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Neverfail Springwater...the way nature intended it to be!

Neverfail is Australia's largest spring water brand delivered directly to the home and workplace.

Why Choose Neverfail?

  • Authentic Australian spring water with a refreshing clean taste and crystal-clear presentation
  • Free, regular delivery to suit your schedule
  • Coolers in a variety of styles and colours including white, gun metal grey and stainless steel
  • Comprehensive range of bottles, cups, racks and taps (including child proof)

    To receive the 5 Free bottle MyHealthSpecials offer* simply call 13 30 37 and quote 10216 or email us at *Annual Cooler Customers Only.

For the full range of Neverfail products and services go to ( for SA residents).

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The Importance of Living Cleansing:By Miriam Young!

Over a two-year period and in the comfort of my own home, I painlessly removed over 2000 stones from my liver and gallbladder. I was only twenty-five years old at the time and had already been a vegetarian for over seven years. I have never had a gallbladder complaint in my life.

Contrary to most people's belief, most gallstones are formed in the liver and very few in the gall bladder. Gallstones are one of the major reasons why people fall ill and have difficulty recuperating from an illness. Failure to recognise gallstones in the liver may be an important missing link in the field of medicine, both orthodox and complementary. In Australia, approximately 1 in every 300 people develop gall bladder problems annually. Their first sign of abnormal stone formation is pain. Most people, however, no matter how pure their diet, and particularly in the Western world, have some sort of stone formation in their liver.

If you suffer any of the following symptoms, you are likely to have numerous gall stones in your liver...

any digestive disorder, diahorrea, constipation, food cravings, fatty liver, chronic hepatitis most allergies, hernia, obesity, difficulty with breathing, hepatitis, high cholesterol, pancreatitis, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, menstrual and menopausal disorders, endometriosis, any eye disorders, scoliosis, asthma, headaches, sciatica, back pain, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, cancer, depression etc.

The liver is responsible for the recycling of hormones, the formation of blood and for heat and energy production. A healthy 'stone free' liver secretes bile into the digestive system, it transforms ingested substances into absorbable nutrients and neutralises intoxicating substances such as alcohol, medications and toxic food. The liver houses vitamins and minerals and stores sugar as glycogen - it is responsible for the whole metabolic process. The liver is the supreme organ of metabolism and is the only organ that can pump fat out of the body.

If you suffer from obesity (and/or find that no modern diet will help you), mood swings, PMS, or depression you may like to think about detoxifying and even removing the stones from your liver and gall bladder. The liver recycles over 15% of a woman's oestrogen supply. Stones in the liver and gall bladder reduces and in some cases, totally prevents this recycling from occurring, and according to research, hormone replacement therapy contributes to this stone formation.

There is rarely a disease in the body that does not start in the liver and almost every patient with a chronic illness, (such as heart disease), has an excessively large number of gallstones in their liver. By the elimination of stones from the liver, the body's 60-100 trillion cells is able to 'breathe' more oxygen, receive more nutrients, eliminate their metabolic waste products more efficiently, and maintain perfect communication links with the nervous system, endocrine system and all other parts of the body.

If you have recurrent colds and viral infections, or if you have never fully recovered from a viral infection, then you may be interested to know that a diet that cleanses and improves the function of the liver will always improve the immune system. Removing the stones would be even better.

In antiquity, the liver was considered to be the 'seat of the mind' and a liver blockage could give rise to grave emotional states. Depression is caused by blockages in the liver and emotions such as boredom, resentment, irritability, bitterness and frustration are all indicative of stones in the liver.

It is the liver's job to detoxify the blood on a physical level and it also detoxifies the emotions on an energy level. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotion anger relates to the liver, (organ and meridian). It is the liver's job to clear anger. Instead, especially in the western world, we use it as a storage space for negativity so it becomes stressed and eventually blocks. Energy from the earth comes up through our feet, up into our body, towards the heavens and in so doing has to pass through our liver. If our liver is blocked, the light becomes filtered and clogged so that energy does not go into the upper half of our body. This can cause problems in the chest or breasts. It also affects the eyes and forehead, creating headaches.

Even though I highly recommend 'The Liver Cleansing Diet' as an excellent way to enhance the well-being of one's physical and emotional health, by taking the pressure off the liver, it does not, by any means, release the hundreds of stones trapped in our livers, resulting from years of repeated prescriptions of antibiotics, the oral contraceptive pill and all other medications, pesticides in food, low fat foods, genetically engineered food, coffee, tea, alcohol, junk food, air pollution, etc not to mention all those suppressed negative emotions. Spring is the optimum season for cleansing the liver. The best time of the month for undertaking 'Miriam Young's Pure Plant Liver Cleanse' is when the moon is either full or waning, as this is when the body is naturally detoxifying itself.

Miriam Young's Pure Plant Liver Cleanse' to remove the stones from the liver and gallbladder, involves organic fruit and vegetable juicing, drinking packaged apple juice, specific diet or (if attending The Detox For Life Health Retreat, juice fasting), water and herbal enemas, a special way of using citrus juice and olive oil, and the taking of liquid herbal medicines (tinctures).

The apple juice and first herbal formula soften the stones, the citrus and olive oil flushes them out, and a second herbal formula forces the bile ducts open, so that no stones can get stuck. There is no pain involved, due to the second herbal formula; the stones pass through with ease! You can see them floating in the toilet bowl the next day! I have used my Pure Plant Liver Cleanse to treat a vast range of chronic illnesses ranging from headaches and menopausal symptoms to chronic fatigue and cancer. Many patients have avoided gallbladder surgery under my care.

Copyright: Miriam Young

For further details clickhere or contact 07 3279 4816




Curves: 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week!

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world with over 8,000 locations worldwide. Curves Clubs can be found in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and we're still growing. We are the first fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women.

Only one place can give you the strength of over 4 million women...

Is Curves Right For Me?

  • Can you spend 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, to improve your quality of life?
  • Would you rather exercise in an environment designed especially for women?
  • Would encouragement from other women help you reach your fitness goals?
  • Have you tried or considered other fitness clubs and just never found one that felt right for you?
  • Have you ever wished for a fitness program that was achievable and fun?
  • Are you ready to amaze yourself?

South East Qld Locations

50% off your joining fee (when joining for a 12-month membership - be sure to mention )

Click the below links for you locals area

Curves - Albany Creek 07 3325 1111

Curves - Ashgrove 07 3366 3800

Curves - Aspley 07 3863 3302

Curves - Bribie Island 07 3410 7060

Curves - Brisbane(CBD) 07 3211 8888

Curves - Caloundra (Currumundi) 07 5493 3266

Curves - Capalaba 07 3245 5388

Curves - Carindale 07 3843 3600

Curves - Cleveland 07 3286 5637

Curves - Indooroopilly 07 3720 0355

Curves - Lutwyche 07 3357 1499

Curves - Mitchelton 07 3354 4455

Curves - Moorooka 07 3892 7855

Curves - Morayfield/Caboolture 07 5495 2417

Curves - Mt Ommaney 07 3376 2266

Curves - Noosa 07 5449 2555

Curves - Nundah 07 3861 9992

Curves - Oxenford 07 5580 1825

Curves - Redcliffe 07 3883 1200

Curves - Robina 07 5578 7980

Curves - Sandgate 07 3269 2296

Curves - Southport 07 55264183

Curves - Strathpine 07 3889 9890

Curves - Toowoomba (Newtown) 07 4634 2411

Curves - Wynnum 07 3393 4143





Massage For Motherhood: By Lemise Kassim!

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate and enjoy the amazing changes in your body. Grow with your baby and move into each phase with confidence. It can also be a time of emotional upheaval and huge changes in your life. To embrace the experience and work through the challenges, there is no better nurturing experience than pregnancy massage.

Your Body Changes

  • Hormonal changes cause the body's ligaments to soften, and the resulting changes in musculature can often be uncomfortable and even painful.
  • The spine changes to accommodate the growing belly, which can lead to pelvic, back, shoulder and neck pain.

    Massage helps to ease out the aches and pains of pregnancy

  • Essential nutrients are directed to your baby, and depletions can lead to problems for Mum's body. These can include cramping, circulatory issues, fluid retention and general sluggishness.

    Massage promotes healthy circulation, relieves tension and creates well-being

  • The increased load on your body can be tiring, and the emotional changes can lead to stress.

    Massage induces relaxation and relieves the stresses of daily life

    Your Massage Therapist
  • A specialist pregnancy massage requires a well-trained and experienced therapist.
  • Knowledge of pregnant anatomy for correct positioning
  • A custom-made table with a hole to accommodate the pregnant belly
  • Use of safe oils and specialisation in pregnancy aromatherapy are added bonuses!

    Labour Postnatal Babies
  • Massage can be carried by your birth support team (eg husband) during the time of birthing. Your massage therapist can advise you and provide oils to assist in your labour.
  • Postnatally, the body is still working: breastfeeding, tightening of ligaments and recovery from the hard work of labour. Massage continues to beneficial, and a welcome treat.
  • Babies benefit from massage too: you can enhance your relationship and pass on all the benefits for a healthy, relaxed child.


    The Lavender Snug Therapy Centre specialises in massage for pregnancy and motherhood. Our therapists are available to help meet your requirements and assist in promoting a wonderful experience.

    The next Massage My Baby classes are in November at Chapel Hill and Morningside

For further details clickhere or call (07) 3878 9302


Holosync: Meditation Made Easy!

The benefits of meditation on the mind and body have been known for thousands of years and have recently been validated in scientific studies. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to meditate and give up without receiving these benefits. This problem has now been solved with the release of a powerful audio technology called Holosync that sends a very specific stimulus to the brain and creates states of deep meditation, quickly and easily.

Stimulating the brain with Holosync releases stress-reducing chemicals that are highly pleasurable. Most people go easily into a deep, trance-like meditative state normally only attained by experienced monks who have been meditating for over 20 years. In fact, EEG studies show the brain patterns experienced are actually deeper than those attained by monks.

As new neural pathways connect and synchronise the two sides of the brain, individuals develop what scientists call "whole brain functioning," which improves learning, intuition, mental clarity, creativity, concentration, and intelligence, as well as amazing quantum leaps in insight and self-awareness.

New research also reveals that even short-term exposure to Holosync creates significant increases in DHEA which is a precursor, or source ingredient, to virtually every hormone your body needs and is a buffer against stress-related hormones . It is a key determinant of physiological age. When DHEA levels are high, the body is at its peak - vibrant, healthy, and able to combat disease effectively.

Holosync also increases your ability to deal with stress and releases emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and anxiety. When Holosync is used regularly over time, many people discover that dysfunctional feelings and behaviours fall away - even those that have stubbornly resisted change in the past.

For more details and a FREE report and demo audio CD (or tape), call Freecall 1800 70 70 47 (24hrs, 7 days) ( mention myhealthspecials) or clickhere

 Health, Wellness and Lifestyle!

By Joanne Hay

Anti Fatigue Factor of Liver

Taking raw liver as a superfood supplement is probably the best advice I have ever taken. I swallow about a teaspoon, frozen, cut into pillules, with a glass of raw milk and my energy level soars. This time of year is when I begin to take raw liver pills daily. In traditional chinese medicine Spring is the season the liver energy is at it’s highest, so now is the time to heal thy liver. Lynn Razaitis, a writer and chapter for the Weston A Price Foundation reveals some interesting research on liver…. (more…)



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Short and Sweet: Crispy Nuts!

By Sally Fallon

If you eat substantial quantities of raw pecans, walnuts, Brazil nuts…or others, you have a choice of swallowing enzyme capsules with them to neutralize their enzyme inhibitors or first germinating the nuts and letting nature do the job through increased enzyme activity resulting from germination.

Improperly prepared nuts are very difficult to digest without depleting your store of digestive enzymes, making it difficult for you to gather any nutrients from the food you eat. Commercially available roasted nuts are most likely not soaked first which means they still have enzyme inhibitors. To make the awesome storehouse of nutrients in nuts available to you, you can soak and sprout them or follow this recipe.

Crispy Almonds

  • Makes 4 cups
  • 4 cups almonds (insecticide free is best)
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt
  • filtered water

    Mix almonds with salt and cover with filtered water. Leave in a warm place for at least 7 hours or overnight. Drain in a colander. Spread on a stainless steel baking pan and place in a warm oven for around 24 hours (no more than 150 degrees Farenheit or 65 degrees Celcius as this will kill the enzymes) . Stir occasionally, until completely dry and crisp. Store in an airtight container.

    Skinless almonds will still sprout, indicating that the process of removing their skins has not destroyed the enzymes. Skinless almonds are easier to digest and more satisfactory in many recipes. However, you may also use almonds with skins on.

    You can use slivered almond pieces for this recipe.

    You can also crisp peanuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews (as the enzymes in cashews are destroyed when they are processed it is best to roast quickly and soak for no more than 6 hours.)

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Laura:Come see my new Kittens

Cindy: How cute (watching them play) Will you have to get them a licence?

Laura: of course not! They don't know how to drive!


Alice: Will you join me in a cup of hot chocolate?

Becky: yes, but do you think we'll both fit?

Quote of the month!

It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them – the character, the heart, the generous qualities, progressive ideas."

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Writer


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