Issue 40 Free Fitness!

Trying out a new sport and getting healthy is not always cheap! But has some help for Brisbane residents thanks to the dozens of free programs happening all over the city.

Now might be just the time to try something brand-new, experiment with a sport or learn a form of exercise without the expense or commitment of a formal course. There are even programs especially for kids!

Options include,



bushwalking, personal fitness, and pilates

For the kids there's volleyball and special kids' sports.

The site also has links to the free fitness activities taking place at South Bank.

There are lots of options and venues, so take a look at the free (or almost free) activities on offer and find what might be happening near you. Now lack of cash can't be an excuse for lack of exercise….


Ground Breaking news for dry,scaly winter skin:Checkout Vegesorb!

ENVIRONMENTAL factors play havoc on ALL skin types and never more so than during our cold and windy winters. Then, air-conditioning, heaters, electric blankets and a slowing down daily of our water intake compound the problem and we are left with dry, parched and dehydrated skin susceptible to infection and early ageing.

Clever marketing has convinced us that if a product smells and feels good when applied then it must be doing some long term good for our body's protective and largest organ. But skin is a pathway to our internal being and we need to ask ourselves, "WOULD I EAT PETRO-CHEMICALS or would I feel safe consuming this skincare?" The answer for most of us would be, "No."

It is not difficult for skincare manufacturers to disguise an inferior product by the addition of silicones (skin smoothing agents) or emollients (skin softeners) and put a sophisticated price and label on the product. Mineral or paraffin oils are added to creams and sold for cheap prices as moisturisers however these mineral additives are foreign to the skin and hence form a "barrier" on the surface.

BUT NOW there is a skincare product made from VEGETABLE oils that are compatible with ALL skin types, is highly absorbable and highly affordable.

Highly effective (and environmentally responsible), VEGESORB, is readily absorbed into the skin and moisturises from inside out. This restores balance to ALL skins so that naturally occurring lipids provide the ongoing nutrients and lubrication for a glowing and healthy complexion.

Forget "hypoallergenic" in the context of sensitive skin alone and retrain your concept of skincare towards a logical solution of using bio-chemically available vegetable oils for skin and mineral oils for inanimate objects such as motor cars. With only a subtle difference in price, this decision will not be difficult to make.

Take the case of Jenny Williams of Narwee, NSW who uses Vegesorb on her one year old son, Daniel, who is an eczema sufferer (…"extremely sore, rough and red skin…"). "I have now found a skin moisturiser, (after trialling all main brands on the market), to help with his skin condition. Thank you, VEGESORB," his mother writes.

Speaking from a recently conducted AGED CARE SYMPOSIUM in Brisbane, Jan Burguez, Aromatherapist, had this to say about VEGESORB. "This is a revolutionary product, an unsung hero that has everything any body needs in a skincare product. Sensitive, dry, damaged, and injured skin can only benefit from this breakthrough product. Bed sores and decubitis ulcers can be assisted with this product with the addition of prescribed essential oils. My clients in the aged care sector especially have made their own decisions to switch brands and they're sticking with VEGESORB. If people try it, they will buy it This has got what it takes to do the job at hand."

The Eczema Association of Australia Inc also writes, "…we have no hesitation in acknowledging their (VEGESORB AUST. P/L) commitment to the production of quality products."

For daily use as a preventative against environmental factors or for treatment of dry and scaly skin conditions, VEGESORB is Australia's best value moisturiser.
Wholly Australian owned and manufactured VEGESORB is available at selected pharmacies, health food stores and direct by contacting Managing Director, Neale Scott on (07) 3885 2882, or visiting the website: Email for a FACT SHEET to:



Earthsentials:when you want a break from the ordinary!

Our products are inspired by nature, formulated from earth and natures bountiful store, where every ingredient has a purpose.

Today the majority of our modern products are synthetically and chemically based, mass produced and very expensive, yet we allow ourselves to overload our skin and body with them.

Earthsentials invites you to be extraordinary, take control, be creative, look to create your own all natural, innovative formulas. Our mission is to provide products in their rawest, purest, natural form, free from synthetics, additives, chemicals and fillers and at an affordable price

Combining the healing powers of mineral therapy and the active ingredients, Earthsentials brings about total wellness, internally and externally.

Visit our web site at



Get Fit : With Brisbane Personal Trainers!

Exercise Recovery

The dilemma facing any recreational athlete, is how much recovery is needed. Many of us do not factor recovery into our programs. This can lead to problems such as overtraining, injury, sickness, decrease in performance or motivation. One can get quite attached to the rigours of hard training, and I guess the fear of resting and losing what you have gained (substantial fat loss, increases in fitness,muscle mass and strength) are enough to keep you training. News flash. Athletes rest, so should you. Recovery is important because it allows the body to heal and adapt to the work 'you' put it through. So if you are a bit flat or run down from training, you might need to take some time off.

So how much recovery do I need?
That depends on how much and how hard you have been training . If you are a particularly intuitive trainer you may do this by 'feel'. A basic approach which athletes use is as follows-

After a quality training program lasting 8 - 12 weeks, have between 7 - 10 days off. This does not mean sleep on a couch for 10 days, but take a break from the intense work the body has been doing. The recovery period would still consist of flexibility work and gentle forms of activity. You are not trying to improve your fitness during this period.

For example , a person who runs 5 days per week(30 - 60 mins each session) , would benefit from having a week off running and exercise only 3 times in the week using activities different than running (surfing, bike riding, walking, golf plus stretching etc) at an effort level below that of which they regularly train.

Learn the value of recovery and you may find that your training improves out of sight.

Happy resting - Brisbane Personal trainers

Receive a complimentary personal training session when you purchase your first two sessions. Check out our new 10 week nutrition program! clickhere for more details on training with Brisbane Personal Trainers.


Attempts have been made to be as clear and as accurate as possible. The author shall have neither liability or responsibility to any entity or person with respect to an injury, loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the material given in the handout. Any person undertaking an exercise program shall do so at his or her own risk and should seek professional advice for an individualised fitness program.

A Mothers Touch: Infant Massage!

Mothers now more than ever are searching for a natural alternative to help improve their infant's health. Whether it is because mothers are increasingly time poor, disillusioned with modern medicine or looking for a complimentary method, infant massage is one solution helping new and expecting mothers be more in tune with the health of their newborn.

The first recorded episode of infant massage occurred during the Egyptian Empire and continues to be practiced in most Eastern European and Asian cultures. Infant massage in the western world has only recently been discovered and introduced to the wider community. Certified instructors can help parents discover the lifelong benefits of nurturing touch through infant massage. Research shows that daily baby massage will help prevent and relieve colic, strengthen the immune system, stimulate respiration, circulation, digestion and elimination.

Massage for pre term infants has shown extremely positive results. Findings in a recent study conducted by Dr Tiffany Field, Director of the Touch Research Institute, found pre term infants improved weight gain (47%), improved responsiveness and had an earlier discharge from hospital.

A Mother's Touch aims to provide parents with access to quality training in infant massage and its associated benefits in a safe, professional and caring atmosphere. For information on classes in your area call (07) 3271 1539 or clickhere for a great introductory offer. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle!

In practically every coffee shop in the western world you can now order Soychinos as a ‘healthy’ alternative but is soy milk really all its cracked up to be? Sally Fallon and Mary Enig investigate this new wonder food. Are soy products really better for you or this yet another multinational hoodwink? (more...)

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Short and Sweet: Best Ever Porridge!

Serves : 4


3 cups rolled oats 3 cups Australian Reduced Fat Milk 1 cup water 1/4 cup sultanas 2 bananas sliced, 2 tablespoons honey cinnamon.


Heat oats, milk, water and sultanas in a saucepan, over a low heat, stirring continuously. Simmer for 5-8 minutes or until mixture has thickened and oats are tender. Serve immediately with banana, honey, cinnamon and extra milk. 3 cups rolled oats 3 cups Australian Reduced Fat Milk 1 cup water 1/4 cup sultanas 2 bananas sliced, 2 tablespoons honey cinnamon.

Simmer for 5-8 minutes or until mixture has thickened and oats are tender. Serve immediately with banana, honey, cinnamon and extra milk. Nutitional Analysis per serve Serves: 4 Carbohydrates: 89 g Energy: 2094 kJ Calcium: 311 mg Protein: 17 g Fat: 9 g

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don't work.

Quote of the month!

Never confuse movement with action.

Ernest Hemingway

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