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Dr Patch Adams Called to Administer Joy in Brisbane?:with the Empowerment Institute!

At a time when Australia is supposedly at its financially wealthiest according to Treasurer Peter Costello, who recently proclaimed the Commonwealth as debt-free, thoughts turn to the state of the nation in terms of individual and workplace happiness.

It is ironic that in our first world country we owe nothing overseas, but what do we now owe to ourselves, each other and our workplaces? Are we really happy?

Many Australians feel that the political system has let them down, and that governments are not responding to their real concerns. We seem to have lost sight of a vision for a better society and to have entrusted our future to wherever the market takes us.

We now know a great deal about the factors that enhance our wellbeing and those that diminish it. Increasingly the negatives seem to outweigh the positives, despite our affluence.

Australians are three times richer than their parents and grandparents were in the 1950s, but they are no happier. Despite the evidence of a decline in national wellbeing, governments continue to put economic interests first. The obsession with economic growth means other things that could improve our wellbeing are sacrificed.

There is widespread community concern that the values of the market-individualism, selfishness, materialism, competition-are driving out the more desirable values of trust, self-restraint, mutual respect and generosity.

So, how far are we really along in the wellbeing scale? What makes for true happiness, if it is not "affluenza"?

Here are some sobering figures in our culture that seems to increasingly drink or take drugs to blot out reality to try to find happiness.

Depression currently causes over six million working days to be lost each year according to Beyond Blue, a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia.

Individual depression now starts as young as early youth (roughly age 14.5) if not childhood, as opposed to our late thirties some 30 years ago - a Martin Seligman (American father of Positive Psychology) statistic in his book Authentic Happiness.

It has been estimated that 6.4 million Australian adults - almost half the adult population - accessed the Internet during 2005. Reportedly, more Internet users search the Web for information on depression than any other health condition.

It is estimated that 200 million scripts for anti-depressant medication are written in Australia yearly.

Further, the incidence of drug and alcohol abuse is at alarming societal levels, not only in younger age groups, but increasingly as a choice for celebrities, the upwardly mobile, and the weekend consumer as well as the weekday have-or-want-to's.

So, how happy are we? Will outside pleasures ever fill up the "holes in our souls," as Dr Phil of Oprah fame, describes it.

How do we find real joy in life and work, and how does it start?

According to Dr Patch Adams, clown and humanitarian - it is a choice that you make. And he is coming to Australia in October to tell us also about the how's, when's, where's and why's.

Hunter "Patch" Adams has been a physician for nearly 30 years, but he has been a clown for almost 40. He is a social activist, and Founder and Director of the Gesundheit Institute, a holistic medical community that has provided free medical care to thousands of patients since it began in 1971. Patch travels the world presenting at a staggering amount of places every year, as well as fulfilling his altruistic activities. For more info see

His message, that he brings at last to Brisbane, is how to make the conscious choice everyday of "Living with Joy in Life and Work ".

Thousands have seen the movie "Patch Adams." This is your chance to get up close and personal with one of the greatest altruists and social justice entrepreneurs of our time and learn what it takes to live a personally and professionally happier life.

Seats are limted, please book early to ensure your seat online at

Patch set new standards for the event as a speaker. He was mind blowing and raised the event to new heights. His presentation was entirely relevant to the audience.

- Graham Anderson, Saxton Management Group Pty Ltd, Australia Spoke to Australian Professional Pharmacy Association Conference

Behind his clown-like persona lies a great deal of wisdom, and it often falls to the court jester to speak the truth that those in power need to hear.
Bernie Siegel, M.D.

For more information, please contact Susan Welch, Director of the Empowerment Institute 073268 1036 or 0413651643

This event proudly supports Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Research Foundation, and Sids And Kids Queensland.

Susan Welch is Laughter Therapist and an Authentic Happiness Coach in the new Positive Psychology. She has been a pioneer of the Happiness movement in this country for the past 4 years, working with over 15,000 people in health, mental health, aged care, hospitals, schools, disability, corporate and government arenas. The evolution of this grass roots social justice movement has seen her evolve her work to the Empowerment Institute, a boutique bureau providing information, speakers, trainers, coaches and events for personal and professional development. EI offers solutions in health, wealth and happiness!

PATCH ADAMS Living with Joy in Life and Work OCTOBER 17, 7.30pm sharp MERCURE HOTEL NORTH QUAY BRISBANE

Earlybirds Main Lecture

Earlybirds Main Lecture $125.00 (including 10 % tax) Main lecture tickets valued at $165, buy early and save $40!

Main Lecture

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Sugar! Sweet Satisfaction or Sweet Destruction?:with Miriam Young!

If you lack satisfaction in your life, you may be attracted to quick sugar fixes like chocolate or cake. The quicker and higher your sugar levels raise after you have had a sweet treat, the faster and lower it will drop afterwards. And once again, you will be left feeling agitated and dissatisfied. Many women crave sugar premenstrual, yet sugar in excess can be a significant contributor to pre-menstrual tension as well as menstrual disturbances.

When sugar was originally introduced, the first sugar users took it to parties (just like cocaine) and it was a great specialty. We all eat sugar, but the problem is we have no idea how much we are eating! It is in EVERYTHING - from bread and cereals, to soups and yoghurts and even in so much of the so-called health foods. It all makes it very difficult to stop totally, but a conscious effort to read ingredients can help enormously. Don't get me wrong, I eat sugar, however I do so in moderation and at the time of consumption am 100% conscious when I do so and enjoy it! It can be quite tough for individuals to give up sugar, it can take a full month before the cravings go away; that is without the help of colloidal minerals. Colloidal minerals take the cravings for sugar away within a matter of days, making it much easier to quit!

How is Sugar Bad for our Health?

Excess and even moderate amounts of refined sugar can cause moodiness, abdominal bloating, and loss of "real appetite". Most people do not realise that refined sugar actually suppresses the immune system. Sugar interferes with the ability of white blood cells to respond against invading bacterial infections. When we eat sugar we predispose ourselves to the common cold, flu, bronchitis, sinus infections, and Candida as well as digestive difficulties. Refined sugar upsets the mineral balance within the body, depleting copper and chromium (a mineral often lacking in diabetes) and interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Sugar can exacerbate arthritis and asthma and has a marked contribution to the formation of kidney and gallstones.

According to William Duffy, author of Sugar Blues, "Man-refined sugar is eight times as concentrated as flour, and eight times as unnatural -- perhaps eight times as dangerous. It is the unnaturalness that deceives the tongue and appetite, leading to over-consumption. Who would eat five pounds of sugar beets a day? Yet the equivalent in refined sugar is a mere five ounces."


Versus Unnatural Sugar Sugar (sucrose) is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in every fruit and vegetable. It is the major product of photosynthesis, the process by which plants transform the sun's energy into food. Naturally occurring sugar in fruit, vegetables and unrefined carbohydrates are fuels for the muscles, nerves and brain and are the principal source of energy for all bodily functions. The sugars in these whole foods are balanced with proper minerals. Refined sugar however, (white and brown) found in donuts, chocolate, ice cream, cakes etc, pass straight into the blood stream in large amounts, shocking the pancreas. Sugar over-stresses the pancreas, causing hypoglycaemia. Honey in large amounts is also assimilated into the blood stream very quickly, which may also result in problems with blood sugar levels. Raw, unheated and unprocessed honey however, contains minerals and enzymes and has an anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for soothing a sore throat and beneficial for stomach ulcers.


So long as young children are not allowed to fall into sugar addition, but are offered instead a varied range of foods, they can usually be trusted to meet their dietary needs intuitively. It is better not to force children to eat, even if their appetites are small and tastes restricted. Just keep the issue relaxed and offer them a wide range of options.

Allowing children to eat too much sugar can seriously contribute to hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating as well as crankiness. This may be because sugar stimulates cortisol, a stress hormone associated with anxiety and aggression. (Not to mention the effect of preservatives/additives). Sugar can also exacerbate eczema and may decrease growth hormone in developing children.

Candida Craves Sugar

For both adults and children, the most common imbalance caused by excessive sugar intake is the proliferation of candida. Candida albicans is a naturally occurring organism, living inside our intestines in balance with beneficial bacteria. Too much sugar often leads to excessive amounts of candida. And in excess, candida excretes toxic metabolites that begin to degrade the intestinal walls leading to 'leaky gut' and inflammation. Excessive flatulence, bloating and diahorrea for no apparent reason are often a sign that candida is prolific in the gastro-intestinal tract.

In leaky gut syndrome, the deterioration of the candida-ridden intestinal walls allows the yeast and by-products and other inappropriate food molecules to enter the blood stream. Candida and its by-products now have access to the whole body, including every organ. This is known as Systemic Candida and can be life threatening if untreated and is thought by some to be the cause of death in AIDS.

There are many women who suffer unbelievable discomfort from recurring vaginal yeast infections and frequent cystitis attacks (bladder infections), making not only sexual intercourse, but also life in general a misery. Candida is the culprit in the majority of these cases, mainly affecting the female population. Candida can also be a contributing factor to infertility and may add to discomfort during pregnancy.

Constant candidiasis distresses the functioning of the liver and may cause multiple allergies, not only to foods, but to various chemicals and pollens also. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, headaches, bad breath, fungal infections, and athletes' foot are some of the dis-eases that can result.

Low energy and chronic fatigue is a major symptom of candida because one of its by-products is acetaldehyde and this chemical creates ethanol as a by-product. Ethanol causes fatigue as it destroys enzymes needed for cell energy. It also causes the release of free radicals, which increases aging. Depression and anxiety can be mere symptoms of the underlying problem of candida. Experiencing spaciness and forgetfulness, is not necessarily a sign of old age, it may be because of excessive amounts of candida in your system!

The Importance of Minerals

If you crave sugar it is likely that as well as the presence of candida in your system, you may also have some mineral deficiencies. The most effective method of feeding and rebalancing the body that is mineral deficient is by taking plant-derived liquid mineral colloidals. Mineral colloidals are excellent for people who have organs congested with candida and therefore absorption difficulties. When your body is mineral balanced and free of candida, cravings for sugar disappear naturally.

Other Causes of Candida

Sugar, however is not the only culprit, causing candida. Antibiotics destroy both harmful bacteria and good bacteria. When antibiotics destroy friendly bacteria it gives candida the ability to multiply. One of the most common complaints of women on the oral contraceptive pill is vaginal thrush. This is because the synthetic oestrogen promotes the growth of yeast. Tap water also destroys friendly bacteria, due to its high chlorine content, resulting in candida over-growth. Parasites, constipation and diahorrea all cause the proliferation of candida, due to the fact that the friendly bacteria are disrupted. Yeast in bread, processed foods, alcohol, fermented products and vegemite etc also cause candida. Increased stress levels and a weakened immune system can heighten an already candida-friendly environment.

Most of the candida sufferers I have come across in my own practice have disturbed or negative thoughts and/or low self-esteem. It is important to observe that negativity on an emotional level creates disharmony in the physical body and visa-versa. In order for permeant change to take place within an individual, it is important that a person not only addresses their diet, but also undertakes to heal him or herself emotionally. Visiting a counsellor or healer may be useful as well as undertaking emotional release techniques.

The Anti-Candida Diet

There are many different variations of the anti-candida diet. In the end it really depends on how severely the candida sufferer is affected and how long they have had the over-growth; as to how 'strict' the diet should be and how long they should continue with it. Here is my version for the 'average' sufferer and in conjunction with herbal medicine; the condition has normally cleared up within 3-6 weeks:

Definitely no:

*Alcohol of any description, tea, coffee (no, not even decaf, green tea is ok-only two per day)
*Red Meat, Non organic chicken
*Sugar or any products with sugar in them, honey, syrups, dried fruit (apricots, bananas, prunes etc), junk food (cakes, biscuits, donuts, fizzy drinks, chocolate, deserts etc), Processed foods in general. (Stevia leaf (powder/liquid extract) and powdered Licorice root for the sweet tooth.)
*Peanuts and peanut butter
*Highly processed dairy products (cow's milk, cheese, cream, custard)
*Vegemite/Promite/Marmite, Yeast, Yeast in Bread, Miso, Soy Sauce, Tempeh
*Very sweet/acidic fruits - Oranges, mandarins, pineapples, bananas, grapes

Eat minimally of:

*Tinned Foods/packaged foods (always check the ingredients)
*Nuts, such as almonds, cashews and macadamias (only a little, to avoid rancidity and mould purchase organic and fresh)
*Cow or goat's milk fetta
*Organic cow or goat's Milk Yoghurt (acidophilus)
*Fish (Fresh: deep sea: salmon, mackerel and tuna are the best)
*Organic chicken (only a little-free from antibiotics and hormone injections)
*Strawberries, stone fruits

Eat Regular Amounts of:

*Butter (better than margarine)
*Eggs (only a little-organic only)
*Yeast free wholemeal bread (rye, spelt, corn, rice, Essene (sprouted) bread etc)
*Brown rice, wholemeal pasta, cous cous, any grains
*Rice milk/Oat milk/Soy milk (Bon soy is best)
*Fresh vegetables (preferably steamed, but also stir-fried in olive oil)
*Sea vegetables (seaweed), cabbage and garlic
*Salads (Ideal dressing: olive oil, apple cider vinegar, garlic and lemon)
*Tofu, Tahini, Homous, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, black-eyed beans etc.
*Seeds- pumpkin, sunflower
*Lemon, Lime, Paw Paw, Pears, Apples
*Barley Green, Spirulina

Miriam Young, Medical Herbalist, specialises in Menopausal complaints and practices in Sinnamon Park, Brisbane. She may be contacted on 07 3279 4816, Go to for more information on Detox For Life Health retreats in 2006.


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Discover the Healing Magic of Light Therapy: with Bio Beauty!

Like to safely and quickly reverse:-

The crippling pain of Arthritis and Back, Neck or Knee pain?
The signs of Ageing, Acne, Allergies, Scars or Pigmentation?
Heal painful Leg Ulcers or Eczema?
Strengthen the body's immune system and its capability to regenerate and rejuvenate? Well read on……

VIP Light therapy is not really a miracle - but does give miraculous results. It is a patented Swiss medical device proven over 15 years worldwide. It harnesses the healing power of visible multi coloured light rays. By working at cellular level and penetrating 2.5cm within the tissues, the therapy has a soothing, healing and regenerating effect for:

-Powerful Anti-ageing effects - improves
collagen production - skin tone and elasticity - smooths fine lines/wrinkles
-Wonderful results for Acne, Crows feet, Rosacea, Cellulite
-Eye irritations - no goggles needed (has reversed eye herpes in animals)
-Eases the pain of Arthritis, Sciatica, Rheumatics Back, Knee or Neck pain
-Heals geriatric venous ulcers, burns and wounds of any kind.
-Treats Eczema, Psoriasis, Herpes, Rashes, Allergies or Pigmentation
-Dramatically minimises Scars after injury or surgery
-Creates a complete state of relaxation and Well being

This totally natural method of healing and skin rejuvenation regenerates the tissues; increases collagen fibres; repairs damaged cell membranes; strengthens the immune system; oxygenates the tissues and relieves pain.

It penetrates 2.5cm within the tissues after 4minutes radiation and uses 500% strength oxygen to carry the healing rays to the source.

Products (ointments & creams) are carried deeper into the skin for greater results. No down time - no nasty side effects -only real results to benefits the entire organism. Bioptron VIP Light Therapy is revolutionary because it is NOT A LASER. Its polarised rays contain no damaging UV or Infrared rays and the penetration within the tissues helps regenerate damaged cell membranes. In this way healthy cells form and the entire organism benefits. As well as skin regeneration and healing, VIP Light can reduces pain in knees, backs, muscles and joints and has been shown to heal ulcers, burns, wounds and scars. It has passed many trials in hospitals around the world. Guys Hospital in London showed that T-Lymphocytes increased by 50% after only two - 4minute VIPL treatments. Another trial at Sydney's Concord hospital showed 99% improvement on venous leg ulcers in 3 weeks.

VIP Light is proven technology, affordable, safe and effective. It is TGA registered

Introducing: SWISSOLOGICAL PLANT products grown in the Swiss Alps and extracted within 2 hours of harvesting. A truly Pure Cosmeceutical skin care range.

NEW Hydro-Lifting Serum: for skin regenerating, Hydrating and Firming active ingredients:Fresh Echinacea plant extract; polysaccharides; bio-peptides, hydrating agents

INSTANTLY - skin firming, skin protection, smooth fine lines and wrinkles

PROLONG - intense skin hydration, skin softening, skin elasticity, skin vitality

PERMANENT - skin nourishing, skin regenerating, fresh and radiant appearance normal cost $70.50 Special Offer: $55.00 SAVE $15.50

We are offering the first 30 callers a FREE VIP light Therapy treatment for any condition. plus A Bio-Beauty facial using Swissological Cosmeceuticals and VIP Light - $50 (normally $75 ) Phone us on 07 5580 5744 to secure your relaxing treatment Wholesale inquiries welcome:

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Stepathon Spurs Healthy Competition: at Local Womens Exercise Centre!

Local members at Kenmore Healthy Inspirations women's weight loss and exercise centre are challenging each other in a Stepathon using pedometers to measure how many steps they take in a day to win cash prizes and shopping vouchers.

Healthy Inspirations manager Bridget Radford-Woods says the minimum number of steps is 10,000 a day to participate but most members are averaging 17,000 a day.

"Throughout May and June the ladies have been wearing pedometers attached to the waistline of their clothes to measure how many steps they take every day," Bridget said.

"After you set the pedometer to measure the length of your step, it records your waist movement to show you how many steps you take.

"Most of our ladies thought they did a lot more steps in a day than they actually do. The Stepathon has sparked a good spirit of competition and encouraged lots more incidental exercise like parking the car further away, walking the dog and opting to take the stairs."

Members get more than half of their daily steps when they visit the centre to do an easy 30-minute resistance-based exercise circuit.

"The benefit of doing resistance-based exercises compared with walking is it builds muscle mass and increases your metabolism which burns more fat," Bridget said.

Healthy Inspirations members spend 90 seconds doing 20 different easy and fun exercises on the circuit for 30 minutes at least three times a week.

For more information about Healthy Inspirations' healthy weight loss and exercise only programs,Click the below links for your local area,


Call for an Obligation-Free FREE Trial Week ( mention

Healthy Inspirations - Indooroopilly 07 3378 4709

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Healthy Inspirations - Mt Gravatt (07) 3420 4233

Healthy Inspirations - Palm Beach 07 5598 4845

Healthy Inspirations - Toowoomba 07 4638 0222

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Energy Thought By Joanne Hay

Did you know that if you have a 100-watt light bulb burning for an hour it uses a kilo of coal? That means if you take the effort to switch off the lights in a room as you leave, you are saving that much energy. All that for just one tiny flick. Before I knew that little fact, I was a chronic light burner, rationalizing that my small part hardly made a difference either way. Kali Wendorf

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Short and Sweet: Garlic & Chive Dip with Pita Chips!

Serves: 3


1 x 80g wholemeal pita breads 200g Australian Low Fat/ Skim Natural Yogurt 1/4 cup Australian Light Sour Cream 1 small clove garlic, crushed 2 tablespoons finely snipped chives


Toast, grill or oven bake the whole pita bread until crisp. Cut or break into serving size pieces. 2. Combine yogurt, sour cream, garlic and chives to make a dip. 3. Serve with pita chips

Energy: 636 Sugar: 6 Protein: 7 Sodium: 182 Calcium: 181 Fat: 4.9 SaFa: 2.9 Iron: 1 Carbohydrate: 18 Fibre: 2

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Are You Dyslexic?

I read that ten out of two people are dyslexic.


Quote of the month!

"If you view all the things that happen to you, both good and bad, as opportunities, then you operate out of a higher level of consciousness." Les Brown

For a Good Cause: Why support The Smith Family Winter Appeal 2006?

Together, we can give disadvantaged children the opportunities most of us take for granted Every child should have the opportunity to create their own future… to fully utilise their potential… to be the best they can be. But sadly, children like Amanda are often denied that opportunity. Education is the key to unlocking life's possibilities. Yet one in seven children in Australia today, is part of a financially disadvantaged family and doesn't have equal access to education. Nor to the opportunities it offers. If we stand by and do nothing, these children will become tomorrow's disadvantaged adults. Your support of The Smith Family is really an investment in Australia's children. It will enable us to expand our evidence-based programs that focus on education as the best way to prevent a lifetime of disadvantage.


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