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Sunscreen Do's and Don'ts:By Nirala Jacobi ND!

A quick summary of the issue: we all know of the dangers of prolonged sun exposure. Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. But it is not quite so simple as "just avoid the sun" or "apply sunscreen"

FACT: it's frequent sunburning, not frequent sun exposure that causes cancer
FACT: most scientific literature now doubts that sunscreen can prevent malignant melanoma
FACT: sunlight has UVB and UVA. 90% of it is UVA
FACT: Only UVB converts skin cholesterol into cancer-preventing vitamin D.
FACT: Almost all sunscreen shields us from UVB but NOT UVA. this means cancer-causing UVA is allowed through without cancer-protection from Vitamin D
FACT: UVB is blocked by glass --UVA travels through glass. Think car and office windows.
FACT: Both UVA and UVB cause radiation and oxidative damage to the skin that can turn into cancer. This can be counteracted by the application of topical antioxidants which are beginning to show up in natural suncreens.

What we are finding out about the many health benefits of Vitamin D is purely astounding: from cancer protection (women with very low levels of vitamin D have 5 times higher risk of breast cancer) to bone health, anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, and the list goes on. Obviously a very important vitamin.

So, a little sun exposure is important to ensure healthy levels of vitamin D. Here in Australia, the sunniest nation on earth, everyones vitamin D levels are good, right? WRONG--you wouldn't believe how many times I check patients' vitamin D only to find that they are in the bottom percentile.

What's wrong with conventional sunscreen and even some "natural sunscreens"?

" they tend to be a potent source of chemicals, such as parabens, nanoparticles (super small particles that penetrate the skin and have yet unknown health effects), and many many more with known carcinogenic effects.
" often use octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) as the active sunscreen ingredient. OMC is known to cause damage to cells and prevent cellular repair. Exactly what you don't want for oxidative and radiation damage. The Environmental working group's cosmetic data base has this to say about OMC:

"(OMC's) estrogenic effects are noted in laboratory animals as well as disruption of thyroid hormone and brain signaling" More about OMC

" Para aminobenzoic acid (PABA)-a common sunscreen ingredient. Research indicates PABA has carcinogenic potential

" they typically don't include topical antioxidants to prevent oxidative damage

" they absorb into the skin within an hour and therefore need reapplication every one to two hours. Most people don't do this, thus promoting burning.

Look for these in a good sunscreen:

" non-nanoparticle zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. these have a long history in sunscreen use and provide a physical barrier to both UVB and UVA due to their low absorption rates. Problems occur when these substances are inhaled which isn't much of an issue with sunscreen.
" good anti-oxidants such as green tea extract, vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), selenium
" typically, natural sunscreens include essential oils or plant oils which can be loaded with anti-oxidants. These include sunflower oil, almond oil, jojoba oil
" Hopefully in the near future companies will find a way to include broccoli extract (sulforaphanes) in sunscreen as research has shown it to be a potent radiation quencher. If it wouldn't be so smelly I would recommend to slather yourself with broccoli juice before sun exposure to prevent photoageing and skin cancer.

Nirala Jacobi Specializes in women’s health, gastro-intestinal disorders, chronic illness, dermatologic conditions, cancer support but treats all conditions including diabetes, syndrome X, pediatrics and fertility issues


Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapies Center 151 Boundary Road

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Breast Care - A Natural Alternative( Part Two): By Annie O'Moon-Browning from My Health Sanctuary!

3] THE ESTROGEN CONNECTION: There is a direct connection between estrogen and breast cancer.

In 1940 around the time that pharmaceutical estrogenic chemicals were first appearing on the market, in the USA a woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer was 1 in 20. Now it is 1 in 8

Estrogen is a powerful hormone that has many vital functions in the body including the initiation and promotion of cell growth.

When the body is out of balance it can take on a more sinister behaviour.

A body that is continuously exposed to high amounts of estrogen, either during critical times in our development or from prolonged exposure to outside sources, is sowing the seeds of potential breast cancer.

Over-exposure to estrogens can occur due to the following reasons.

The use of oral contraceptives, HRT, xeno-estrogens. These lengthen the amount of time the woman is exposed to additional estrogen but also increases the total amount of estrogen that circulates in the blood stream.

The ingredients of the PILL and HRT estrogens and synthetic progesterone have been listed as known human carcinogens.


Balance of hormones is always the key to a properly functioning hormonal system.

There is global issue of women experiencing deficient or excessive estrogen level with concurrent progesterone imbalance.

Even women with low estrogen can have estrogen dominant symptoms if she makes low levels of progesterone.

For the last 2 decades research into the issue of Estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency has shown in female problems such as
Saliva is fast becoming the diagnostic choice for measuring hormones circulating around the body. Since 1983, 2500 papers dealing with salivary diagnostic tests have been published globally.


The issues of estrogen dominance do not escape our children

Precocious puberty and the incidence of breast budding in children both male and females is now being recorded as young as 24 months.

The warning that early puberty is a known risk for breast cancer should be the concern of every mother and father.

The concurrent emotional and psychological issues rose of children entering puberty as early as 8 years of age is well documented.

There are many things that parents can do to safe guard their children from entering puberty at too young an age. And of exposing them to hormone disruptors that will cause the early ripening of their hormones.


When there are issues of hormonal imbalance the medical solution is to "Go for the PILL"

With 4 decades of prescribing The Pill and the well-documented evidence of the side effects of the Pill doctors are still inadequate in their warning of woman of the potential and serious problems associated with taking the Pill.

Hormones not only direct and determine physiological processes but also influence emotional and psychological states,

Besides controlling sexual development, function and fertility, hormones control, growth and muscle building, regulate the digestive system, blood sugar levels and blood pressure and fluid balance.

Hormone also holds the key to subjective feelings and changes in blood chemistry associated with stress.

Hormonal problems not only create a myriad of health problems and diseases but also undermine self-esteem, a sense of well-being, emotional balance and mental acuity.

By taking The Pill you are tampering with a woman's most sensitive physiological and psychological process. By interfering with these processes many profound changes can be initiated in a woman's body. Some are long term and can result in serious health problems such as breast cancer.

For the best part of 3 decades it has been known that sex hormones cause cancer in hormones dependent tissues like the breast.


Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to potent artificial steroid drugs contained in the Pill

The breast tissue of a young woman is still developing and is particularly sensitive to over stimulation from synthetic estrogen. In one-landmark study researchers found that women who took the Pill before the age of 20 were diagnosed with breast cancers with a much worse prognosis than women with breast cancer who took the Pill at later age or who had never taken the Pill.

IN 1989 The British Medical Journal reported that women who used the Pill before the age of 25 increased the relative risk of breast cancer by 50% and for women who used it for more that 6 consecutive years raised their risk by 320%

Instead of relying on the Pill to regulate problem periods and associated problems, girls would be much better off to correct the problem at its source.

Improve diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and attending to emotional stresses


Post Pill infertility is a well-recorded medical fact.
Dr Gary Burger in " The couples Guide to Infertility" reports that Pill users after they come off the Pill nay not ovulate or menstruate due to the disrupting affects of the Pill on the natural rhythmic flow of hormones from the hypothalamus to the pituitary to the ovaries.

The Pill may also cause damage to the glands that produce the kind of cervical mucous that is necessary for fertilization to occur.


The American Journal of Epidemiology recently reported that Pill users have increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease

The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2002 reported that in a study people suffering liver disease 83% of the women in the study were users of the Pill.

The following are a list of many vitamin and mineral imbalances caused by the Pill.

" A - levels are increased on the Pill
" B - deficiencies are recorded.
" B2 - The bodies requirement are raised.
" B6 Depletion is mild to severe
" Folic Acid - Levels are reduced.
" B12 - Levels are lowered.
" C - Levels are reduced by 30%.
" E - The need for vitamin E is increased.
" K - Levels are higher.
" Taurine - Reduces levels of amino acids necessary for the healthy function of the thyroid gland.
" Copper - Absorption is increased.
" Magnesium - lowers levels,
" Selenium - Lowers levels.
" Zinc - Lowers levels significantly.
" Prostaglandin's - Lowers levels of certain prostaglandin's These are normally made from essential fatty acids using zinc as a catalyst and decrease tendencies to clot formation.
" Blood Lipids - low-density lipids are increased.

Annie O'Moon-Browning is the Director of 'My Health Sanctuary' in Brisbane and has practiced as a Natural Health Care Practitioner for 27 years. She has been a senior educator of Homeopathy and Naturopathy in colleges in Queensland and specializes in Pre-conception Care, Infertility and Detoxification programs. She can be contacted on 07- 3369 9965

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Discipline To Illuminate The Mind : By Jenni Madison!

We have all read about the power of our thoughts but most often wont take the step to be disciplined enough to monitor them thoroughly and consistently so to create change.......

Discipline in life begins with our thoughts. When we can rule the kingdom of our mind we can then act according to our rules and values making self control a healthy, empowered way of life. The power of the mind is our power to create. Discipline your mind and you will be able to discipline your life.

Just remember or imagine a time that you felt unfocused or scattered - what was your mind doing? Where and what were your thoughts? Taking a moment to even consider this will help to bring you back into the now, focus on the task at hand and avoid the pain of overwhelm, lack of direction or accomplishment.

Ruling the kingdom of the mind is to observe the 'thinker' and to remain present and directive. That is - you decide what shall and shall not enter your kingdom. Imagine your life is a movie and you are the director, as you direct your thoughts all the later production will follow as the manifestation of the scenes you create in your movie. Begin with a simple task like writing an article, going for a run or making a sales call.

We all have a left and right brain - creative and strategic thinker. Its up to you to acknowledge which one is stronger within yourself and in its ruler-ship, or under your direction, access each as necessary to serve your purpose and achieve your goals. That is using the mind for the powerful tool that it is.

People have experienced magic through the power of the mind and literally achieved the impossible. To illuminate is to shift our thoughts to a higher mind, thus illuminated we have now lifted above much of our own self -created suffering.

When I feel scattered or indulgent in small self thoughts and behavior, as soon as I can remember, or that I regain my presence I say out loud to myself - "I am bigger than this" - and something magical happens, negativity dissipates and I regain control of my mind, the busy thinker loses its power and I become clear again so to focus on the creative and/or strategic solutions to the very problem causing the overwhelm.

"I am bigger than this"

I am certainly no enlightened master however it is a good start, and it works!

Jenni Madison is a personal coach and presenter. Her style is both intuitive and practical, designed to deliver and create a balance of strategy, creativity and spirit in your work and in your life.

Shyne Worldwide The Power to Make a Difference

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How To Trick Yourself Into Eating Less, Without Knowing It:By Great Ideas in Nutrition!

Nobody wants to feel hungry or deprived of what they enjoy. You can learn how to trick yourself into eating less and still feeling satisfied by knowing the hidden overeating traps to avoid.

A new book Portion Perfection - A visual weight control plan explains how you can have the foods you love and achieve your optimum weight by readjusting your portion sizes and fooling yourself into thinking you are eating the same amount as before.

Studies show people can eat up to 20 percent more or less without realising it. According to author and dietitian Amanda Clark, you can reprogram your expectations and habits when it comes to the amount of food you serve yourself.

"By gradually trimming off 100 to 200 calories a day, you can accumulate meaningful weight loss over time without feeling any diet deprivation," said Mrs Clark.

"Anyone can learn how to estimate portion sizes and use sensory perception to help you eat less."

Here are Amanda's secrets to shedding kilos without even noticing a change in your diet:

1. When you sit down to a meal, think about its:

a. Presentation - does it look appealing and what quantity do you see? Does it match how hungry you are feeling? This will help you register when you are half-finished and when the meal has ended so you can move onto something else.

b. Variety - what variety of colours, textures and types of foods do you see?

c. Aroma - smell the food. What do you notice? Does it smell fresh? Appetising? Can you smell all the components of the meal or only some?

d. As you eat the food, notice the texture - is it smooth? Grainy? Tough? Tender?

e. Also think about the temperature - is it ideal for that food? Could it be warmer or cooler? At which point does it cease to be the ideal temperature?

f. Savour the flavours - what ingredients can you taste? Imagine if you didn't see what you put in your mouth. Could you identify it from its taste and texture?

g. Slow yourself right down and enjoy the meal.

2. Downsize your plate, bowl, glass, package, container, serving spoon, etc. As the size of your dishes increases, so does the amount you eat. You can make yourself think you are consuming more from tall, slender glasses and smaller plates and bowls.

3. Never eat straight from a multi-serve packet or container - always serve the amount you intend to eat into a separate dish or cup, or buy single portion-sized packs. The bigger the packet you serve from, the more you tend to eat.

4. Find out the right snack size for you and learn how to count calories by the hundreds, for example - 100 calories in each slice of bread, 100 calories in one banana, 100 calories in each 200ml glass of fruit juice or skim milk, etc.

5. Keep variety of higher calorie foods to a minimum and increase the different kinds of healthy foods to choose from. The more variety you see, the more you will eat.

6. Thinking about what you just ate can decrease your appetite. With every mouthful, check with your stomach to see whether you really want to be eating this right now.

"Research has proven the larger the portion size, the more difficult it is to estimate how many calories we are eating. By paying more attention to what you are eating, using smaller dishes and gradually trimming your serving sizes, you can use your eyes to tell you when you are full," said Mrs Clark.

"We stop eating when there is a visual cue to stop - that is, when our glass, plate or packet is empty. The way to cut calories unknowingly is to stop when you feel satisfied, but you could eat more.

"Conscious eating is a concept which comes from mindfulness psychology. It means eating with awareness, really looking at the food you intend to eat, smelling it, tasting it, savouring and enjoying it. This helps you reach satisfaction mentally as well as just filling you up," said Mrs Clark.

About the Book

Portion Perfection: A visual weight control plan features over 150 recognisable brands of packaged foods, so you can be more selective in what you buy and more aware of your calorie intake. The book is available at selected bookstores and for $34.99

Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian. In 2006 she received one of the highest accolades in her profession when she won the Dietitians Association of Australia's national Innovation Award. The Portion Perfection book is supported by optional plates and bowls Amanda developed as useful tools for controlling portion sizes. Amanda has spent the past 15 years reviewing other nutrition authors' work for listing of the best on her online bookshop at

The Skin Management Centre: Two Tempting!

The Skin Management Centre difference… We are skin care therapists dedicated to achieving the ultimate in skin care. Armed with a thorough skin analysis, years of knowledge and training and dynamic Dermalogica products, your therapist knows your skin inside and out, and will prescribe exactly what your skin needs. Enjoy. We have many treatment options and packages as well as a bi-monthly special. Submit your email address to our eNewsletter and keep up to date. Below are a few terms and conditions that might answer a some questions you may have about The Skin Management Centre.


Take a little time to rejuvenate this month with our Two Tempting special that combines the very best treatments from our service menu. This relaxing package really is too TEMPTING to be ignored!

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$115 - 1 hour and 15 minutes in total.

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Short and Sweet:Asparagus, Mushroom and Fennel Salad!

Serves 4

2 bunches asparagus
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
6 small button mushrooms, cleaned & sliced
¼ cup finely sliced fennel bulb
1/2 chopped red onion
1 tbsp white wine vinegar ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp Dijon mustard
¼ tsp ground cumin
1/2 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley

Cut asparagus into pieces and blanch for 2 minutes. Refresh under cold water and drain. Toss asparagus, ripe tomatoes, red onion and fennel in a bowl.

To make dressing,

Whisk white wine vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, ground cumin and paprika in a bowl and season to taste. Pour over vegetables and sprinkle with parsley.

Tip: Don't salt the water during cooking as this will toughen the skin of the pulses

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