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At Spirals Health and Lifestyle Education we are giving away a FREE 1 hour Focus Session (worth $125) and a FREE 6 hour Life Plan Package (worth $880).

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The draw closes on 26 March and the winner will be announced on the 27 March 06. (Conditions of Entry: Only one name per entry. All entrants must be over 16 years old).

Spirals Corporation Pty Ltd - Health and Lifestyle Education

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"It is continuous improvement that creates the upward spiral of growth that lifts you to new levels of understanding"



Serotonin The Happy Hormone:with SureSlim Wellness Clinics!

Even though it is called the "happy hormone", serotonin is, in fact, a neurotransmitter that is one of the key mood regulators within the human body. Neurotransmitters are natural brain chemicals that help to transmit messages among cells. When a message is conducted via a neurotransmitter it will releases a signal to the next cell. In effect, a neurotransmitter is a chemical that allows for nerve cells to communicate with one another.

When your body is stimulated to release serotonin you will experience a remarkable sense of well being and contentment. Numerous studies have established that the release of serotonin influences many aspects of your life including sleeping patterns, moods, behaviour patterns and hunger.

A lack of serotonin can lead to food cravings. There are numerous ways serotonin production can be stimulated, for example, nicotine and antidepressants. But the most powerful and natural way to stimulate serotonin production is through food. The SureSlim eating plan is designed to ensure that serotonin is stimulated and released efficiently after each meal, keeping the level of serotonin even between meals. It is the correct release of serotonin that will prevent cravings and keep you feeling full and content between meals.

Reference: Julia Ross, 1999. The Diet Cure

Call now and mention myhealthspecials for your Free Wellness Profile

Click the below link for your nearest location,

SureSlim Wellness Clinic - Browns Plains 07 3802 6490

SureSlim Wellness Clinic - Coorparoo 07 3421 5490

SureSlim Wellness Clinic - Ipswich 07 3281 8235

SureSlim Wellness Clinic- Strathpine 07 3490 9490





Hypnosis-The Way to Change your Mind:with John Suess!

It is more than 30 years since I started practicing hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, yet I still find it interesting that the general public still ask the same questions and express the same surprises about the nature of hypnosis.

To understand hypnosis and its therapeutic potential it is useful to realize that the act of hypnotizing somebody results in the change in the condition of the hypnotic subject so that the person literally experiences the product of their imagination. One of the more bizarre examples is that if the hypnotized person is caused to imagine a period of time in the sun then the person's skin can actually show the result of sunburn in both colour and sensitivity. Certainly it's hard to believe that a hypnotized person can generate sunburn on the skin and why would you do it to a person anyway? The state of hypnosis is really an educational process, in this case, teaching the brain of the hypnotized subject that it truly has influence over the texture and function of the skin. This fact has been used historically in a person who has actually been burnt to reduce or stop blistering, suffering, skin peeling and dehydration. The hypnotic influence over the skin function can be utilized separately or in conjunction with other healing modalities.

Particularly in the last 10 years, members of the public have chosen hypnosis to help them stop smoking. Smoking can be a difficult habit to break. Some people never succeed in breaking the habit of smoking without major assistance. It is the ability of hypnosis to change the nature of suffering into something completely controllable and manageable. Cravings in the mind and in the body associated with smoking can be successfully changed into mental and physical ease and relaxation.
We commonly think of things like hypnosis as a healing process or an adjunct to healing. To enjoy a freedom from the addiction of smoking as a life expanding experience of ease and comfort is one tiny example.

A lot of people who have seen examples of stage hypnosis express concern about the potential influence hypnosis can wield over people. Such concerns are legitimate. Hypnosis represents an amazing capability that exists in all human beings. Such potential can be used for good or not so good purposes. The positives far outweigh the negatives and it is appropriate that the person who is going to seek assistance from hypnosis choose a hypnotist carefully.
John Suess- Master hypnotist.


Receive a FREE self hypnosis relaxation tape at your first consultation!- Mention

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The Lifestyle Program for Women that Changes Lives :with Fit 4 Pty Ltd!

The lifestyle program for women that changes lives A cutting edge lifestyle management program now available to women is proven to improve their quality of life and overall health and well-being.

The Lifestyle Energy & Excellence Program (LEEP) is designed to meet the specific needs of women up to 45 year of age who have impaired glucose tolerance, poor ovulation and polycystic ovary syndrome who desire a pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome and excess body weight.

Brisbane-based wellness company, Fit 4 Pty Ltd has developed the program in consultation with well- respected women's healthcare professionals.

Fit 4 Pty Ltd Director, Matt Patti said that LEEP is at the cutting edge of health, fitness and wellness.

"The program is backed by significant research from similar programs from interstate," Matt said.

"We have used the principles of proven disease risk reduction programs which focus on intensive lifestyle intervention".

Research suggests several key factors greatly influence the chance of conceiving a pregnancy including obesity, nutrition status, smoking, stress, sleeping patterns, drugs and stimulants. Positive changes to these factors enhance quality of life and greatly increase the chance of successful conception.

It has been proven that intensive lifestyle programs are significantly more effective than conservative medically based treatments in preventing the development of chronic diseases.

Leading professionals will provide a comprehensive knowledge and support base in the fields of exercise, nutrition and psychology. Each participant will receive the personal attention and motivation they need to achieve their life goals.

The 24 week program is conducted in the Greenslopes Private Hospital Wellness Centre which includes state-of-the-art gymnasium, with an extensive range of Technogym cardiovascular and resistance equipment.

For further information, or an interview contact: Matt Patti, Director, Fit 4 Pty Ltd - phone 0412 757 831 or email [email protected]




Amazing Introductory Offers:For Natural Health, Fitness & Beauty Businesses!

Check out these great offers from South East Qld's finest health and beauty businesses! - simply click the link,

Medical Spa - Appearance Medicine clinic (Brisbane City) - $150 FREE laser hair removal treatment PLUS $150 FREE Broken facial capillaries treatment The $150 for one of both treatments can be used as credit towards the cost of a larger treatment,or other treatment area.
( mention when booking)

Nirvana Rejuvenation Spa & Hair Salon(Lutwyche) - Lavandou Facial Package Normally $150 Only $99 1 hour Lavandou Facial plus Professional Skin Assessment Free Gentle Scalp Massage Free Pevonia Shower Gel 125ml Free Pevonia Hand Gel 125ml Free ( mention myhealthspecials when booking)

Bodysense Natural Health & Beauty- (Wavell Heights) - Book a Performance Facial and enjoy a delightful Head and Scalp Massage Free! Revitalise your feet with a Ritual Foot Bath, complimentary when you book a one hour Massage! (mention myhealthspecials when booking)

Katrina Newell Naturopath-(Greenslopes) Your choice of either one blend of Australian Bushflower essences OR one ear candling session FREE with an initial consultation. (mention myhealthspecials when booking)

Gabrielle Earnshaw Colonics - Initial treatment including consultation $80! (mention myhealthspecials when booking) Health, Wellness and Lifestyle!

with Joanne Hay

Grass Fed Animals better for environment and human body.

The “Union of Concerned Scientists released the first comprehensive study that confirms that beef and milk from animals raised entirely on pasture have higher levels than conventionally raised beef and dairy cattle of beneficial fats that may prevent heart disease and strengthen the immune system.” Weston Price was warning the department of US Agriculture about factory farming long ago. In the 1940s he wrote prolifically about the value of eating fat from grass fed animals. His works disappeared from public view quickly because the greed of certain agribusiness conglomerates called for other recommendations be made to the American public. Non foods such as vegetable shortening and margarine began to be included in their diets in the guise of prudent nutrition, to avoid heart disease: the fastest growing disease at the time. Did it work? No, heart disease is still one of the biggest killers in the Western World. (more…)


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Short and Sweet: Kefir Snowballs!

Kefir Snowballs: more delush sweeties

You don’t need Kefired milk for this recipe if you drink raw milk. When your raw milk starts to get a little on the sour side, don’t throw it out, leave it out on the bench. It will turn into cheese and whey. Strain it with cheese cloth or a clean tea towel and strainer and use the cheese for this recipe or Sally Fallon’s all raw cheese cake and the whey to ferment vegetables or just to drink for its beneficial bacteria .more

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Why couldn't the skeleton go to the party?

Because he no "body" to go with!


Quote of the month!

"Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might have been" Arthur Ransome

For a Good Cause: Why Support The Heart Foundation of Australia!

Every 10 minutes another Australian dies of heart and blood vessel disease. Seventy per cent of Australians know someone who has had a heart attack or stroke. (Roy Morgan Research, 1993) You have a one in three chance of early death from heart attack or stroke. This tragic toll can be reduced through medical research and health promotion programs. Significant gains have been made in the past thirty years, but heart and blood vessel disease remains the biggest killer in Australia. The Heart Foundation is one of Australia's most respected health agencies. Heart and blood vessel disease is Australia's single biggest health problem.


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