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NASA Sheds Light On Healing With Light Energy:By Maggi Cameron of Bio Beauty Health.

"The pain is gone - I can't believe it!" That is what Jack had to say when his pain suddenly disappeared after two decades of unrelenting pain from diabetic neuropathy and a treatment program that profoundly interfered with his quality of life and led to an addiction to a myriad of pharmaceutical drugs. It was just that fast - 2 x 30 minute treatments with light and his pain disappeared. Incredible! No more medicines. He began feeling like his old self - he could think clearly and his zest for life returned. Jack's family thinks it was a miracle. Yet diabetic neuropathy is only one of many health conditions that can be eliminated using red and near infrared light - also known as photonic stimulation. .

"I can feel my feet for the first time in five years" said Jim who had been given red light therapy for a diabetic ulcerated toe. The treatment used on Jim was Bioptron Light Therapy that encompasses all wavelengths of the visible spectrum in one single beam and also isolates each wavelength with seven different spectrum lenses. The lens for photonic stimulation uses red and near infra red wavelengths. The Bioptron Swiss Light unit has 650-780nm. The US Air force uses wavelengths from 630-670 nm - in the red light spectrum. Similar to Bioptron but with less near infrared. What's more the Bioptron's multi lens omits wavelengths measuring 420-3400nm - more than any other light system available in any other light source. (world patent) .

Photonic stimulation is like "Star Trek" medicine - something out of the future that sounds too far-fetched to exist in today's world. However, healing with red and near infrared photons is a reality and is poised to become mainstream in medical practice. This powerful, effective, safe, and affordable technology is revolutionizing medical treatment for pain, many neurological disorders, and a wide variety of musculoskeletal and soft tissue maladies. Many health problems that had previously been notoriously difficult or even impossible to manage successfully, can now benefit from photonic stimulation. Doctors are now examining how light wave technology helps hard-to-heal wounds, such as diabetic skin ulcers, serious burns, and severe oral sores caused by chemotherapy and radiation. The project includes laboratory and human trials, approved by the FDA and funded by a NASA. .

"So far, what we've seen in patients and also laboratory cell cultures, all point to one conclusion," said Dr. Harry Whelan, director of hyperbaric medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. "The near-infrared light emitted by the light therapy units seems to be perfect for increasing energy inside cells (also known as biostimulation of cells) to accelerate healing." The NASA-funded research has already seen remarkable results to promote healing of painful mouth ulcers caused by cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment is fast, painless and efficient. .

How does photonic stimulation work? Scientists believe that the action of photonic stimulation is related to its ability to cause biostimulation within the energy producing mitochondria of cells in injured tissues. This enables cells to increase production of ATP and thereby stimulate the return of more normal cellular physiology. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is the powerhouse of every cell and is essential for normal cell function. Accompanying this is regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which in turn regulates blood flow to injured tissues, relieves pain, and promotes faster healing. It is reported that the U.S. Air Force may soon use photonic stimulation to treat battlefield wounds and it may replace the treatment normally used to repair skin wounds resulting in faster treatment times. .

Red light therapy is now being used by carers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and health professionals to treat a multitude of ailments. The treatment is used by carers and patients alike as it is non-invasive, easy to apply and has no known side effects. It is now possible to receive treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home making it ideal for everyone and those who are bed ridden. .

Photo-rejuvenation, using any type of light as a form of healing isn't a new theory. The ancient Greeks are credited with first discovering the healing power of light, and often incorporated sunlight into their healing. Through various experiments NASA scientists have found that both plants and animals respond positively to light. These studies led to further research into light therapy and the development of it for medicinal treatments. .

The Swiss Bioptron red light therapy produces the red and near infrared spectrum (650-780nm) - for photonic stimulation. Other similar light units and LED's use wavelengths measuring approx. 630-670nm. However, the broader wavelengths found in the Bioptron allow deeper penetration and a broader spectrum of influence. The Bioptron is based on polychromatic (many coloured), polarised light waves. It has been researched by scientists all over the world to clinically prove its depth of penetration (25mm), faster healing power, ATP and collagen production and cell biostimulation. .

The medical team involved in the Bioptron design wanted a light system that could be used directly on the eyes as wavelengths are best absorbed via the 137 million photo receptors behind the eyes, where it triggers hormone production that influences the body's complex biochemistry. This was a major step forward as almost all other forms of light therapy are unsuitable for use on the eyes which must be protected from the light rays for both the operator and the client. By applying the light rays directly on the eyes, quicker and more far reaching effects can be achieved. For more info on Bioptron go to

At our clinic, We have used different forms of Light Therapy for over twenty years. First training with the eminent Professor Freidrich Plog in Low Level Laser therapy using helium neon lasers with wavelengths of 632nm. Then in the 90's we were introduced to Bioptron Polychromatic Polarised Light Therapy. We were one of the first Australian clinics to introduce this type of light therapy into our practise when little was known about it. Our previous training with Prof Plog had provided us with the necessary knowledge needed to assess the possibilities this type of treatment could offer - Drug free; Non-invasive; fast healing; no known side effects and could directly treat the eyes… .

It is not something for the future - it is here now to be used for the benefit of all.... Contact Bio-beauty Health for more info on or call us on 07 5580 5744

Maggi Cameron has had over 25 years experience as an educator and health therapist. She was first introduced to VIPL/Colour Therapy in the 90’s and has treated hundreds of clients successfully since. Maggi is a London/Sydney trained Physiatrist, Colour Therapist and Educator. She ran a successful Sydney training college before relocating to the Gold Coast. Maggi holds certificates from CIDESCO; ITEC; SPCP and was awarded life membership of the AABTh. Her company Bio Beauty distributes selected health products; Light & Colour Therapy units and equipment, Certificate training in light/colour therapy.







Healthy Weight Loss Program: with ElectroSlim!

ElectroSlim is committed to your health and wellbeing. Our computerised ElectroSlim treatments restores a firm, toned body and helps you lose weight fast in an effective but healthy manner. We want you to feel good about how you look, live your life with confidence, health and inner strength.

ElectroSlim treatments helps you have a healthy weight loss; it improves your blood circulation, and stimulates the lymph glands.

Beauty Through Muscle- Electro-Slim Technology.

Electro-Slim is an exclusive custom software program created by Madame et Monsieur that specializes in area-specific body sculpting through the use of skin contact electrodes. The electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to specific targeted areas to sculpt and reshape the body. These pulse waves produce rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in both muscle rehabilitation and rapid fat reduction. The personalized nutritional program coupled with the passive exercise of particular muscle groups breaks down adipose tissue while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, resulting in localized tissue reduction, improved health and longevity.

Recommended treatment: One (1) hour session, 2-4 times per week based on your desired results. Electro-Slim Technology is a doctor recommended therapy (FDA approved equipment) with no side effects, only total health benefits. Finally, eliminate those hard to reduce trouble spots and create the body you always wanted with the Electro-Slim program The treatment program consists of: .

1. ElectroSlim treatments
2. Guidance with our specially balanced eating plan

During the ElectroSlim program you will be weighed and measured on a regular basis. We promise you, a healthy weight loss of up to 10 kilograms can be expected! .

If you have tried every diet that guarantees instant weight loss and the thought of stepping into a gym sends shivers down your spine, ElectroSlim is just for you! .

ElectroSlim puts the dream of being slim and sexy within your reach. You can have a slim, and more importantly, well toned body, because our treatments let you choose precisely where you want to lose fat and flab. .

Our computerised electro therapy is combined with a balanced eating plan and the program is medically approved. There is no weighing of food, no calorie counting, and no special foods to buy. We will give you one of our tailored specially designed, eating plans that reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake. And best of all, the eating plan is easy to follow... even allowing you flexibility to eat out! .

For full details contact 1300 72 4646. or email

FREE consultation and FREE 30 minute Electroslim treatment!





The Value of Wellness: with Barham Chiropractic.

Wellness can be described as a state opposite to "sickness". However, our team at Barham Chiropractic see Wellness as much, much more... to Feel Well, Stay Well and to Be Well. 'A state of optimum health - where you are pain free, perform at your best, continue to improve and live your life expressing your full potential'. To us, this is what being truly 'Well' entails.

To 'Be Well for Life' requires a balance of good nutrition, regular rest, adequate exercise and a positive attitude. Most importantly, being well depends on your brain and nervous system functioning the best it can be, so it can regulate everything the body needs to do. Chiropractic care works on protecting and improving the function of your nervous system. .

When your spine is regularly attended to, keeping your vertebrae aligned and flexible and your nervous system free of interference, you function at your best, deal with stress more effectively, recover faster when injured or strained and suffer less from re-occurring symptoms. .

Wellness is a choice.

Research and clinical experience show us that people who participate in a regular program of chiropractic care suffer less from re-occurring symptoms like headaches, back pain, indigestion, sinus problems, stress etc. They cope better and recover faster when they suffer a sprain or strain injury. People choose to participate in regular Wellness Care to either avoid getting sick and /or to stay well. .

Whatever your reason we will do our best to support you on that journey and welcome you into our Barham Chiropractic Family. .

Our Wellness Programme.

The Barham Wellness Care Programme has great value for those people who have reached a level of stability and function from their corrective Chiropractic programme. People, who obviously wish to preserve and continue that progress. People who realize health is a journey and value being proactive in their every day choices. .

Our Wellness Programme is a rewards programme that is only offered to those patients who have shown that their health is a priority to them and who want to be the best they can be. We value that these patients understand chiropractic and the importance of regular chiropractic care. .

Rewards may include: .

o Standardised, pre-scheduled priority appointments.
o Annual reassessment examination and complimentary x-rays. .
o A personal identification card. .
o Reduction in fees for adjustments and in-between visits. .
o Discount for other Barham services and products, such as massage and therapeutic contour pillows. .
o Further reduction for pensioners and students. .
o VIP attention at any of our other Barham clinics. .
o Courtesy posture check and spinal examination for the children of Wellness patients. .
o Social events and invitation to guest speakers. .
o Newsletters with chiropractic information. .

If you would like to know more about our Wellness Programme, the benefits of belonging and how you can join this programme, please ask one of our Chiropractic Assistants in our clinics for further information.

To find your nearest Barham Chiropractic clinic the below link




Talking Yourself Slim: by Sue Lester Head Transition Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP & Hypnosis.


Is Easter still hanging around your hips? Here are 6 powerful tips to help you release the excess and start feeling better about yourself.

1. Take responsibility (straight into the Ouch factor here). Accept that now you are an adult, you alone decide what goes into your mouth. You decide what to buy. If someone in your family can't go without chocolate biscuits, let him/her buy them and eat them alone. .

2. It's OK to say NO to someone else if you are really saying YES to yourself. Set and maintain boundaries. .

3. Mind your Self Talk - are you talking like a best friend or the biggest bitch? If you are feeling bad, even more criticism will hinder not help. Encourage yourself. .

4. Acknowledge that healthy choices are a sign of self love, NOT a punishment. You are saying No Thanks for you, not against you. .

5. Choose your words carefully, as it makes a difference to how you feel. E.g. "Healthy Choices" instead of "Dieting and Exercise". "Release" excess weight, don't "Lose fat". If you lose something it's generally a bad thing and you have to find it again, quickly! .

6. Identify what is causing your empty feeling, and find other ways to fill yourself, instead of food, alcohol, cigarettes. E.g. is the emptiness from feeling lonely, unloved, inadequate? Hugs, chats with friends, a walk in the sunshine, stroking a pet, dumping it all out on paper before burning it, are all calorie-free. .

Remember, the more you practice, the easier it gets. Be firm but gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to learn new ways of making healthier choices every day. .

If you want even faster progress, so your choices become unconsciously automatic, book yourself in for your time to change. .

Sue Lester, Head Transition Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis Ph 07 3103 2679 or 0428 128679



Learn To Make Natural Baby Products That protect & Nourish Young Skin: With an Endeavour 1 day short course.

Natural Products for Baby

Endeavour's DIY Babycare Products 1 day short course is designed to provide parents and carers with the ability to recognise potential risks in skin care products for babies and make their own natural alternatives.

Learn about the olfactory experience and aromatherapy, natural alternatives to common chemical additives and explore the safe use of essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrosols to manufacture skin care products for babies including: baby bottom balm, talc-free baby powder, wet wipes, massage oil and cradle cap oil. .

Spend a day creating beautiful natural products that will benefit your loved ones for a lifetime. .

How do I book or check course dates? .

In one easy visit to you can check upcoming course dates at a campus near you and book your place! .

Special Offer for My Health Specials readers! .

Receive 10% off any Endeavour short course when you enter the promotional code 'MYHEALTH' at the checkout.

Vitale Blog is a blog (weblog) website aimed at those interested in Natural and organic skin and body care. You will find: * A repository of useful articles for education about how to choose the best organic and natural skin care. These articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of understanding the ingredients and making the right choices for your skin and the environment. * A collection of videos about natural skin care. You can listen to the recordings at any time through your computer speakers rather than having to read through pages of content. * Fresh content is added regularly including vidoes on ingredients, interviews with other skin experts, how-to instructional articles dealing with current hot topics like greenwashing and effecitve ingredients, as well as news and information from the natural beauty world.





Short and Sweet:Zuppa Povera.


Serves 4

1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil 2 garlic cloves, crushed 4 fennel bulbs, sliced, fronds reserved 4 cups chicken stock 1 cup French lentils Fresh Goats curd Salt and pepper to season

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

2. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat, add garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add the sliced fennel (not the fronds) and fry 5-10 minutes until fennel begins to turn golden. Add the stock, season with salt and pepper and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10-15 minutes.

3. Finely chop the reserved fennel fronds and add to the soup, stir to combine. Divide the soup between four bowls and serve with a teaspoon of fresh goats curd.

Brought to you by Mass Attack.

Laughter is the best medicine!

What do you call a 3 legged Donkey?

A wonkey!

.Quote of the Month!

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity.

ANSWERED: "Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present: the result being that he does not live in the present or the future: he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived. I feel sure the economic state of Australia and the World is of great concern to everyone. With unknown times ahead it is paramount that you take care of your world. Focus on everything that is important to your life.


For a Good Cause: Why Support Heart Kids?

We support families who have a child with heart disease by,

Employing Family Support Coordinators in each of the major children’s hospitals throughout Australia.

Running Activities like Teen Camps for teenagers affected by Childhood Heart Disease around Australia.

Assisting families with travel and accommodation needs. We run information seminar events, providing practical advise from experts for families affected by Childhood Heart Disease. .





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