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Gary is an experienced practitioner with clinics on the south, & north side of Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Clinics are in Clayfield, Springwood, Robina, Kenmore and Capalaba.

He offers a holistic and Biochemical approach to healing which recognizes the ability of the body itself to overcome disease. Treatments are aimed to support and aid the body to heal itself with the use of herbal and nutritional medicine, lifestyle support and the use of cutting edge technology and testing procedures.

He aims to restore vitality through supporting and stimulating the body’s own immune system, treat the underlying cause within the body to achieve optimal health.

Often this has been compromised by lifestyle, dietary or genetic predispositions.

This can be achieved very successfully with modern clinically based natural medicine, which is safe and constantly backed by updated research and clinical trials.

With our fast paced stressful lifestyle, nutrition also plays a key role, with many of us consuming highly refined foods, which supply us with very little of the essential nutrients our bodies need to maintain good health.
Initial consultation will take approximately 45 minutes where a full medical history is taken with your diet and lifestyle assessed, along with your personal goals. Other services can also be used such as iridology, and the cutting edge technology of the ES Teck Body Scan.


  • Can't lose weight
  • Why you have digestive issues,
  • Why you are fatigued
  • Why you suffer sleep problems
  • Why you have skin rashes and sinus issues
  • Why you suffer headaches.

    The ES Teck System is a combination of non invasive bio-sensors, which measures the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells of every body organ. This fluid gives a very accurate picture of cell activity related to organ function. All information gathered from the scan is then related to your current health condition along with a full health history.
    Measurement takes approximately 3 minutes with results immediate for you to see in 3D colour with a full report on all findings and recommendations. Seeing for yourself helps understand the source and reasons for your current health problems.
    An immediate treatment plan is then put into place.
    The process is totally non-invasive and pain free. You remain fully clothed.

    Benefits of the ES Teck System The ES Teck Systems greatest strength is its ability to accurately measure changes in your physiology from one assessment to the next. This allows the trained practitioner to closely monitor how the treatment plan is working. Changes can be observed before symptoms alter

    Functional Uses
    Heart Rate & Stress Monitoring/Artery Elasticity
    Liver/stomach intestines and Colon/Food sensitivities
    Lungs and Respiration
    Neuro chemicals of the brain
    O2 uptake to Brain
    Insulin and Glucose
    Hormonal and Adrenal Glands
    Kidney & bladder
    Nervous system
    Prostate and Uterus
    Calcium and Magnesium,
    Sodium, Potassium
    Vertebrae & Bone Density
    Lactic acid & Muscular problems
    Oxidative Stress
    Intra Cellular Water
    Body composition
    Ph of the Body
    Cardiovascular Immune function

    Qualifications / Clinic Locations

  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Certificate IV in Applied Science – Homoeopathy

    Member of:
    Australian Natural Therapies Association

    Australian Association of Homotoxicology

    Unit 1, 2 Collene Court

    Access to Alternative Health Suite 4, 900 Moggill Road Kenmore QLD 4069 Phone: 1300 375 376

    Clayfield Chiropractic Clinic Suite 10, The Clayfield Centre, 688 Sandgate Road Clayfield QLD 4011 Phone: 1300 375 376


    Gold Coast Allied Osteopathy Clinic "The Rocket" 203 Robina Town Centre Drive Robin
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