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Detoxing The Liver: by Pinpoint Health Centre!

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and performs more functions than any other organ. The liver participates in functions associated with the cardiovascular system, digestive system, excretory system and metabolism. It assists with the production of energy, aids digestion, stores vital vitamins. Furthermore, it is the body's major detoxifier and when the liver is not functioning properly, toxins will manifest themselves elsewhere in the body.

So how do you know if your liver is not functioning properly? Common symptoms are low energy levels, muscle aches and pains, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Other symptoms that may occur with liver problems are; light headedness if you don't eat, dizziness, high cholesterol levels, you seem to sigh a lot as well as anxiety and depression. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver controls the blood, muscles and sinew - hence the aches and pains. As the blood is one of the body's healing fluids and is filtered through the liver, you must ensure that the liver is functioning optimally.

Since any toxic substance can harm the liver and since most of us are continually bombarded by toxins in our food, water and in the air, it is generally realized that none of us has a truly healthy liver. The good news is that the liver has amazing rejuvenate powers, and can continue to function even when as many as 80% of its cells are damaged. A clean, functioning liver produces natural antihistamines to keep immunity high, neutralizes and destroys toxins in the body, cleanses the blood and discharges waste, breaks down fat and helps excrete fat and cholesterol, helps form and store red blood cells and iron, aids digestion, maintains hormone balance and remarkably enough regenerates its own damaged tissue.

Correct nutrition is important to the health of the liver. A liver cleansing or detoxifying diet, twice a year is highly recommended to maximise its activity. A detoxifying diet high in alkalizing fresh foods and vegetable proteins and low in dairy and fats is recommended. All alcohol, caffeine containing foods and drinks, saturated fats and red meats should be avoided during this phase of liver regeneration.

So if you would like to have more energy, improve joint and muscle aches and pain, rid cholesterol from your body naturally and release depression and anxiety from your life then improved liver function is vitally important. For some it's important to start to neutralise the body and to cleanse the digestive system before detoxing the liver. To do this properly you need to speak with a qualified healthcare professional to avoid strain on other organ systems.

For example the digestive system is the first system or filter in the body with the liver being the second. These two are in a row for a very important reason. The digestive system is required to do much of the filtering before the liver. If the digestive filter is partially clogged then the toxins are entering the liver too quickly and these toxins are not broken down into small pieces which can cause further liver damage. Therefore in about 90% of cases it's important to cleanse the digestive system first. If this is not completed first with the digestive system still clogged and you try to cleanse the liver you will not receive any benefit in the long run as the digestive system is still sending toxins straight through to the liver. It is of primary importance that we ascertain which filter requires immediate At PinPoint Health Centre we use a specific test which we work through together to reveal the health of your digestive system and liver. It is a must for anyone interested in their health. To discover true health and wellbeing, this plan of action offers the greatest success…

At PinPoint Health Centre we can help you with the prevention and the natural treatment of any Liver Challenges. For a confidential consultation call Jasmine or Trish now on 3348 9298 and you will receive;

- A tailored Acupuncture consultation - A free herbal consultation - A free health assessment - 1 bottle of herbs free

Normally $188.00, you pay only $80.00, that's a saving of $108.00. To restore your health naturally phone 3348 9298.

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Suite 1 Clemwell House 1155 Wynnum Rd Cannon Hill

Allergies Can Respond To Natural Therapies: By Nirala Jacobi ND ( USA)

Allergy season is upon us again - a time for itchy eyes, runny nose and headaches. The good news is that allergies can respond very well to natural therapies without leaving you drowsy or wired.
Allergies can respond to natural therapies
Before we start the discussion of natural remedies, let's begin by looking at what happens to the body during an allergy attack.

Airborne allergens enter the sinuses, or come into contact with our eyes, where the local immune response in those areas is triggered. Mast cells are white blood cells that carry around histamine, which spills out of the cell when it is stimulated. Histamine causes the tissue to swell, a sort of local inflammation. Mucous is secreted to flush out the offending substance.

Natural substances like herbs, nutritional supplements and homeopathic medicines can target specific points in this cascade to prevent it from occurring.

To prevent the de-granulation of the mast cells, and therefore histamine release, we often prescribe vitamin C and nettles.

Bioflavonoids are also often used, and are the subject of many research studies for their anti-inflammatory properties, as well as connective tissue strengthening effects. They are abundant in the white pulpy parts of vegetables like the insides of bell peppers and in fruit - orange and grapefruit.

In particular, quercetin is very helpful in decreasing inflammation, and tends to have an affinity for the upper respiratory tract and the digestive system.

Other bioflavonoids include rutin, herperidin, rosehips and hawthorne botanical. Euphrasia, or eyebright, can be used either homeopathically or herbally, and is wonderful for decreasing the symptoms of itchy and watery eyes. We often also utilize homeopathic desensitization drops. These are made using very diluted preparations of allergens, such as animal dander, pollens, grasses and weeds. They give the body a chance to slowly decrease the reaction, until the allergens no longer provoke the cycle of inflammation.

For those who suffer not only from seasonal allergies but tend to have some symptoms year round, I investigate other possible factors. Often we uncover chemical sensitivities, food allergies or digestive problems, all of which can contribute to the severity of an allergic reaction.

I liken it to the concept of a rain barrel. To simplify, let's pretend that your immune system is a rain barrel that gets filled (stimulated) by food allergens, airborne allergens and chemical sensitivities. By the time that barrel is full, it's not just one thing that made it overflow, but a combination of reactants.

By addressing other possible contributing factors we are able to decrease the level in the barrel and the occurrence of the allergic reaction. This overly simplified concept of "total load" is helpful in combating allergies.

After all, we have evolved in an environment of pollens and other airborne allergens, why would we be so reactive now?

Still not getting relief? Make an appointment and let me create an individualized plan for you. (c) Nirala Jacobi 2007

(07) 3368 1740 Address: 113 Enoggera Terrace Paddington Queensland

The Benefits of An Emotion Detox?: by Sue Lester!


We know detoxing our body is good for us, but unfortunately 'detox' conjures up images of weeks of self-sacrifice. Fortunately an Emotion Detox can be achieved in hours not weeks. Even better, it doesn't involve re-living any pain or trauma if done using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis. An Emotion Detox is fast, painless and with long lasting results which leave you feeling lighter, calmer and more in control.

How you feel affects every aspect of your life every minute of the day, including your dream time.

Emotions are signs or lessons from our unconscious. They let us know what is good for us (positive emotions like love, contentment, joy), and what is not (anger, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt). We learn what to continue, and what to stop or who to avoid. If the lessons aren't learnt, they are repeated for as long as necessary. It has been said that when Life wants to teach you a lesson, it taps you on the shoulder. If you ignore it, it throws a brick at your head. If you ignore that, you'd better watch out for the speeding truck!

Negative emotions which aren't released through learning our lessons can build up over the years, turning toxic at a cellular level. We should feel an amount of the emotion, e.g. anger or sadness, appropriate to the occasion. Instead we feel that small amount on top of the backlog of previous experiences. We find ourselves over-reacting (e.g. Road Rage), being super-sensitive (e.g. teary, irritable), and unable to nurture ourselves nor those around us. Some of us become wracked with guilt, taking on responsibility for everyone else's emotions and actions. It all builds up, then starts to all get too hard.

Stress, our dis-ease of the mind, can lead to disease in our bodies. By doing an Emotion Detox you can enable your body to start to function unhindered, allowing natural healing processes. You can expect to notice you are calmer, more tolerant and more easily able to cope with day to day life. The sense of heaviness will have lifted.

An Emotion Detox is intended to be one part of your holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach to self-care. Your environment, nutrition, exercise and loving relationships are still essential ingredients to a healthy, happy life. An Emotion Detox enables you to learn your lessons retroactively and clear the past so you only have the present to deal with.

Women conceiving, particularly if on IVF, or pregnant, will benefit greatly from releasing the anger, sadness and fear. Anyone 16-86 yrs old experiencing strong emotions due to changes in her/his life will also particularly find relief, feeling calmer and more in control.

An Emotion Detox can be done in individual consultations, or in the Emotion Detox workshops. In these dynamic practical workshops you will be guided to clear toxic emotions safely and easily, without re-living any traumatic experiences. The next Emotion Detox Workshops in Brisbane are in October. For more information Ph 0428 128679 or visit Places strictly limited to 10 participants.

Sue Lester B.A. Dip.Teach. Master Practitioner NLP & Hypnosis. RESULTS Coach Sue Lester has a background in education and social enterprise, and a passion for helping people smooth their life paths. Sue has a focus on helping women and couples clear the blocks and fears around conception, pregnancy and early parenting. Sue divides her time between Paddington Clinic, Paddington and Growing Content, Fortitude Valley. [email protected]


Do you have any Signs of Low Vitality: by Oxford Naturopathics Anti Aging & Wellness Centre!

Consumer Information Warning…..

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Finally A WELLNESS Centre That Offers A Preventative Health Solution Allowing Anyone To Get Off The Treadmill Of ILL HEALTH and For Those Who Would Like To Discover Successful Strategies To Gain Optimal Health and Vitality……..


Headaches - Tiredness - Bowel Problems - Recurring Infections - Painful Joints - Hormonal Problems - Mood Disorders

It's Not Your Fault and You Are Not Alone!

Wouldn't it be great to wake up every morning without that nauseous feeling of ill health, exhausted as if you've never slept, or in pain due to stiff, sore, swollen muscles and joints or depressed about going to work, where you begin the day, grimacing with the words, "Oh my god, it's morning,"…….finally to enjoy getting out of bed with all the energy of a two year old with a smile on your face, feeling alive and the phrase you now use is "Thank God it's Morning, I can't wait to get started."

Unfortunately, many people who come to me do so as a "last resort". They have been unwell for some time, have been everywhere, had all the blood tests and scans…. and been told "it's all in your mind". Others come to me because they know that their health is slowly declining and they are feeling tired and rundown and getting older too quickly.

Illness is not an overnight occurrence. Your health slowly deteriorates over time and sub-clinical conditions begin to occur that don't show up in routine tests like the ones mentioned above.

Many people are lost when it comes to finding the best therapy or medicine to suit their specific needs. At Oxford Naturopathics, Anti Aging & Wellness Centre you will find professionals that are experts in their field and understand how you feel. We use highly sensitive equipment and machines to accurately analyse your health and get right to the cause of your problem. We then find powerful strategies and solutions to help you progress towards good health and abundant energy.

Our systemised process makes your journey to optimum health economical and affordable, and it is done in simple and easy steps. 1. First Visit - Assessment. What are your concerns, how can we help, what level of care will best suit you. 2. Second Visit - Tests and Body Evaluations. Simple and painless explorations on how your body is functioning. 3. Third Visit and beyond - A Health Programme given to suit your individual needs to help you get well again quickly and effectively.

We look forward to seeing you and assisting you be in the best health you can possibly achieve for many years to come.

Peter Kahler ND (Dr of Naturopathic Medicine) and the Team at Oxford Naturopathics Anti Aging & Wellness Centre Cnr Oxford St and Ridell St Bulimba Qld 4171 Ph 3899 9155 E-mail oxnat@tpg,

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Short and Sweet:Sticky Banana Sandwiches!


8 very thin slices Frenchstick (baguette) 2 tablespoons Australian extra light spreadable cream cheese ½ teaspoon cinnamon 1 large banana, sliced 1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup


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Laughter is the best medicine!

Two good old boys were trying to get a stubborn mule into a barn. The mule's ears touched the top of the small barn door, and he wouldn't proceed any further. One of the boys came up with a bright idea. "Why don't we cut two holes in the barn above the door for the ears to go through?" So they proceeded to do this. A city man was driving by and noticed the spectacle. So he asked what they were doing. They told him they were cutting holes in the barn so the mule could go through the door. He asked, "Why don't you simply take a shovel and dig a small trench in the dirt?" One good old boy looked at the other and said, "Isn't that just like a city slicker." Then he yelled, "It's his ears that are too big, not his legs!"

Quote of the week!

" Live with peace of mind, not out of mind."

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