Dr Mary Staggs™ Original Ionic Detox Foot Spa

We are the Sole Importers and Distributors of the Dr. Mary Staggs™ Original Ionic Detox Foot Spa Systems & Consumables which are NOT cheap imitations from Asia.

Dr. Mary Staggs™ Ionic Detox Footbath Systems are built to deliver safety, quality and reliability. They are constructed using the best available components, are non invasive and built to satisfy Stringent International Electrical Safety Standards, IEC 60601.1 (Medical) and Medical CE0120 compliant.

Every system sold comes with a solid warranty against defective workmanship and materials with extended cover options for your peace of mind.

It is our belief that this relatively new treatment process in holistic health will soon become an accepted part of everyday lives and a home essential helping people to combat the mounting stress and health pressures of modern living.

Although the treatment is classified as an alternative medicine, more and more educated individuals are starting to acknowledge the scope and benefits of an alternative and holistic approach to general health issues.

Our Systems deliver top performance, when used as part of a holistic health plan.

Please note however that Dr. Mary Staggs Detox™ Australia & New Zealand does not make any claims as to the physiological or psychological benefits derived from use of our systems.

Our Home Use System is supplied with:

  • Home Use Control Pod
  • Dr. Mary Staggs™ Detox Foot Bowl
  • Array
  • Packet Sample liners
  • Bio-degradable Cleaning Fluid
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt 100g
  • Australian Approved Power Supply
  • 16 Page FULL Colour Wellness Booklet
  • Laminated Instructions Cards
  • Comprehensive Product Handbook
  • 2 Years Australian Warranty
  • ARTG 143265 (Professional Systems)


    Basic Professional System (Beauty Salons, Spas or do it from Home)

    Practitioner’s Kit (Healthcare Providers)

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    Bio-energy Therapy improving Holistic Health

    What you take out of your body is just as important for your health as what you put in. With today’s chemical laden food production techniques and our sedentary, over Indulgent lifestyles, our bodies are, more than any generation before us, likely to be saturated with toxins that are ingested from what we eat and drink and also generated from our own bodies.

    On a daily basis, our bodies’ encounter and store unwanted toxins; this is a by-product of our busy lifestyles and increasing pollution from within the environment. Cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine are also keen sources of toxins and the most common method of eliminating them from the body involves dieting and exercise. The Dr. Mary Staggs™ Ionic Detox Foot Spa offers a relaxing alternative therapy, which will re-balance the bodies’ natural energies, improve Micro-circulation thus assist in improving your overall general health & well-being.

    Since Ionic Detox Foot Spa’s begun their popularity as a method of detoxifying the body, there have been many claims and explanations describing their actual effects and how they work.

    The Dr. Mary Staggs™ Ionic Detox Foot Spa utilises a very simple technology, but the body’s response is not simple, and the overwhelming focus on changes in the water has not been fairly represented and the broad picture of what actually occurs during and after a series of ionic foot spa sessions. There is no empirical research to back up charts and explanations that claim to interpret what the various colour and sediment changes in the water actually mean. These are produced by companies that use this method of charting as nothing more than a “Sales Pitch” to sell their products.

    This focus on interpreting colour change and sediment in the water is largely sensational in nature and designed to increase sales of the other various brands of Detox Foot Spas now available on the market, but it does the body a disservice in that it does not explain the true complexity of the process of bio-stimulation and bio-detoxification, and often leads to disappointment when people realise that not all of the colour change and sediment that they see in the water is related to toxic materials being released from their bodies.

    The process of bio-stimulation and bio-detoxification that a series of Dr. Mary Staggs™ Ionic Detox Foot Spa’s treatments can precipitate is quite complex, but as yet there is no definitive scientific research that documents, reports accurately or interprets what materials are found in each person’s water after a session. Dr. Mary Staggs™ Detox have invested thousands of hours investigating and researching in partnership with their global team of technical advisors, therapists and doctors to design and produce their systems and as testament to this the Dr. Mary Staggs™ Ionic Detox Foot Spa has attained Medical Class IIa approval in over 20 countries and is also Included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods making it the system of choice for Healthcare providers and Practitioners worldwide.

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    BEWARE of Imitations ~ Accept ONLY the best THE ORIGINAL
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