currently finishing her degree in Advanced Health Science and Herbal Medicine.

She is a trained Infrared Laser Therapist and Iridologist.

Her main areas of interest in healing are Deep State Relaxation, Healing touch,

Meridian Tapping Techniques, Australian Bush Flower Remedies and as an Art Therapy Facilitator.

Her Special interest is Natural Health Care for Pets.

As an Artist Shauna loves to paint Flowers in watercolour and run art workshops called - Healing through Creativity and Sacred Mandalas.

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