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The Healing Power of Touch:with Ambience Body Therapies!

The power of touch is often underestimated. Touch, in the form of massage, can have immense positive effects on a person, physically and psychologically. There are many more benefits of positive touch experience such as massage than are widely recognized, with many validated by scientific study.

Studies conducted at the Touch Research Institute show that beyond merely reducing muscle tension, regular massage can lead to:

- Increased energy levels
- Better sleeping patterns (reduction of insomnia)
- Reduction of stress and depression
- Increased immune activity, resulting in less risk of illness

Medical researchers have estimated that 80% of all diseases are related to physical or mental stress. Soothing and relaxing massage therapy treatments can help counteract the negative effects of stress, and therefore maintain wellbeing.

Massage has also been shown to have powerful psychological benefits. Clinical trials where blood samples were taken before and after massage therapy have shown that blood serum levels of certain chemicals increase after massage, mainly endorphins, serotonin and oxytoxin. Endorphins tell our body to "feel" blissful while serotonin relaxes us and oxytoxin aids us to feel "connected" with others. This explains why we not only feel a natural "high" after massage, but also feel emotionally warmer and more connected.

It is interesting to note that studies also show the opposite effect- people who are neglected and do not receive physical affection or touch during childhood are much more likely to abuse their own children and / or become violent. In light of this, it becomes apparent how important massage can be in today's low-touch society.

Massage has been utilized for its healing benefits for over five thousand years-it is an age-old tried and true healing therapy. Many scientific studies have validated the use of massage to reduce pain, stress and depression, increase immunological function and aid in the healing process of many illnesses. Today regular massage is considered by many not as a luxury but as an essential to maintaining good health.


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HYPOGLYCEMIA(Low Blood Sugars): with Craig Hitchins ND!

Confusion, depression, nervousness, anxiety, antisocial behavior, emotional instability, exhaustion, headaches, impatience, inability to cope, fears, craving for sugar, faintness, dizziness. Symptoms especially occur a few hours after eating sweets or fats. The more that is eaten and the longer the span before the symptoms occur, the worse they are.

The problem is adrenal exhaustion. The cause is too much stress, worry, and an excess of undigested sugars, starches, proteins, and dairy products. The cortin hormone is depleted, so food cannot be digested properly.

People consume large quantities of sugars, caffeine, soft drinks, and alcohol. These all contain simple sugars, and insufficient amounts of complex carbohydrates. Add to this: high stress levels, and the two adrenal glands become exhausted. Hypoglycemia can be inherited, but more often it is brought on by an inadequate diet (and is then called functional hypoglycemia). However, there are several other physical problems which can weaken adrenal function and help bring on hypoglycemia. These include weaknesses in the thyroid, liver, kidneys, pituitary, and pancreas. Immune deficiency and candidiasis can also lead to it. Other causes include smoking and large amounts of caffeine.
Hypoglycemia is sometimes mistakenly diagnosed as asthma, allergies, fatigue syndrome, stomach, intestinal, weight problems, or mental or nervous disorders. Half the people, over 50, who have hypoglycemia, are hypothyroid.

o Refined starches, sugars, and a high-meat diet wear out the adrenals. Too much sugar shocks the adrenal cortex, and the resulting physical reaction is to crave still more sugar.

o Stop eating or using meat, nicotine, alcohol, chocolate, soft drinks, black tea, and sugared and fat foods. Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco produce wide swings in blood sugar levels.

o Read the labels at the grocery store, and avoid dextrose, dextrin, lactose, maltose, sucrose, fructose, modified food starch, corn syrup, corn sweetener, cornstarch, and natural sweetener. Only use honey and molasses in small amounts. Also stay away from sorbitol, hexanol, mannitol, and glycol.

o Too much salt also exhausts the adrenals and causes a loss of potassium, leading to lower blood sugar.

o Eat natural foods, the ones you should have been eating to begin with. Whole grains, raw and simply cooked vegetables, some fresh fruit. But eat in moderation starchy foods, such as corn, noodles, pasta, white rice, hominy, and yams.

o Eat a high-fiber diet and vegetables that are raw or steamed. These are good for you: beans, lentils, brown rice, white potatoes, soy products, and fruits.

o Useful fruits include apricots, apples, bananas, grapefruit, lemons, cantaloupes, and persimmons. For example, eat a raw apple instead of applesauce, for the apple has more fiber which will help keep blood sugar stabilized.

o Licorice acts like cortin and helps the blood sugar. Bilberry and wild yam help control insulin levels. Cedar berries help the pancreas. Spirulina tablets, taken between meals, help stabilize blood sugar.

o During a blood sugar reaction, eat something that has both fiber and protein, such as rice or bran crackers with almond butter. Fiber alone (popcorn, rice, oat bran, crackers, ground flaxseed, and psyllium husks) has the ability to slow down a hypoglycemic reaction. A half hour before each meal, eat some of this high fiber, to stabilize blood sugar.

o Once a month, go on a fresh vegetable juice fast for a day. Take enemas with some added lemon juice at that time. If a reaction starts to occur, reach for the fiber, protein powder, or spirulina. Avoid stressful situations. You may have a milk allergy, which often accompanies this disease.

As you can see like many other illnesses, this is one that can be both treated and avoided by engaging in the proper eating of raw foods and lifestyle choices that reduce stress. This problem is also wrongly diagnosed often as mentioned before which often sees people thinking they have something worse than they do and this problem of hypoglycemia goes undetected.

The information you have read here and in any of my articles is intended to help you understand that eating properly, exercising and relaxing in moderation are NOT luxuries but NECESSITIES to being in any way healthy. Hypoglycemia is just one more dis-ease that is nothing more than resultant of poor choices in the above areas. Please my friends make the choice you know is right for you and begin today with treating yourself well.

Craig Hitchens (B.Sc.Nat.)


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The Lymphatic System Fat, Fluid or Toxins: By Miriam Young!

If you want to lose weight presently and have progressed through the fad of 'quick fix' diets and pills with no results, then it may be useful to ask yourself a few questions:

. Is some of your excess weight, fluid?
. What are your bowel patterns like and do you suffer from constipation?
. Is your liver functioning effectively?
. What is going on for you both emotionally and spiritually, what are you afraid of and what perhaps are you suppressing or protecting yourself from?
. When was the last time that you - not dieted - but detoxified?
Why Should I Look After My Lymphatic Health?

The lymphatic system is the home of your immune defence. If you have a healthy free-flowing lymphatic circulation it is highly possible that you will avoid all those colds and viral infections circulating at the office or within your child's school. Or if you do become ill, your recovery rate will be quick and efficient. Having a healthy lymphatic system will also mean that you will be eliminating toxins at a faster rate and you will stay at your ideal weight (so long as your bowel and liver is also functioning effectively). You may also have an increased chance of avoiding more serious diseases, such as glandular fever and cancer of the lymph glands, particularly if there is a history of this type of cancer in your family.

What is Lymph?
Lymph surrounds every living cell. We have more lymph inside of our bodies than we do blood. It is a transparent, usually slightly yellow, often opalescent liquid found in the lymphatic vessels. The word "lymph" comes from Latin for water goddess. It is the same fluid that oozes from a cut when bleeding stops. Lymph transports nutrients into the blood and receives waste products from the blood. White blood cells circulate in the lymphatic system and are the backbone of the immune system.

The lymph glands have eight functions:
1. Neutralising toxins and poisons
2. Returning water from tissues to the blood.
3. Returning leaked protein to the blood
4. Transporting fats in the body
5. Transporting hormones by the Lymph System
6. Destructs foreign bacteria
7. Produces antibodies and
8. Makes up the largest content of fluid in the body, carries more waste than blood.

Lymph is constantly moving around the body. Unlike the heart-driven circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no central pump. Lymphatic circulation relies primarily on movement of the body's muscles as well as on respiratory movement.

A number of disorders or imbalances occur when this fluid becomes over-burdened with toxins. Such un-eliminated waste can cause unwanted tissue formation and swelling, otherwise known as cellulite. Cellulite is a structural disturbance of fat tissue, related, in part, to local vein and lymph congestion. Bowel cleansing and proper skin brushing can help to alleviate this condition. (See below).

Fluid Retention
Overweight does not necessarily mean excess body fat. An over-weight woman can hold up to 20 lbs of excess weight in fluid retention within her lymphatic circulation. The first questions I will ask such a client is are they drinking purified water and how are they drinking their water? Are they taking small sips throughout the day? Usually not. Mostly women with fluid retention are not drinking enough water or drink no water first thing in the morning, gulp down several glasses of water at lunchtime and then don't remember to drink again until they get home late in the afternoon. Consequently their bodies are holding onto fluid in reserve. Tea, coffee, salt and alcohol are the worst drinks for fluid retention sufferers.

Cold Showers
Regular cold showers (the colder the better) improve blood and lymph circulation, aid detoxification and weight loss. Cold showers extract toxins from the body, they improve circulation and help prevent cellulite, as well as slowing down spider and varicose veins formation. Improved circulation helps to eliminate toxins that are accumulated in layers of fatty deposits, which not only makes you feel better as the poisons are no longer affecting you, but also helps you to lose weight. Improved circulation and the production of the body's natural blood thinning enzyme are greatly improved. This makes cold showers particularly effective in the prevention of heart attacks.

Our body's immune system also benefits from cold showers and this has been proven by medical research. The number of white blood cells produced increases with regular cold showers, significantly decreasing the likelihood of catching a cold or viral infection. In hospitals in the Midlands in the UK, it has been proven that those patients who had cold showers were able to go home four days earlier than those that did not! In Chernobyl in Russia, they are actually encouraging people to have cold showers to keep their immune system active because the environment in which they live is so full of pollutants.

Dry Skin Brushing
Dry skin brushing promotes both circulation and lymphatic drainage, with a variety of benefits. These include stimulating the exchange of nutrients and wastes, improving immune function and promoting the flow of vital energy, or Chi.

The best time to use your skin brush is first thing in the morning, before a cold shower. (Have a 10 second cold shower followed by warm and ending with another quick cold shower). Always brush gently to start with and always brush towards the heart (up the arms and up the legs).

Any blockage at the superficial lymphatic level will result in congestion throughout the whole lymphatic system. Skin brushing is an excellent way to stimulate the activity of the entire lymphatic system. Much ill-health can be avoided or improved upon when the lymphatic system is circulating freely and regular skin brushing can be a valuable support in order to achieve this.

The skin is full of nerve endings, and therefore a vital part of the nervous system. These nerve endings are stimulated during skin brushing which in turn decreases muscular tension, improves lung capacity, digestion, bowel movements, blood circulation, lymph drainage and also allows for a clear mind!

Considering 70% of lymphatic tissue lies within the intestines, it is worth thinking about the effect a sluggish bowel may have upon the functioning of the lymphatic system. Big tummies don't necessarily mean fat tummies! It would amaze you to know just how much toxic sludge we hold onto in the small and large intestines. In many cases what we presume to be 'fat' is in actuality layers of mucoid plaque or stuck faecal matter sitting in the walls of the intestines.

Other than a sluggish bowel, most people in the Western World also have poor liver function. And it is often lack of bile secretion from the liver that causes a sluggish bowel. It is worth thinking about the fact that preservatives in food are there to slow down the activity of bacteria. However in the gut it is the bacteria that break down the food. Too many additives and processed foods take longer to digest. As the gut becomes more blocked with toxic sludge, burdening the lymphatic system, we absorb less and less nutrients from our food. This may cause us to eat more to gain what we need, but if it is more of the wrong kind of food then we are further adding to toxicity levels, which in turn means excess weight and also depletes us of essential nutrients.

By cleansing the bowel, the lymphatic tissue is able to sigh with relief as excess toxic baggage is towed away. By ridding the body of this toxic sludge many people not only experience better health and more energy, but also discover a sustainable method of losing weight.

There is a very powerful connection between the lymphatic system and the immune system and therefore many herbs and foods that aid the immune system (sulphur containing, such as onion and garlic) will also assist the health of the lymphatic system. The best way to keep the immune/lymphatic system clean is to not suppress any discharge out of the body or any fever the body may develop. A fever is the body's immune system burning out toxins. By using medication to lower a fever, we suppress the immune system. Chlorinated drinking water and chlorinated swimming pools should be avoided as chlorine can also congest the lymphatic system and suppress the immune system.

Copyright: Miriam Young


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Autism and Vaccinations ? By Mary Megson

I have practiced pediatrics for twenty-two years, the last fifteen years seeing only children with developmental disabilities, which include learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism.In 1978, I learned as a resident at Boston Floating Hospital that the incidence of autism was one in 10,000 children. Over the last ten years I have watched the incidence of autism skyrocket to 1/300-1/600 children. (more…)


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Short and Sweet: Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Yoghurt!

Serves: 4


1 cup Australian Low Fat Natural Yogurt 2 teaspoons wasabi paste 2 x wholemeal flat mountain bread, cut into 12 squares 150g smoked salmon, sliced 12 butter lettuce leaves, shredded 1 continental cucumber, peeled, halved, deseeded and thinly sliced 1/4 bunch chives, chopped into 3cm long pieces pepper, to taste


1. Combine yogurt and wasabi paste. 2. Bake mountain bread squares at 200?C for 3 minutes or until golden brown. 3. Combine butter lettuce and cucumber. For serving place bread squares onto each serving plate, top with smoked salmon, lettuce and cucumber and a dollop of wasabi yogurt. Repeat layers and finishing with remaining wasabi yogurt. Garnish with chives and season to taste with pepper.

Energy: 899.31 Sugar: 8.1 Protein: 17.7 Sodium: 906.96 Calcium: 219 Fat: 2.98 SaFa: .58 Iron: 1.83 Carbohydrate: 26.41 Fibre: 3.58

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Laughter is the best medicine!

digital clock

Q: What did the digital clock say to his mother?

A: Look ma no hands!.



Quote of the week!


A fire always burns brightest when it starts. Enthusiasm always is strongest at the beginning - when the job is new, when the relationship is young, when your boxes are still unpacked. Any fire can restart - just throw fresh wood on it. Any job can be new, any relationship young, any house revived - just throw something fresh and new into it. No job or relationship is too old to be new. Fire up your enthusiasm today!

For a Good Cause: Why support Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week ?

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week 2006 6 to 13 August 2006 - By making a donation, registering an event or placing posters and information at your school or business during Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week, you will help fund vital services provided by the League and build inclusive communities for people with a disability. Schools and other interested parties may also access a downloadable Colouring Page to use for colouring-in competitions. For more information, phone 1800 819 086

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