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Pure is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to helping our members and our staff fully EMBRACE LIFE™. Our clubs specialise in innovative classes for this reason.

Our commitment is to offer the world’s best, most innovative, most motivating, genuinely engaging and results-delivering classes. We know innovative and mindful exercise will not only directly improve an individual’s health but also their quality of life, outlook, esteem and energy. Thereby enabling full participation and the ability to remain present in their lives. Ultimately allowing to squeeze out the essence of life and really EMBRACE all it has to offer.

Team Pure

Instructing Team

In addition to having the world’s highest trained instructors who are top of their game within the industry, Pure instructors are also passionate, motivating, authentic, supportive and present. Rather than simply performing to a class our instructors train you. We teach and educate within every class ensuring you use ideal form to enhance muscle connection, safety and results. Catering to all levels means no one gets left behind but everyone optimises their time to exact the best from themselves.

Personal Training Team

A Pure Personal Trainer (PPT) is your guarantee to goal acquisition is the shortest possible time. Our team of highly trained, inspirational fitness experts live to see you reach your goals and surpass your own expectations. Seriously, they live for the stuff. Our PPT team takes on your goals as their own and using our proven systems create a personalised program that WILL get you there.

Our expertise is as wide and varied as the dreams we help bring to reality… from losing 45kg, to losing the last 3kg. From learning to run to running a marathon sub 3hours, or simply getting a higher gravity defying butt or rock hard flat abs, if you’re brave enough to truly share what you dream to achieve… we will get you there, guaranteed, or your money back.

Business Team

There’s more to a winning team then just its super star players. The coach, dietitian, physio, manager and other behind the scenes people are as important to the end result as those that play the field every week. From smooth systems and procedures that uphold quality and provide consistency, to exceptional customer service and brand management, our admin and business team work quietly in the background steering the ship confidently to its next destination.

Pure Results

I joined PURE in March of 2011 out of determination to take control of my life and my body. I was never a fit or sporty person, so my gym memberships went to waste because I’d loose interest quite quickly. The variety of unique classes available at PURE was unlike anything I’d seen at other gyms and health clubs and caught my interest. As an added bonus the Coorparoo studio was only 2 minutes from my house and they had a City studio that was also close to my workplace. This meant that I really had no excuse not make a workout. Since then I have lost 15kg, made some wonderful friends and have never felt so comfortable with being myself in my body. I no longer view exercise and going to the gym as a chore, I look forward to it and enjoy it! A big thank you to the PURE team for their daily smiles and encouragement throughout my continuing journey and for teaching me that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle change that just takes practice!

Sara Wodyk

I am an advocate for Pure Health Clubs primarily because of their commitment to helping women regain their fitness and healthy lifestyle after having children. I have always experienced a more personal atmosphere at Pure than I have encountered at other health clubs and believe that the instructors aspire to motivate their clients to achieve their best.

Melissa Boyd, Mother of 4

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