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Detox Time: by Vive Health!

Better health is one of the best New Year's resolutions you can make - and 'doing a detox' is a great way to kick-start your commitment. Detoxing doesn't have to be a major ordeal; you can clean out and get healthier by following a few simple concepts.

1. Minimize your toxic load

You can do this by: Avoiding foods which you know aren't good for you! Make a commitment to stay away from caffeine (coffee, tea), alcohol, nicotine, take-away foods and sweets for a defined period of time (e.g. 4 weeks) giving your body a break from foods which over-stimulate your body and require complex processing. This elimination helps to clean out the toxic load which has built up over time. Substitute with healthier food choices. Choose organic and wholefoods. See our wide range of groceries to make your shopping list easier!

2. Help your body to maximize the elimination of toxins during this time
You can do this by: Taking supplements which contain natural detoxifying agents. Products similar to Nutra Life's Gut relief, Ultimate Greens or Vital Greens (perfect nutrient booster for a cleansing body) and Fusions herbal liver tonic are examples of a wonderful place to start.

Drinking lots of water! When your body has the chance to mobilize toxins, its important to stay hydrated in order to flush them out of your system! Drinking good quality water which alkalizes your body and is free from added chemicals is ideal during a detox.

There are a number of wonderful water-filtration products which can make it easier for you to get good quality water into your system…the ones listed below are personal favourites of ours here at Vive as they eliminate chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals such as fluoride:

Fill2Pure Water Filtration Drink Bottle

Alkastream Water Filter

Apart from water, you might like to add one of our favourite drinks which will keep you hydrated, rejuvenated and further gently aid in the elimination process. Try CoCo water from Dr Martins, Weleda's Birch Juice or maybe a gentle Detox tea by Planet Organics

Juicing is an easy way to get a concentrated hit of vitamins C and A, which are important antioxidants helping your liver in the detoxification process. Check out our awesome juicing machine, the JuicePresso! Most fruit and vegetables naturally contain high amounts of vitamins C and A, but especially good ones to use include celery, parsley, beetroot, carrots, oranges, mango, raspberries, strawberries and grapefruit. During a detox it is especially important to use organic fruit and veges to avoid absorbing chemicals and pesticides which may otherwise be present.

Try this nutrient dense vegetable juice recipe to kick-off your morning detoxing…
1 Beetroot 1/2 Lemon or Lime 1 Kiwi Fruit 1 Medium Carrot 1 Granny Simth Apple Small slice of ginger 2 leaves of Silverbeet or a tsp of wheat / barley grass powder

What to expect on a detox!
It is common to get detoxification reactions such as increased sweating, skin reactions, headaches, increased bowel motion and urination, sinus discharge (flu-like symptoms); these are simply signs that your body is getting rid of some junk! It is important not to take any form of medication for these reactions; it is a natural manifestation of the body's elimination processes. Making the transition back to 'normal eating'
It is important to transition gently 'out of a detox' and not simply go back to eating what you had been before you started the detox. That said, if you are serious about better health, a detox can be a great opportunity to begin better eating habits and to keep that momentum going for the rest of the year! It is not advisable to continue taking liver detoxification supplements on an ongoing basis without professional consultation.

Is Detoxing safe for you?
Doing a detox is not recommended if you are on prescription medications, pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any questions about your suitability for doing a detox, or about what to take during a detox, our friendly staff and qualified health practitioners at Vive would be happy to assist you.




Obesity a National & International Problem: by ifeelgood247!

There was once a time when being overweight was considered beautiful and a sign of affluence. Think back to the era of Rubens or Victorian times. Women were adored and painted in all their 'obese' glory, with the subtleness and softness of their body fat a point of beauty in the former, while in the later to be overweight meant that you had money to eat - being thin was for the servants and the lower class who could not afford to buy food. Times have changed dramatically and in a time where there is an abundance of food (either fresh or processed) available in Western societies, maintaining a healthy weight is more important than ever. Yet obesity is now a health concern for many, both adults and children alike and continues to rise, not just in Australia but internationally as well.

Obesity Facts

According to World Health Organisation data (updated in March 2011), worldwide obesity rates have more than doubled in the past 31 years, since 1980. What makes this even more startling is that more than 1.5 billion adults (over 20 years of age) and 43 million children (under 5 years of age) are suffering from obesity - a preventable condition.

These results are staggering especially when in Australia and other developed nations such as America and the UK, it is possible to prevent the development of obesity through lifestyle choices. Sadly, lifestyle choices regarding health, nutrition, and exercise are left up to the individual and not everyone is equipped to make the best choice, either for themselves or their families.

Factors that influence the development of obesity

For many people, the idea that someone 'chooses' to 'allow' themselves to become obese is difficult to understand. Yet there are many factors which result in a person being obese. In general, obesity is not a choice but is something that creeps up on a person due to many years of poor eating habits, limited exercise, low self-esteem, and in many cases, emotional eating in which an individual uses food like a drug.

At the most basic level, obesity or being overweight is the result of consuming more calories than an individual requires. When this occurs consistently, day after day, year after year, the result is a gradually increase in weight. It is not uncommon for doctors, dieticians or personal trainers to be told by someone with a weight problem that they didn't realise they had 'gotten so big'. It can and does creep up on many people until they realise their health is at stake.

However the development of obesity is not just about calories. Changes in food production, the introduction of an array of processed foods (often high in fat, calories, and chemical fillers), combined with lifestyle changes such as labour-saving machines, more 'sit-down' office positions, and less physical activity throughout the day also contributes to rising obesity rates.

The health risks of obesity

There is no question that obesity increases a person's risk of other lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and arthritis. There is also little doubt that rising obesity rates place pressure on the health care system. But obesity is not just about the effect on governments or health systems. In addition to contributing to the development of other lifestyle conditions, obesity can and does have a significant impact on the emotion health of the sufferer and increasing the risk of death or permanent impairment.

The risks to obese children are just as significant and include not only the increased risk of lifestyle conditions but also breathing problems, hypertension, fractures, and of course the emotional impact of school yard bullying.

In spite of the serious implications of being obese, there are many steps that can be taken not just by individuals but by businesses, communities, governments to help reduce the rates of obesity both nationally and internationally.

Obesity prevention

There are many ways that obesity prevention can take place, and support and education are ideal places to start. For many people a lack of understanding of nutrition, exercise, and healthy food choices play a big part in the development of obesity as does socio-economic status. For people who lack cooking skills or nutritional knowledge it is much easier to buy pre-packaged and processed food than to try and prepare a healthy and nutritious meal.

While obesity prevention at its core involves reducing a person's daily calorie intake and increasing the amount of exercise they do, education is also important. You cannot expect a person with no understanding of the basics of nutrition to know what it means to reduce saturated fats, increase unsaturated fats, limit simple sugars while increasing whole grains and complex carbohydrates, choose low GI foods, or to eat quality, lean proteins. For obesity prevention to occur both here at home and globally, communities and governments needs to find a way to reintroduce quality, fresh foods at affordable prices, and educate children and adults alike about cooking, nutrition, and exercise. While it may look as if obesity is an individual problem the solution is anything but. Support, time, and education is needed from all areas if the world's obesity are to be successful in losing weight.

If you or know someone that needs help with obesity or significant weight-loss please contact us or see staff in the club for more information.


Indooroopilly: Shop 1 Indooroopilly Junction Shopping Centre 100 Conan St.

Oxley: 99 Cook Street 1300 433 354

Coopers Plains : launching in March 1300 433 354






Musculoskeletal Therapy, Dry Needling and Cupping: with The West End Osteopathic Clinic.

What is Musculoskeletal Therapy?

Musculoskeletal Therapy is a therapy that incorporates "hands on" soft tissue and mobilisation techniques, as well as home stretching and strengthening exercises, designed to treat the muscle and the skeletal systems. It is effectively used in the treatment and the rehabilitation of neck pain, headaches, back pain, joint pain, muscular dysfunction and sporting injuries. It also assists in maintaining postural alignment of the skeletal system, preventing future injuries. A typical treatment would involve: tissue release whether it be cupping, needling or hands on techniques; joint mobilizations; and strengthening and/or stretching exercises.

What is Dry Needling?

Myofascial Dry Needling (MDN) is a technique used by physical therapists to promote healing in the body. It is an invasive form of treatment however, if performed by qualified therapists, it is in most cases relatively pain free. Although it appears to be similar to acupuncture, indications for treatment and its rationale are quite different. Rather than traditional Chinese meridian points and energy channels, MDN focuses on dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal systems: muscles; tendons; ligaments; and fascia. Inserted into "Trigger Points", it stimulates the nervous systems reflex arc which encourages the muscle fibres to release.

What is Dry Cupping?

Cupping has ascended from ancient Chinese medicine where glass cups were applied to the skin and heat was used to form a vacuum to draw the superficial muscle up into the cup. Modern times have seen the use of plastic cups with vacuum pumps to increase ease of use and safety from naked flames. It is used to promote circulation of blood and lymph, to remove toxins from the muscles and to stimulate muscle and fascia release. Where compressional techniques such as trigger point therapy are too painful, cupping can provide similar effect with less pain. The benefits of cupping can be seen in tissue several inches under the skin.

Dennis Hamalainen

I have a passion for healing and interests in sports injury management and prevention as I have always been actively involved in sports. During my studies, I developed an interest in structural integration, rehabilitation and neuroscience, taking on board techniques from the likes of Robert Schleip, Tom Myers and VS Ramachandran. I enjoy the interaction with my patients, and, to be in a position to provide them with relief from their musculoskeletal conditions is self-rewarding.

Phil Turner is a fully qualified sports / remedial therapist.

For the past 6 years Phil has been working with a professional soccer team in Scotland and has also worked with the Brisbane Lions giving Him extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.

Passionate about sport and exercise phil enjoys strength & conditioning training, playing soccer, tennis and is a keen runner.

Phil uses Deep tissue massage, trigger point release, Myofascial release and mobilisation techniques. As part of the treatment you will also be given exercises to help treat and prevent the injury from re-occurring.


07 3846 3037

12 Norfolk Rd




Fun Fitness: with Kickbike!

The main reason a lot of weight loss and fitness resolutions have already been broken, is that the activities required to achieve that goal, are not seen as fun to do. As a trainer, I have always said "find something you enjoy doing, and then incorporate that into any program".

I know I have always advertised the following questions into my articles, but seriously, the answers to those questions are only secondary. If you enjoy an activity, and a by-product of that participation, is a healthy result, then you are on a winner and more likely to achieve your goal.

So I ask you, have you had to give up running due to impact injuries?, Do you suffer for days after you do run? Do you suffer from short hamstrings? Does your cycling aggravate your lower back? Did you take up cycling because the body could no longer handle running, but found you could not get the same aerobic workout.

Then try Kickbiking. Yes, it looks like an oversized scooter, a penny farthing look alike. But don't underestimate it. The Kickbike is now being used by elite athletes for Glut activation and core strengthening, unequalled by other workouts. In fact some athletes are using the Kickbike to help improve their running speed and power. But what really amazes me, is how many people have huge smiles on their face after just their first few kicks.

Even when the Brisbane Lions tried the Kickbikes, the 2 players who were trying them with their strength and conditioning team, both said "Even if they aren't that good for us, can we have them just for the fun value". The club went ahead and bought them and they are now part of their rehab regime, but also get taken out for the fun value.

So, get yourself onto a Kickbike, have an absolute blast, and by the way, it'll kick your own butt into shape at the same time.

Bruce Cook Kickbike Australia Visit or for more information contact Bruce Cook. Ph 1300 730206, Mobile 0407 699884 or email [email protected]

Health warning: Side effects include toned legs, pert buttocks and a sense of wellbeing. Please moderate usag



A Brazilian New Year: At Rio Rhythmics

Every year we delight in finding a fresher, more exciting and unique New Year's resolution. Our choices are invariably centred on fitness, friendships and fun, and luckily so- the rewards from these goals make them so much easier to keep! With the increase of reality shows based on dance and performing arts, many of us find ourselves searching for the most accessible way we can strut our stuff. And with ballet not for everyone, Brazilian and Latin dance are becoming the hottest picks in achieving our New Year's goals.

Brazilian music and dance is more popular than ever, and yet many of us don't know where to begin getting involved! Fear not, sequinned bikinis and feathered headdresses are not requisite for your endeavour into the world of Brazilian dance!

At Rio Rhythmics, beginners are eased through basic steps and styling, gradually progressing to fancier footwork and techniques. The academy's speciality lies in authentic Brazilian dance, whether partnered, solo, or group dances. Rio Rhythmics is passionate about spreading the joy and energy of Brazil.

Founded over 20 years ago by Brazilian- born Tarcisio Teatini- Climaco, Rio Rhythmics has developed into a cultural hub for all things Brazilian. Throughout the year, Latin dance classes, performances and workshops run parallel with short dance intensives, percussion classes and language courses.

Popular dance styles taught at the academy's West End studios range from the more well- known salsa and lambada, also delving into more traditional forms like forro, bachata and gafieira. Instructors are trained locally and overseas, providing their students with the latest innovations in techniques and styling, and workshops hosted by international guest artists are a regular fixture on the academy's calendar.

With something for every dancer at any level, Rio Rhythmics offers the most comprehensive initiation into a Brazilian New Year resolution you can't fail to keep- and can't help but enjoy!

For more information, visit, or contact us on (07) 3844 1824.



Vitale Blog is a blog (weblog) website aimed at those interested in Natural and organic skin and body care. You will find: * A repository of useful articles for education about how to choose the best organic and natural skin care. These articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of understanding the ingredients and making the right choices for your skin and the environment. * A collection of videos about natural skin care. You can listen to the recordings at any time through your computer speakers rather than having to read through pages of content. * Fresh content is added regularly including vidoes on ingredients, interviews with other skin experts, how-to instructional articles dealing with current hot topics like greenwashing and effecitve ingredients, as well as news and information from the natural beauty world.





Short and Sweet:Chickpea Salad.

85 gram tuna

300 gram chickpeas (cooked and cooled)

1 small red pepper

1 small yellow pepper

1 medium red onion

1 small box of mixed sprouts

6 tomatoes 1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp of sesame seed

1 tbsp fresh parsley

6 large red lettuce leaves

Drain the tuna and break into chunks. Drain the chickpeas. Wash and halve the peppers, remove the seeds and dice. Peel and chop the onions. Wash and chop the tomatoes. Wash and dry the mixed sprouts. Mix all together in a bowl and pour on the oil. Toss the salad and sprinkle with sesame seeds and finely chopped parsley. Serve on a bed of washed and dried lettuce leaves. .

Brought to you by Mass Attack.

Laughter is the best medicine!

Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted.


Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.

.Quote of the Month!

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort." -

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of The United States of America


For a Good Cause: Why Support Clean Up Australia?

Clean Up Australia works with communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment





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