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Improve Your Digestion to Improve Your Health:with Renew You!

Bloating, flatulence, heartburn, mental fog and fatigue … these are just a few of the symptoms of poor digestion. It is thought that the risks of developing many chronic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, bowel cancer and rheumatoid arthritis can be minimised or prevented by looking after our digestive system.

Invest in your health today and no longer live with the discomfort, embarrassment and inconvenience of poor digestion … it is easy and affordable to do something about it.

At Renew You we believe that our gastrointestinal system is very important, providing the foundation of our current and future health. The gastrointestinal system is responsible for the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients for energy, the removal of toxic waste from our body so we stay well and immune system regulation to help our body fight illness.

The functions of the digestive system are largely dependent on the several thousand different species of bacteria that live within it. The balance of these bacteria is delicate and can be very easily influenced - antibiotic use, stress, a diet low in fibre and high in meat and harmful bacteria all influence the balance, resulting in toxic substances in the gut and the symptoms we know as poor digestion. Left untreated inflammation, infection, intestinal damage and chronic disease can occur.

The good news is that intestinal and digestive health can quickly be improved with detoxification, diet changes, herbal therapy and probiotics. A combination of these treatments will have you feeling fantastic after food, full of energy and healthy on the inside. Probiotics are beneficial bacterial supplements and their effects are dependent on the strains of bacteria they contain. As a result we suggest seeking advice from a qualified professional as to your options.

For those considering a detox, now is definitely the time with our special February detox package. The Renew You detox is a comprehensive professional detoxification. During February we are offering a package of consults including several free medical tests (a saving of $95). If you have been considering a detox then now is definitely the time.

If you are interested in improving your digestion make an appointment with qualified naturopath Jo Fawcett - digestive consults are 1 hour in duration and full of great tips. Alternatively, attend Jo's seminar on The digestive system and your health on Wednesday 15 March - to reserve a place please call our clinic on 5575 9722. Joanna Fawcett Naturopath (BSc, BNat)

The Digestion seminar is available at,

Renew You - Ashgrove on Tues 14 March 07 3366 8955

Renew You - Robina on Wed 15 March. 07 5575 9722


Renew You is also in Sunnybank 07 3344 7311


Full Body Aura & Brain Imaging: with Irene Kormoci DEH,DCH,MAHS, MASCH.


Resonant Field Imaging (RFI ) or Full Body Aura and Brain Imaging as it is more popularly known, is an electromagnetic feedback and imaging process that detects and analyses the subtle field of energy generated and emitted by any living systems. Bio-energy, or the aura or energy field, can now be measured and quantified scientifically using the RFI™ system. A hand-held frequency scanner with a specially-tuned antenna is used to measure and quantify the electro-magnetic frequencies emitted. The system is sensitive enough to detect energies of non-physical systems and even ambient air, while the software converts the measured properties into the 15 colours of the visible light spectrum, and interprets the energy patterns based on a system developed through a decade of clinical bio-energy research.

The system was developed by a US based corporation in co-operation with the Moscow State Technical University at Bauman, and has been endorsed by the Russian Ministry of Health as being one of the most effective and economical processes available for measuring and analysing bio-energy fields.

Aura Imaging is a non-invasive procedure where the person remains fully clothed and stands in an upright position while the hand-held scanner is used to measure the frequencies emitted from various areas around the body. The physical body is not touched by the scanner as only the area around the body (the aura or bio-energy field) is scanned.

Once the frequencies are entered into the software they are then converted to colour and an image is produced which when analysed, identifies any areas in need of attention. A complete psychological profile is generated and while it is not intended for medical diagnosis of specific illnesses, it gives comprehensive information about a patient's health conditions and provides detailed information that trained clinicians can use as a factor in their professional decisions. It is excellent for giving "before and after" evidence that healing techniques are effective and working. If the area of concern is still on an energy or emotion level then the problem can be addressed with psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, counselling, reiki, crystal therapy or energy balancing. However, if the problem has manifested in the physical body then a health care practitioner needs to be consulted eg. naturopath, homoeopath, medical practitioner to remedy the situation.

Many scientists and doctors have found it particularly intriguing that a technology can analyze psychological and emotional states. During ten years of research into the RFI™ system, it was found that emotion itself is essentially an energy reaction to a perception. First, one has a psychological perception of oneself and one's environment. This perception, being a mental process, induces characteristic electrical impulses in the brain, which can affect related parasympathetic nerves or endocrine glands (e.g., a perception of fear stimulates the adrenal glands via the brain). Since the brain is neurologically connected to the entire human body, these electrical impulses may travel throughout the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, creating the characteristic electrical fields.

The Aura is highly characterized and affected by the emotional and physical condition of a person, the biological homeostasis or imbalance of plant life, or the molecular energies inherent in and surrounding an object. This makes the reading of Auras a very useful and powerful tool for the metaphysical and clinical analysis of humans, animals, plants and objects.

Metaphysical energies consist of ambient electrofield subtle energies that carry information. Since the frequency of electromagnetic fields and subtle energy information reveals the type and function of such energies, all metaphysical energies can be identified by their frequency. Since colour is defined as frequency, and the Aura is merely an electromagnetic radiation of diverse frequencies, the Aura can be effectively analyzed by identifying which colours are in what part of the Aura.

An Aura Imaging session will quantify, analyze and interpret the two most tangible and practically meaningful "levels" of the Aura which are closest to the physical body: the Health Level and the Psychological Level.

A 1 hour Aura Imaging session consists of a Full Body Aura and Brain Imaging which gives detailed information of the Psycho-Personal profile; emotional and psychological conditions; environmental influences; behavioral patterns; cerebral bio-energy analysis; predominant thoughts; chakra analysis; personal characteristics; health and physiological analysis; endocrine system analysis as well as giving detailed information on the ovaries, testes, adrenal medulla, pancreas and adrenal cortex, anterior pituitary, thyroid and parathyroid, pineal body and anterior pituitary. Bio-energy therapy is not part of the Aura Imaging session. If any work needs to be done on a psychological or energy level then another appointment will be necessary.

Irene and Peter Kormoci of Health Healing & Insight, their Melbourne based holistic healing business, introduced RFI to the Australian market about 5 years ago and act as Research Co-ordinators for the parent company. © 2005.

Irene and Peter Kormoci are Psychotherapists, Clinical Hypnothrapists, Bio-Energy Therapists, Holistic Counsellors and Reiki Masters.

Bios: Irene Kormoci
Irene Kormoci DEH, DCH, MAHS, MATMS, MASCH, Dip. Health Science (Clinical Hypnotherapy), Dip. Psychotherapy, Dip. Crystal Therapy, Post-Grad. Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Conflict Resolution, Dip. Esoteric Hypnotherapy.

Irene is a passionate and talented therapist who always strives to get the best results for her clients. She is a graduate of The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, Hawaii, The Academy of Human Sciences, NSW, and The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science, Vic. Irene believes in continuing education and constantly attends workshops and training to ensure that she is providing the most up-to-date information to her clients.

Peter Kormoci
Peter Kormoci DCH, Dip. Health Science (ClinicalHypnotherapy), Dip.Psychotherapy, Post-Grad. Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Conflict Resolution.

Peter is an Esoteric and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Metaphysical and Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki Therapist and a Psychotherapist. He is an experienced, caring and knowledgeable practitioner. He is warm and approachable and has a caring approach to his client's health and wellbeing.

Irene and Peter will be consulting in Brisbane on March 18, 19 and 20th 2006. For an appointment please:

Call: Irene on 0408 005 408





LeaderFocus Series: Inspiring Excellence in Leaders with Lee Stemm!

Lee Stemm- Leadership + Performance Coach

The Attitude of Leadership -Become the Leader that Influences and Inspires

John C Maxell's definition of leadership is influence. The ability to influence to lead others successfully is a skill and is developed not discovered. People don't want to be managed they want to be lead. Whoever heard of a world manager? World leader yes. Every one of us continually exerts influence. Is it empowering or controlling? The issue is not whether you influence someone. What needs to be settled is what kind of an influencer are you? Will you grow into your leadership skills? What would happen if you asked each team member - "how could I lead you more effectively?"

Capability for Self Awareness

A successful leader clearly entails a considerable degree of self-knowledge and self acceptance. The greater our awareness, the greater our possibilities for choice and freedom.

Leadership demands that we be motivated by a genuine interest in and concerns for ourselves and others. Such a perception entails a belief that reason can triumph over fear, and that people are resourceful, competent, capable of self-direction and able to live fulfilling and productive lives. A leader who is motivated and inspired by these beliefs can guide and support individuals to develop their capabilities and stimulate, constructive, lasting change.

With a high degree of self-awareness it becomes easier for you to understand and channel your feelings, as well as listening to others and responding to their immediate issues and needs. You will be able to re-build relationships and eliminate mis-understandings that could re-occur in the future.

There are several benefits for self awareness and these are:

>You gain self awareness that enables you to recognise your own feelings and to manage them effectively. You know the difference between feelings and behaviour and what their origin is. - knowledge is power
>It is possible for you to find a balance between expressing and controlling your feelings
>There is a balance between your thoughts and feelings
>You realise that you are responsible of your own feelings
>You have empathy with the feelings of others and can understand them
>Your improved communication skills give rise to healthier relationships
>You have the skills to assert yourself. You provide for fulfilling your needs without intruding onto the rights of others
>Is possible for you to formulate goals that make your life interesting and effective
>Emotional baggage can be left behind while your increasing energy makes it possible for the 'new you' to strive towards new ideas


You can only change yourself if you consciously decide to change. Nobody can do it for you. You can not change another person. The change process could bring resistance because it is more comfortable staying unchanged. The question is do you want to live a comfortable live, or do you want to live an enriched fulfilled life?

Enroll for ½ price!

This offer is open to the first 50 people to call or email Lee.

Members will benefit from forums, downloadable recources, tools around leadership, will receive monthly leaderfocus articles, and monthly leaderfocus teleclasses, and will receive a yearly review session of their vision, values and mission and goals lead by a qualified coach.

Go to our website and download your Fee E-book on Self Esteem FREE TELECLASS - 24TH February 2006 - Circle of Conflict Mapping Tool Further enquires or assistance - call our office 1300 661 453
or email



Lifestyle Laser Clinic:Nature Conquered By Technology!

Remember how sexy body hair was in the 70's? Today things are very different, largely because technology has made it possible to achieve a look that was unattainable just a decade ago. Lifestyle Laser Clinic at the Spring Hill Marketplace specialises in making a difference to the lifestyles of its clients. Clinic Director Stuart Pryor says that they fill the gap between beauty therapist salon and cosmetic surgery.

Lifestyle Laser offers painfree and permanent laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and chemical peels to rejuvenate skin, reduce sun damage, scarring and pigmentation. They use a pure laser, not an IPL, and are licenced by Qld Heath to ensure the highest standards of training and safety. The laser is also used to remove broken capillaries and spider veins that commonly appear on the face and legs. It is now easier than ever to improve on nature.

The most asked question about laser hair removal is about its permanence. The clinic is able to demonstrate to clients that the laser destroys the hair follicle without damage to other tissue, and once destroyed, it cannot grow another hair. The only other way to destroy a hair follicle is electrolysis, which is very slow, requiring an electric current passed into each follicle individually. The clinic sees people who in desperation have tried everything, including creams and potions that never work long term and can severely damage the skin. We find that after a client has had a free test patch done, which takes only a few minutes, they feel very relaxed about the procedure. Now is the ideal time to prepare for next Spring, which is only three months away.

For the first 30 readers of Naturally Happy to call, Lifestyle Laser Clinic is offering $25 off a laser treatment in addition to your discount. To improve your lifestyle, call the clinic on (07) 3832 0122. or email



Great Introductory Offers:For Natural Health, Fitness & Beauty Businesses!

Check out these great offers from South East Qld's finest health and beauty businesses! - simply click the link,

Green Apple Wellness Centre(Bald Hills)- Receive Either: Free Fat-Loss Value $121.00 Or: Two Free Hour Sessions Personal Training! (mention myhealthspecials when booking)

Trim-a-Weigh(South East Qld ) - $40 discount off a 4 week program - phone or email for a free gift voucher.(mention when booking)

Results Skin and body (Bardon & st Lucia) - Body Wrap and Hydrating Facial only $100 (mention myhealthspecials when booking)

Gibsons SouthBank Fitness (South Brisbane ) - 12 months only $499 + 6 months bonus! or FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE NOW! only $14.95 / week! Numbers Strictly Limited! (mention myhealthspecials when booking)

Fit 4 Personal Training & Wellness Studio - Paddington & Norman Park
1 x Introductory Group Fitness Class (GFS) FREE or invest in 10 personal training sessions and receive 1 FREE session!
(mention myhealthspecials when booking) Health, Wellness and Lifestyle!

Community: The Wealth of the Heart. By Joanne Hay

In the news today, a research company has published its findings on the state of mind of Australia’s population. Contrary to the story we are told via advertising, media and politicians Australian’s are happier the more rural and less materialistic their lifestyles. (more…)


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Short and Sweet: Herbed Crepes with Swiss Spinach Filling!

Serves 6 people


* 1 cup plain flour|2 tablespoons milk powder|1/4 cup chopped fresh herbs (parsley,chives,dill)|1 egg|1 1/2 cups milk|25g butter|2 tablespoons plain flour|1 1/2 cups milk|2 tablespoons milk powder|1 cup grated Australian Swiss-style Cheese|250g pkt frozen spinach, thawed and drained|4 spring onions, chopped|1/4 cup toasted pine nuts|extra grated Australian Swiss-style Cheese|paprika, for sprinkling


Combine flour, milk powder and herbs together. Whisk in egg and milk to form a batter. Pour 1/4 cup of batter into a heated small non stick pan and swirl to coat base. Cook for 1 minute until the underside is golden brown then turn over and cook a further 30 seconds on the second side. Repeat with remaining mixture to form 12 crepes.|Melt butter in a saucepan, add the flour and cook, stirring for 1 minute. Add milk and cook, stirring until thickened. Mix in the cheese, spinach, spring onions and pine nuts and cook until heated through. Fill each crepe with spinach mixture and roll up. Place in an ovenproof dish, sprinkle with remaining cheese and paprika. Bake at 200°C for 15 minutes. Serve with salad.

**This recipe is suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians who have adopted a vegetarian diet for health reasons. Back to top


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Laughter is the best medicine!

Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what i just said. When did you first notice this problem? What problem?

Quote of the month!

To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. Eckhart Tolle

For a Good Cause: Support the 40th Anniversary of Walk Against Want!

In March 2006 people around Australia will take steps against poverty as Oxfam Australia celebrates the 40th anniversary of Walk Against Want. Registrations for the Walk are open as of 24 January, and Brisbane's Walk takes place on 12 March.

Brisbane's walk starts in the Botanical Gardens and follows a scenic route along the Brisbane River. Some participants will walk to the cliffs at Kangaroo Point and back for a five kilometre trek, while others will press on to the Story Bridge and back to the Gardens-walking a full ten kilometres.

This year's walk will feature Bollywood music and dance from the Brisbane Babas Band, as well as a performance by the Nunukul Yuggera Wantamaa dance troupe. Pets are welcome to participate with their owners and the route is wheelchair friendly.

This money is put to use supporting Oxfam Australia's work with poor communities in developing countries around the world, helping to provide these communities with access to needs like fresh water, health services and education.

Be a part of history and join the 40th Walk Against Want in Brisbane on 12 March 2006. To register, or for more information, visit or call 1800 034 034.


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