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Strengthen Yourself and Your Family Against All Kinds of Flu: By Oxford Naturopathics and Wellness Centre!

Stay at home - wear a silly mask over your face all day - stock your fridge and cupboard up with food - keep your kids isolated...........

What other scare mongering are we going to hear from our dysfunctional health department and government? We hear nothing about the 30,000 plus people that die every winter worldwide from the normal flu do we? Only about the sensationalism that surrounds bird and swine flu so they can sell more vaccines and Tamiflu.

Let me explain what type of a virus the Swine Flu is. It's known as the A/H1N1 virus. Between 1918 and 1920, a H1N1 virus (known as the Spanish Flu) was responsible for the death of between 50 to 100 million people worldwide and affected approximately 1/3 of the world's population. This type of virus also emerged on hog farms in the US in 1998. Since then, various strains of the H1N1 virus have evolved and hybridized with other viruses to form new strains, including the Swine Flu virus.

This virus can be spread between humans by coughing, sneezing or touching a contaminated surface then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Pigs are central to the development of the epidemic because they provide ideal conditions for viruses to thrive and mix to create potent new viruses. It is more than likely Swine flu was spread from direct human contact with infected pigs. You don't get Swine Flu by eating pork or pork products.

However, the Swine Flu seems to travel faster than the last official pandemic, (the 1968 Hong Kong flu) and appears to effect all ages, differing from the common seasonal flu that mostly affects infants and the elderly. It has already affected 64 countries, with a global total of 18,965 infections so far, resulting in some travel bans. Amazingly, we don't even hear about the 1.2 billion cases of normal flu worldwide. Most of the cases of swine flu have been in North America and Mexico and an overwhelming majority of the 117 deaths related to the disease were in the elderly people of Mexico.

There is no cause for panic!!!!! The last time an outbreak of a mutant Flu was predicted, it never eventuated. Yet it resulted in massive vaccine campaign that caused paralysis in hundreds of vaccinated people, and the vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths. We should learn from the Bird Flu that not all viruses end up causing widespread disease and death.

We do know, however, that the people most likely to be affected by Swine Flu and other virulent flues are those with weak immune systems. So take care of your immune system, take reasonable precautions, and you will have little to worry about.

Strengthen yourself and your family against all different types of flu. To get prepared for the colder season, I recommend that you increase your MetaZinc &C (1 tsp morning and night) and purchase a box of our Homeopathic Flu Preventer pills for $........

Call us on 07 3899 9155 and we will send them out or put them aside for you to come in and pick up. This offer is available as long as stocks last.

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Flourishing with Flourish Remedies, Herbal Pharmacy: Q&A with Medical Herbalist, Miriam Young!


Vanessa: What is an herbal pharmacy and how is it different from a standard pharmacy?

Miriam: An herbal pharmacy is herbal and natural in the true sense of the words. Herbal and natural remedies include a full Herbal Dispensary, Homeopathic Remedies, Australian Bush and Bach Flower Essences, *Anthroposophical medicines and Aromatherapy oils. Flourish Remedies also has all natural supplements, plant based organic nutrition, as well as a colloidal mineral range. This gives the local community the opportunity to treat day-to-day symptoms herbally, instead of with drugs. Normal pharmacies have orthodox treatments, many of which are synthetic, whereas an herbal pharmacy will use plants rather than drugs. There are three ways of taking herbs; as liquid tinctures that you mix with water or juice, in the form of teas and powdered herbs in capsules. The herbal medicines in my dispensary come from all over the world, including Europe, South America, China and India. They have gone through the strictest quality control practices in the world in order for Herbalists to prescribe them in Australia.

Vanessa: What conditions can herbal medicines treat?

Miriam: The full range of female gynecological issues: such as period pain, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, abnormal bleeding patterns, as well as menopausal symptoms. Herbal medicine is more successful in treating female hormonal complaints than any other modality that I am aware of. Prostate symptoms can occur in men as young as 30 years old. You can't beat herbal medicine in this area! Herbal treatments are also very good for bacterial conditions and treating viruses in the body, whether it's Ross River Fever or a local flu virus, whereas orthodox medicine really can't do a lot about viruses. Herbal remedies are also great for digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, and toxic overload and parasite infection. They say 95% of people are walking around with some kind of parasite in their body that shouldn't be there, and this causes all sorts of issues. Weight loss, weight gain, loss of appetite, immune suppression, bad breathe, moodiness, depression, tiredness, sugar cravings can all be due to parasites in the body. Allergies quite often aren't actually allergies - it's because the body is toxic and can no longer carry out its duties anymore in terms of digestion. Allergies are also more often due to parasites or digestive problems rather than having a particular allergy to a food or a substance. Other chronic conditions such as: arthritis, diabetes, heart complaints, and cancer respond well to my detoxification programs, primarily using herbal medicine.

Here's what a recent client of Miriam's said:

"My kidneys were giving me a lot of pain just 2 months ago. Since that time I have been following Miriam's detox diet and taking a special herbal cleanse tonic for my kidneys. After only a few weeks on this I started to feel much more energized in myself and since last week have had no pain in my kidneys at all. Whatever is in that "Kidney Cleanse Tonic" works wonders and I am usually very skeptical of such products. Miriam has a deep understanding into how to bring the body back into balance through the careful use of herbs and proper diet which aid the body in its elimination of toxins."

Vanessa: How can herbs help people through the Winter Season?

Miriam: Every person is different; some people thrive throughout winter and love the cold weather, whereas others with a different constitution really struggle during winter, so prevention is the best cure. It's really important to say here that cold and flues are not bad. It's not a bad thing for a human being to experience a cold or flu once or twice a year, because that is our way of resting, detoxifying and transforming if you like. If you are a parent and you notice your child experience a bad flu, when they recover it's like they've changed and grown up or matured, so in children and adults it can be a real transition time. Sometimes the best thing to do is embrace a cold/fu and one of the ways healing herbs can help is by the use of herbs such as cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, garlic and nutmeg, herbs that heat the body (even though the person may have heat in their body already), so if you get the person to sweat, you're helping the person to heal in a natural way rather than suppressing it or pushing it back down in to the body, so that's where hot lemon and garlic drinks and hot baths can help. However, if a person finds they are sick from the moment the weather changes in autumn until it heats up in summer, then there is probably an issue in their immune system. Again, a person may decide to take an herbal tonic throughout winter as a preventative measure! I know I do! Herbal medicine is effective in strengthening the immune system and very good for the elderly who may find it difficult to shake a flu.

Vanessa: What is your top tip for staying well during winter?

Miriam: Apart from green nutritional supplements and colloidal minerals, my other health tip is have a good breakfast; a lot of what you do in the morning sets you up for the day, so here is my favourite morning kick start: 2 raw eggs, oat milk, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and two tablespoons of freshly ground golden linseeds and a banana, blend and make into a smoothie. I'm a vegetarian and quite tall and slim, so the fat from the eggs and essential fatty acids from the linseed is going to come into my system and protect me, the cayenne pepper is going to warm my whole system, boost circulation and put oxygen in my cells and oxygen fights viruses and bacteria. Also, we will never be 100% well unless we are drinking pure water and the body needs to be rehydrated in the morning at least 500 mills of water in the morning and why not try hot water in winter!

Box out: Miriam's flu buster:

If someone in the office has the flu, one of your best defenses is to chop up a piece of fresh garlic into little pieces and then swallow like tablets before breakfast. This will help you to prevent flu.

*Anthroposophical medicine is a holistic approach to medicine focusing on strengthening the patient's organism and individuality

Sonanne Place Fig Tree Pocket / Noosa QLD

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The I.C.H.P Weight Control Program: by Peter McMahon!

The I.C.H.P. Weight Control Programme was developed by Dr. Joe Keaney, Director of The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. For more than twenty years, thousands of people just like you have been gaining permanent control of their weight through Dr. Keaney's programme.

The I.C.H.P. weight loss programme has a very high success rate because it enables you to achieve personal change at a deep level in your sub-conscious mind. It is the part of your mind, which governs your motivations, perceptions and beliefs. I have conducted weight control programmes both privately and for groups. I do not prescribe a diet for you to try to follow and then eventually break. However you will enjoy noticing your eating habits improving; and you will feel good about yourself more and more as you lose a moderate amount of weight each week. Some people enjoy or require the structure of a prescribed diet. In which case I work in conjunction with your dietitian.

When you attend the I.C.H.P. weight loss programme, you will learn effective techniques to change your perception of different foods and will not experience the battle of will power and calorie counting which you may have experienced as a dieter. Your self confidence will improve as you achieve your goal of a thinner, healthier you. You will learn self-hypnosis and gain motivation to enjoy moderate exercise. I teach you to recognize and change unwanted eating habits and to become aware of and overcome any blocks or internal conflicts which may be preventing you from achieving your goal. To maximize your benefit from the programme, I provide you with a hypnotic audiotape, which you may use at home to reinforce the suggestions.

Most people achieve permanent weight control by attending the group sessions. The programme is four sessions spread over six weeks. Some people prefer private sessions.

Seize the opportunity now to change your life for the better because you deserve to have the healthy body you want.

Eating Disorders - Bulimia, Binge Eating, Anorexia, Emotional Eating.

Quite often over-eating and under-eating are some kind of safety behaviour for a deeper, perhaps unknown problem. In which case simple suggestion therapy will not be sufficient on its own. We need to find the root cause of the problem and also to provide you with tools that enable you to make the permanent changes you want. For eating disorders I use a combination of suggestion therapy and analytical hypno-psychotherapy to help you overcome you problem. Please phone me to ask any further questions and to reserve your place in the up-coming weight loss programme.

07 3833 6735 / 0404 136 553

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Hypometabolism - a common cause of fatigue & weight gain:By Nirala Jacobi, BHsc, ND ( USA)!

Your metabolism is the rate of catabolism-breakdown of substances such as foods used in cellular respiration, and anabolism-the process of building up substances such as proteins in your cells. Many factors play a role in regulating your metabolism and often these pathways slow down when there is an imbalance in this process.

Hypometabolism is a condition where reactions that occurred rapidly in your body, have slowed down causing you to feel extremely tired and to gain weight easily.

The thyroid connection

Health care practitioners often look to the thyroid and the adrenal glands as the culprit for this combination of symptoms. The adrenal glands will be the topic of another article.

A brief course in thyroid physiology:

A gland in your brain secretes TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone that tells the thyroid to start producing more Thyroxine, or T4. T4 is a storage form of thyroid hormone but needs to be converted to T3 to be biologically active. Depending on need, almost every cell in your body can convert to the active hormone T3 that helps to speed up cellular processes and regulate your temperature. Under certain circumstances this process can go awry and your cell instead makes something called reverse T3, which is a biologically inactive molecule, robbing your cell of the much needed active T3.

It is important to note that blood tests that only look at TSH, T4 and T3 cannot properly assess your cellular need of T3.

In other words, you can still be in need of T3 on a cellular level, even though all of your tests are normal.

For example, some people who have been diagnosed with low functioning thyroid, or hypothyroid, do not report significant improvement in their symptoms when they take prescription medicine for their hypothyroidism. This is often due to the fact that T4 containing medicines such as Thyroxine are improperly converted to T3 by some people, especially those who convert a lot of the thyroxine to the inactive reverse T3.

The iodine connection

Iodine is essential for thyroid hormone production. Without proper iodine in our diet, we can develop a goiter, or enlargement of our thyroid and frank hypothyroidism. (Please note that auto-immune thyroid conditions are usually not due to iodine deficiency)

Besides fatigue, weight gain, constipation, depression, irregular periods, and many other symptoms, hypothyroidism during pregnancy can cause cretinism in the unborn-a condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth. You may also be interested to know that Australia has a very high incidence of iodine deficiency.

Why iodine deficiencies?

Relative low intake in the diet - iodine is abundant in sea vegetables

Dairy farmers used to sanitize their milk containers with iodine containing betadyne that has now been switched to chlorine-containing bleach so we no longer get iodine from dairy products.

The chemicals bromine, chlorine, fluorine, and iodine all belong to the same group known as halogens. When we are exposed to high levels of chlorine (such as swimmers) or bromine (used to fortify bread) we can actually replace iodine with these substances, causing us to be iodine deficient


In my clinic in Paddington/Brisbane I often see clients who complain about the inability to lose weight as well as fatigue, depression, and menstrual symptoms. In regards to hypometabolism I usually consider the following:

Hypothyroidism and/or adrenal dysfunction

cellular unavailability to T3/too much reverse T3

iodine deficiency

What you can do

If you suffer from any of the abovementioned symptoms, you may benefit from the following suggestions:

ask your doctor or natural health care provider for a proper thyroid test: TSH, free T4, free T4, reverse T3 as well as a morning urine test for iodine deficiency

consider assessing your adrenal using an Adrenal Stress Index usually ordered by natural health care practitioners

make sure auto-immune hypothyroid-such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis is ruled out

take your temperatures with a basal thermometer for a week. Normal body temp is lowest during sleeping, so take it just after waking and before putting anything in your mouth. Oral or vaginal is better than armpit (provided you have no infections as these can raise your oral or vaginal temperature). Normal body temp is around 37 degrees C. Lower than 36 consistently could indicate hypothyroidism and/or hypometabolism. Remember that there are normal variations in body temperature particularly around ovulation.

Avoid chlorinated swimming pools, get a shower head filter, and water filter to avoid chlorine and fluoride from replacing the iodine in your body

Increase thyroid supporting nutrients: sea vegetables like sea weed and brazil nuts for selenium

Hypometabolism is a treatable condition. Continue to seek help if symptoms persist.

(07) 3368 1300

Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapies Center 151 Boundary Road Bardon Queensland

Will Holosync Make You Enlightened?: Meditation Made Easy!


The mind, by its very nature, chops the universe into separate things and events. This chopping is called maya in Hindu and Buddhist thought. Maya comes from the same root word as measurement, and it's the idea that we take an essentially wiggly world and try to "straighten it out," to explain it (ex-plane it, flatten it out), to "square things away," to "iron things out," and so on.

If humans were in charge of clouds, for instance, they would all probably have regular geometrical shapes. The natural wiggly world is too complex for our simple minds, so we try to simplify it by dividing it into this and that, separate things and events, and create simple representations of the exceedingly complex (actually, infinitely complex) multi-dimensional goings-on of the natural world.

For instance, if you tried to describe what happened to you during the last five minutes whatever you said would be a tiny fraction of what really happened, because what happened actually included all your sensory impressions, attended to or not, all your relationships with everything else (ultimately) in the universe, all the cells that divided in your body, all the heartbeats that happened, all the muscle movements, and a whole lot more-and that just can't be described. It would take an infinite amount of time to explain all of this, since it's all happening all at once. We live in a multi-dimensional universe that just cannot be grabbed hold of, physically or mentally! (It's been said about Reality, the Tao, that "You can't grab hold of it, and you can't get rid of it.")

So the way out of this fragmented way of living and seeing the world (a way of seeing that is the root cause of the suffering in the world) is to stop mistaking this chopped-up way of looking at the universe, through the filter of the mind, for the real thing. And, to do this, you first have to get out of the mind entirely (though once you "get it" you can go back to using the mind, but this time without being fooled that what it creates is more than just a representation of reality).

Holosync (as well as traditional meditation, for that matter) creates connections in the brain that gradually allows you to see more and more how everything really does go together, to see how everything is really one big "thing-event", and how separate things and events (especially the separate "me") are illusory.

This, of course, is the end-of-the-line ultimate realization. As you know if you're using Holosync, this isn't what happens during the first week. As you use Holosync, though, you gradually see how things go together and, as this happens, you relax. Things that bothered you before don't seem to bug you as much. Seeing the world as a conglomeration of separate things and events (that aren't you, and are potentially dangerous) creates anxiety, because it makes it SEEM as if you are separate from the rest of the universe-and, as a separate self, that you are in danger, or at least potentially in danger.

As you increasingly see how things go together your anxiety diminishes, along with depression, anger, fear, and other "negative" emotions (the emotions of separation). At the same time, your various coping methods for dealing with what seems like the danger of existence also calm down-addictions, eating problems, withdrawal, projection, behavioral acting out, and so on.

Most people don't, at first, see these changes as being a result of seeing how everything goes together, because that isn't apparent in the beginning-at least to most people. But just a little bit, even if you aren't yet consciously aware of it, is enough to change your experience of life. The ah-ha, where you see that, yes, everything is connected, and you are not separate, comes later.

And if you want to get there faster, use Holosync. I recommend you try our free demo CD and special report which explains more on how and why this can help.



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Short and Sweet:Lentil and Walnut Salad!

Serves 6

1 can (400g) brown lentils, drained ½ clove garlic, chopped 2 spring onions, sliced 250g green beans (blanched) 1 bunch baby spinach leaves 150g feta cheese, crumbled 1 punnet cherry tomatoes, halved 2 tablespoons walnuts, chopped Juice of 1 lemon Combine lentils, garlic, onion, spinach, beans and feta in a mixing bowl. Add tomatoes, walnuts and lemon juice.

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Laughter is the best medicine!

David received a parrot for his birthday. the parrot was fully grown with a bad attitude and worse vocabulary. every other word was an obscenity. those that weren't expletives, were to say the least, rude. david tried hard to change the bird's attitude and was constantly saying polite words, playing soft music, anything he could think of. nothing worked. he yelled at the bird and the bird yelled back. he shocked the bird and the bird just got more angry and more rude. finally, in a moment of desperation, david put the bird in the freezer, just for a few moments. he heard the bird squawk and kick and scream-then suddenly, there was quiet. david was frightened that he might have hurt the bird and quickly opened the freezer door. the parrot calmly stepped out and said "i believe i may have offended you with my rude language and actions. i'll endeavor at once to correct my behavior. i really am truly sorry and beg your forgiveness." david was astonished at the bird's change in attitude and was about to ask what had made such a dramatic change when the parrot continued, "may i ask what did the chicken do?"

.Quote of the week!

Each of us has characteristics we define as ‘good’ and those we define as ‘bad.’ The parts of ourselves that we continually reject want to be acknowledged and loved. Until we honour these aspects, they will continue to assert themselves. They will do whatever they can to get our attention.

For a Good Cause: Why Support Miracle Babies?

Miracle Babies celebrates the birth of babies who enter our world challenged by prematurity or sickness. Our mission is to provide support to families throughout Australia during their journey through a Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the transition to home and onwards.



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