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Colonic Irrigation: Powerful Cleansing!

by Carol Kunowski: Colonic therapist
Colonics are a unique treatment that uses water to enable the body to heal itself for we are frequently dehydrated. Water soothes the body and enables us to release.

A colonic is a cleansing of the large colon with warm water( gravity fed) with colloidal silver in it. The water is circulated through the large intestine (sometimes called the Colon or Bowel) by means of a speculum, which has an inlet and outlet tube attached to it and to the machine. While this water is circulated through the large intestine, the therapist gently massages the abdominal area to assist in removing the old stale stagnant faecal matter that has formed.

It is this stagnant material being stored by the body that causes toxin material to be absorbed by the blood, producing most of the sickness so prevalent today. By cleaning out the colon, it enables the rest of the body to follow suit, for they then start discharging their own toxins.

By massaging the abdominal area this allows us to get into the reflex points, just like reflexology on the feet. This allows us to get into areas that are congested. These are usually emotional points. This then helps us to release the toxins from the body, as physically you do not normally release, so we need to get into the emotional aspects for a complete physical and emotional release.

metaphysically the colon is holding on to the past. If you are constipated or have diarrhea for example, there is resistance on line, which means we are reluctant to go forward or move on. So through talking, it enables us to let go of whatever we are holding onto. Diet and exercise does play a major part in our recovery. Therefore these aspects must also be addressed.


It is not necessarily the most comfortable of treatments but the results outweigh the small amount of discomfort that you may feel. It is an avenue to empowering yourself so that you can heal. To find out more about Colonics contact Carol @ the Auchenflower Colonic Clinic


Yoga: ancient, tried, tested and highly effective!

by Terri Field Ph D

The pace of life seems to be increasing almost exponentially with our competing demands of family, friends and work; continual distraction and over-stimulation from advertising and the media; and the constant need to keep up-to-date with changes in technology . Even if we wanted to, most of us cannot remove ourselves from the rapid pace of change and everyday stress. Therefore, it's essential that we learn how to deal effectively with it. But how to choose from the myriad of cures and strategies presently available to us? One ancient, tried and tested, system is yoga.

Yoga, as a system, extends beyond physical postures, to include breath control, meditation, and ethical guidelines - all aimed at helping the yoga practitioner along the path of holistic well-being. The postures (along with breathing techniques) provide relief to those suffering from many different kinds of physical and emotional ailments. The word "yoga" literally means "union" and that is precisely what differentiates it from other remedial techniques that focus on only the mind or the body.

Yoga works in such a way as to bring oneself to the present moment, to "tune into" the current state of one's body and mind and to accept this state without judgement and without reaction - a crucial technique in transforming negative stress into positive and productive energy. Whilst generally physical exercise is important to maintain health and well-being, we need more in our contemporary chaotic times - we can learn, through yoga, to develop our own centre of stillness and quietness, our own "inner sanctuary" without withdrawing from our loved ones.

At Yoga for Now, Terri and Eileen have developed a variety of approaches to cater to different needs: dynamic yoga classes; workplace yoga classes with an emphasis on stress relief; stress management programs; and private tuition suited to individual needs. For further details click on yogafornow

Music & Singing: Healing for Everyone!

Anyone can learn how to sing and anyone can learn to use their voice for healing. This is the message from well known Psychologist and Voice Worker, Dick Rigby. "The voice is such a wonderful instrument for having fun, bringing healing and spiritual development" Dick said.

Not only can people learn how to sing in tune, but they can also learn how to be more confident with their voice. "To sing with confidence, we need to overcome the fear that many of us have of singing". "Once we can learn to overcome any unreasonable fears about singing, we can learn to use our voice just as we would learn to play any other musical instrument," Dick said.'You can learn how to rediscover your natural voice and you can use your voice to express your personal empowerment"

The sound of the human voice can be used as a wonderful way to heal both oneself as well as to heal others. "Voice Toning" has been used as a very effective tool for healing for many years now. Toning is simply the singing of a single note for an extended period of time for the purpose of connecting and healing. In Australia, toning is used as a form of music therapy, and seems to be gaining in popularity.

For most people, toning is very easy to learn. "When a group tones together, the sound produced can be very beautiful, even when the voices are untrained". "It can sound like you are in the middle of a choir singing a Gregorian Chant", Dick explained. "The power of toning to make physical, emotional, social and spiritual connections is just amazing".

Many people may sing "a bit out of tune" at times. Often a person will sing "flat" when they go to sing a high note. They will not quite reach the note. The good news is that people can be taught how to tune their voice. This is not such a difficult task. For most people, the problem lies at the listening end. We simply don't listen well enough. We don't attend to the note that we are meant to be singing with enough care. Effective listening is an essential part of learning how to tune the voice.

Supporting the breath is also very important both in singing and using the voice to heal. It is not hard to learn skills such as how to breath more effectively, how to open up the airways, and how to stand in a more balanced way.

When these skills are learned, it is easier to maintain a steady note and to project the voice.

Dick is author of the book "Holistic Singing and Toning - Developing voice power for healing and enjoyment". In his book, he explains the many ways that the human voice can be used in healing. He also describes the power of the techniques of guided meditation and meditation with toning. These techniques are very useful for helping people with relaxation and overcoming sleep disorders.

Singing and toning can also put energy into your life. Dick reported that "often people will come to a weekend workshop on Saturday morning feeling tired and drained, and by Sunday afternoon they are feeling full of energy".

Dick will be teaching these skills at a weekend workshop on 13 th & 14th of October in Brisbane. The workshop is called "Singing for Fun & Healing - Learn how to sing, tone and heal. For details about the workshop and further details on Dick Click here

It's a guy thing!: Some men still torture their skin on a daily basis!

Some men still torture their skin on a daily basis. It's a shock, how few men actually take care of their skin.

To retain your youthful good looks, you simply have to care for your skin. Men's skin begins to form deep furrows from the age of 30. It is a fact that men have thicker, stronger, oilier skin than women, but being thicker, will sag into deeper folds than women's skin.

In the corporate world, your skins youthful good looks can be the difference between winning and losing a deal, or being seen as having passed your "use by date". Men's skin has it's own unique need, so read on to discover a few "how's and why's" for wise guys.

Keep it short, keep it cool. Super-long hot showers may feel good, but they are bad for the environment, wasting water and energy, and are also horrible for your skin! Hot water erodes your skin's moisture barrier, leaving it dry, taut and flaky.

Drop the soap! Most men still use soap. It's a guy thing! Soap strips the skin of vital moisture and can lead to breakouts, sensitivity, dry, taut, and flaky skin. Vitaman's Full Monty face and body shower gel, or Special Cleansing Gel from Dermalogica, make it easy to fresh start your days and nights while you're loving that shower.

Be Sensible. Splashing on alcohol-based after-shave may feel good, but that stinging means your skin is hurting! Listen to your skin. Taut and flaky from hot water, stripped of moisture by using soap, and then stung into action with after shave.. Calm and cool it instead with "Fire
Extinguisher" after-shave balm by Vitaman.

Smooth As a baby's bottom? Does that describe the way your skin feels after shaving? Foaming with a soap, or soap based shave cream, may temporarily soften the hair and skin, but leave it taut, red, dry and flaky.. AGAIN! How much better to use a shaving preparation designed to care for your skin, to soften the skin with moisturising ingredients,
allowing a closer shave, and to soften and weaken the hair! Dad didn't know better, but you can learn a better way.

Get rid of the razor/foam combo and try Dermalogica's Professional Shave - the choice of celebrities and magazine editors worldwide. Vitamin has "Smooth As"- you guessed it - a baby's bottom. No self-respecting femme wants your whiskers scratching her well cared for skin.

Too macho for moisturiser? Don't be! Men's skin needs moisture to prevent dehydration that causes premature ageing. If you have an oily skin, choose a light oil free moisturiser, or one that absorbs that oil.

At Results Skin Centres, Adelle O'Connor and her team of professional male and female skin therapists are trained to diagnose your skin, and match the right cleanser, shave cream, after-shave and moisturiser to your skin and lifestyle.

Book a complimentary skin diagnosis, and receive a complimentary Personal Training session if you walk away with $100 worth of men's skin care on that day!

Click here for details

The team at My Health Specials would like to congratulate Adelle on the launch of the new Results Skin Centre in Bardon.

Practitioner Profile: Michele Lynch - Psychologist

B.A (Psych), P.G.Dip Psych

Psychologists assist people to explore and resolve issues that are creating difficulty for them. The role involves improving quality of life by supporting client's to make informed decisions, choices and changes to their life.

Michele Lynch is a qualified psychologist, registered with the Queensland Board of Psychology (Reg. No. 950709). She has over 7 years experience in the field of Psychology in both a clinical and research capacity.

Michele sees her role as one of supporting clients and working together to meet their goals. She takes a very collaborative approach that is aimed at creating independence and self-sufficiency, rather than one of dependence on the therapist.

She also takes a "Life-Coaching" approach, believing that all individuals can improve and learn new skills, benefit from observation and feedback and learn to "self-regulate" behavior. Michele uses a variety of techniques and approaches during sessions.

She works mainly within a Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) framework, but may also integrate creative media such as sandtray, clay work, symbols and metaphors where appropriate.


What is CBT ?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective form of therapy that is based on the concept that our cognitions or thoughts (what we think), effects our emotions (what we feel) and our behaviours (what we do).

CBT teaches the individual to become aware of their inner dialogue or self-talk and to listen out for 'destructive' or unhelpful thoughts and beliefs (sometimes called "common thinking errors").

The client then learns to "challenge" these thoughts and gradually replace them with more helpful beliefs. Combined with other strategies (such as Relaxation and Coping Plans), CBT is a suitable framework for treating a wide range of issues.

Micheles role involves providing psychology services for children, adolescents and adults for range of issues, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Child behaviour (e.g., non-compliance, aggression, tantrums, bedtime, habits, fears, self-esteem)
  • Enhancing your relationship with your children (The Power of Praise, Encouraging Good Behaviour, Teaching New Skills etc)
  • Self-esteem, increasing confidence and assertiveness
  • Problem Solving, Decision Making
  • Loss and Grief
  • Goal setting
  • Personal Development

You can contact Michele direct @ Indigo House on 3358 1311 or on 0402 156 318.

or click here.

Short and Sweet: Coconut Custard Meringues with Banana Salad

Ingredients :

Coconut Custard Meringues with Banana Salad
Serves : 10

1/4 cup custard powder
2 tablespoons castor sugar
2 cups Australian Skim Milk
1/3 cup desiccated coconut
1/3 cup Australian Pure Cream
2 bananas, sliced
2 oranges, segmented
1/4 cup passionfruit
10 preprepared meringues
Method :

Combine custard powder and castor sugar in a saucepan with a little milk to form a paste. Add remaining milk and coconut and heat, stirring until thickened. Cool and fold in cream. Top meringues wih custard and fruit and serve. Banana Salad: Combine bananas, oranges and passionfruit together.; **This recipe is suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians who have adopted a vegetarian diet for health reasons.

Nutritional Analysis per serve
Serves : 10 Carbohydrates : 49 g
Energy : 1085 kJ Calcium : 84 mg
Protein : 5 g Iron : mg
Fat : 5 g

Laughter is the best medicine

A young ventriloquist is touring in the Southeast and stops to entertain in
a bar in Alababma. He's going through his usual stupid redneck jokes, when a
big burly guy in the audience stands and says threateningly, "I've heard just
about enough of your smartass hillbilly jokes--we ain't all stupid here in

Flustered, the ventriloquist begins to apologize, when the big guy interupts
him and say,"You stay out of this mister--I'm talking to the smartass little
fella on your knee."

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"Whatever happens in life, if it doesn't kill you it can only make you stronger"


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