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The Benefits of Tai Chi:By Joshua Geyl!

The Benefits of Tai Chi Tai Chi is a health and martial art base gentle exercise that brings the mind and body together. The principles used to perform and master Tai Chi is based of the Taoist concepts and the all commonly known ying and yang. Like all exercise it is wise to know all aspects of movement and mind and without one the other cannot function. This is why when it comes to Tai Chi and with constant application of the principles a strong body and mind is developed through relaxation.

Tai Chi has been know to increase flexibility, co-ordination, joint strength, balance and agility, lower blood pressure and improve the condition of diabetes within months of starting.. The conventional way of training, the body to gain improvements usually involves stress with weight lifting or cardiovascular training and increased risk of injury. Tai Chi does very little work in terms of energy and straining, and has a high demand on a mental workout also, which brings noticeable results to those who practice. It has been shown to increase the central nervous system, improve co-ordination of the various organs of the body, and facilitate metabolism- all of which contribute to a lower rate of incidence of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Wester Medicine still finds it hard to know exactly why Tai Chi brings many benefits to those that practise it on a regular basis. Those who practice it say they experience a work out while relaxing which for them is like meditation with dynamic body movements. Science does point toward all things that reduced stress and give relaxation will help with a healthier body and promote a longer life. Tai Chi develops these principles and through the application of them within the exercises and in life.



Pre-Conception Care: By Annie O'Moon-Browning from My Health Sanctuary!

Many people have asked me what I believe to be the most important element of Pre-Conception Care. In answering this I have looked at many life situations and what brings us to them. What I believe to be the truest answer to this question is to nourish and care for your own body, for that of your partner and for the precious relationship that you have. This union is destined to bring forth a new life and to invite a soul to return to be your child.

Metaphysically I believe that in nourishing each other, you have a far greater possibility of a healthy conception success. This will also support all the endeavours of parenting. For it is from a strong and caring union, that encourages communication, nurturance, tolerance, patience and acceptance that we discover the essential basis for personal growth and responsibility towards any other human being. Be that ourselves, our partners or our children.

Most of us are spiritually ordained to share the responsibility of growing a child, a new life, with another person. In deepening our understanding of this union and in caring for all its idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and strengths we are guaranteed a good chance of success.

Intimate time spent alone together in sharing your thoughts and feelings and in relating to the journey that you are about to embark upon, is invaluable. Discussion of our fears, hopes, desires and dreams all work towards building energy that is conducive to the act of physical procreation, the conception of your new baby!

Nourishing each other in true communication of needs, wants and desires are almost more important than the supports (that I will be discussing a little further down the track) that we can use to prepare ourselves for physical conception.

This is the time to allow and invite yourself and your partner into true intimacy and exposure of who you are and what you believe in. Each pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and infant is different. In spiritually preparing yourself before the actually physical conception, you are affirming to life, in its deepest state, that you are truly ready to become a Mum or Dad (again)!

Many couples plan this time to spend away from their normal routine and include meditations, massaging each other, writing notes and stories, couple yoga, bathing, playing, dancing and making love. Opening their hearts to new possibilities and to learning more deeply about each other.

In the physical care of your pre pregnant body many positive and important issues arise. I have spoken to peoples from different cultures all over the world, about what they believe is the deciding factor in conception. I have some wonderful stories of how (in the Solomon's) if a man wears a leaf from a certain bush, and if this leaf is woven in a special way, then the woman of his heart will find him irresistible and conceive the strongest warrior of the tribe! Other cultures (Nepal) believe that the day of conception brings about a male or female child and that you are assured your choice by careful planning of your lovemaking! Others (German) believe that the health of the fetus is directly related to the virility of the man and that if your man has worn his boots all day in the fields…that your baby will be healthy and strong. Hence the old saying ladies, of "getting a man's boots under your bed!"

I love these stories as it speaks to me of the desire of our species to procreate and of the love of all people of babies and of the act that creates them!

However, physical well being of the woman and the man in the 3 months prior to conception is undoubtedly paramount. In this I am particularly interested in hormonal balance and nutritional status.

On deciding to start a family, many couples believe that they will conceive immediately. This occurs if there is adequate sperm count and viability for the man, and harmonious hormonal balance for the woman. Maintaining fetal growth and development is also intrinsically linked to the woman's hormonal state. If you are out of balance, if you have been on the oral contractive pill or if your man's fertility is compromised, your chances of immediate conception are reduced, and temporary infertility may occur. It is always advisable to get your hormonal balance assessed and to have your man's sperm count checked.

Bearing in mind that the average time for conception (even in the healthiest condition) is 12 months, you really do have time to relax and enjoy yourselves before becoming concerned.

In the 3 months prior to your desired conception it is recommended that you carefully monitor your diet, your stress levels, your ovulation and your overall well being. Keeping fit and supple are all bonuses in producing a healthy ovum. As your body is about to embark upon the 24 hour job that is needed to grow your baby, an appropriate supplement regime, suited to your body type and health history is strongly recommended. For example, if you are a blond, blue-eyed Anglo Celtic woman you will definitely need a calcium and sodium supplement

Embarking on an individualized program of Herbal and Homeopathic hormonal balancing, cleansing and building will go a long way to a healthy happy pregnancy, serene lactation and long term vitally as you age.

For the long-term planners of parenting I highly recommend that you both take a de-toxification program under the guidance of a trained practitioner. This will really strengthen your body and balance your hormones maximizing fertility.

For those couples experiencing long-term fertility issues there are some excellent estrogenic or progestogenic herbs (depending on the individual woman's hormone balance) that can be prescribed to rectify this health issue. Optimal fertility can be restored with good success as long as there are no medical problems. Each couple is different and it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a fully qualified Natural Health Care Practitioner.

Finally I would like to commend any couple for the steps taken with your health prior to conception. Every positive health decision you make will be guaranteed to support your baby, your bodies and your long term overall health, happiness and well-being.

Annie O'Moon-Browning is the Director of 'My Health Sanctuary' in Brisbane and has practiced as a Natural Health Care Practitioner for 27 years. She has been a senior educator of Homeopathy and Naturopathy in colleges in Queensland and specializes in Pre-conception Care, Infertility and Detoxification programs. She can be contacted on 07- 3369 9965

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Push Me Pull Me: By Sue Lester NLP Practitioner, Coach Trainer!

Have you ever wanted something so badly that the sight or thought of someone else having it made you furious, sick to the stomach or tearful? Maybe it's that promotion, that baby, that income, that partner? Desire can motivate us, but taken to the extreme it works in reverse, driving away what we most want, spiraling us down into despair. This may sound overly dramatic for those who haven't experienced this, or know someone who has. However, I've worked with many clients experiencing this, and I know many of you will totally relate to what I'm saying.

You've no doubt heard, seen or read of "The Secret", The Law Of Attraction etc, so perhaps feel that since you want something so badly, it has to come to you. The key, of course, is how you feel when you thinking about what you desire. How you feel about a goal anchors into your body, so, after repetition of desire, simply the sight, sound, mention or thought of the goal (or similar) will immediately generate the same response in your body. The idea is that you are filling your body with positive sensations, so psychologically and physiologically you program yourself that this goal is a very good thing for you. The bonus is that you are certainly more likely to achieve your goal/desire, and most importantly, your journey will be a pleasant positive experience.

The opposite works the same way. If you continually experience strong negative emotions when you think of your desire e.g. anger, jealousy, frustration, sadness, fear, guilt, you will anchor those into your body. The result is you'll associate your goal with pain, and strive to avoid achieving it. So, you not only miss your desire, you have a miserable journey grabbing at something you always keep out of reach, in order to protect yourself from the pain.

For example, this means that if you are conceiving, on IVF or not, yet the sight of someone else's baby or a pregnant woman sets off a negative emotional chain reaction, you are training your body that "baby=pain". To train your body to believe that "baby=love", you need to collapse your negative anchor (easily done using NLP), and layer in a new positive anchor by flooding your body with warm, loving, protective, happy feelings. This will involve stepping out of your own 'stuff' and looking at a baby with new eyes, marveling at it as the innocent, unique and miraculous being it is. Touching, holding, smelling and looking at it lovingly will all generate the positive anchoring in your body. Likewise, the pregnant woman you see is also a miracle on her own journey. She's not chosen to conceive to hurt you, and ascribing that meaning, in your body, only hurts yourself.

Likewise if you are jealous of another's good fortune, e.g. a promotion or successful business, you are anchoring in that success=pain, or wealth=pain. You are also closing off opportunities to share that good fortune. If you were expanding your business and looking to 'head-hunt' a former colleague, would you consider the one who had sour grapes, or the one who was generous of spirit, and genuinely pleased at your success. Take a moment to look at a desire you haven't yet achieved, and ask yourself what you are anchoring in, and whether you are helping or hindering your chance of success. Look at ways you can turn your attitude and behaviour around to serve your purpose better.

The idea of making this shift may seem impossible, but it can be achieved more quickly and easily than you can imagine, if you have access to the right techniques, and you do.





Plate Smash Exposes Calorie Overload:By Great Ideas in Nutrition!

We are so used to eating ever-increasing quantities of food that we haven't noticed how many extra calories we are overloading on our plates according to dietitian and author of Portion Perfection - A visual weight control plan Amanda Clark.

The number of calories per serving in classic recipes cooked at home has increased by nearly 40 percent in the past 70 years. This is the finding of a recent study that reveals the trend of growing portion sizes in numerous cookbooks.

"A calorie increase of 40 percent per serving is sizeable because a rise of just 10 percent is enough to result in weight gain," said Australian dietitian Amanda Clark.

The author has developed a new e-game called Plate Smash as a visual tool to show adults and teenagers how much is right to eat for lunch.

The game features an animated angel who helps you choose the foods and drinks you want, but if you go into calorie overload based on your age, gender and weight loss goals, your plate smashes.

"I believe most people would like to eat the right amount, if only they knew what that was. The Plate Smash game makes you stop and think about how many calories you are putting on your plate for one meal," said Mrs Clark.

The game was also designed for parents who want to learn the right quantities of various foods their active or inactive teenagers devour for lunch, including pizza, sushi, sandwiches, meat pies, French fries and chicken nuggets.

"If parents and teens know their calorie limits, this could help prevent and manage rising obesity in young people," said Mrs Clark.

"Latest research shows the best way to lose weight is to eat what you want and get into the habit of limiting your portion sizes."

"Reduced-calorie diets result in meaningful weight loss if you stick with them, regardless of whether they are low-fat, low-carb or high-protein."

"If you focus on eating the perfect portions, you can eat the foods you like, including the occasional treats. This means you won't feel deprived and can stick to a healthy way of eating for life," said Mrs Clark.

Amanda's book Portion Perfection features hundreds of photographs of popular foods and drinks to graphically show how much is right to eat for adults, teens and children.

About the Portion Perfection book, plate and bowl

Portion Perfection is a visual weight control plan that shows you exactly the right amount to eat if you want to lose or maintain weight. It includes everyday and occasional foods (such as treats like chocolate or wine) and spells out just how much to eat for various age groups. It has hundreds of pictures showing popular packaged foods, including almost every brand of yoghurt, cereal, muesli bar and crisps available in Australia, as well as common take-away foods. There's also a Portion Perfection plate and bowl to help you serve up the right amount. All the Portion Perfection products are available at

About the Author

Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian who received one of the highest accolades in her profession when she won the Dietitians Association of Australia's President's Award for Innovation. Amanda has spent the past 15 years reviewing other nutrition authors' work for listing of the best on her online bookshop at

Mothers Days Gift Idea: from My Health Specials!


Pau D'Arco Pau d'arco or Taheebo (Tabebuia avellanedae) is an indigenous tree to South America. The Brazilian Indians have used the inner bark of Pau d'arco for over 1000 years. They have used Pau d'arco for treating dysentery, fever, malaria, carcinomas and stomach ulcers and topically (externally) for treating skin diseases, fungal infections and skin cancers.

The first time Pau d'arco was ever used in western medicine was at the Santo Andre Hospital in Brazil, in the treatment of cancer in 1960. Knowledge of the herb became more widespread following a number of 'miraculous' cancer cures, including three successful leukaemia treatments. There is one story of a medical doctor who had a brother dying of cancer in the Santo Andre Hospital. After administering a brew of Pau d'arco the pain was relieved and the patient rested soundly. After only one month of continually taking Pau d'arco, he was discharged from hospital with no trace of cancer. This same hospital has continued to use the herb therapeutically with cancer patients with tremendous results.

Reports on Pau d'arco found in various U.S. publications are both informative and encouraging:

Lets Live, February 1985 said...

"Over the past 20 years reports from doctors and patients have indicated that this bark, when ingested (usually in tea form), has cured terminal leukaemia, arthritis, yeast and fungus infections, arrested pain, stopped athlete's foot and cured the common cold."

In a study done in 1981 in Brazil with nine cancer patients, pain was relieved and the size of the tumours was reduced in all patients. Three of these patients experienced complete remissions.

Despite these impressive results and many personal testimonies, no long-term statistics have been documented and the exact mode of action still remains relatively unknown. In Western Herbal Medicine today, Pau d'arco is used for its immune stimulating, antitumour, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiparasitic and blood cleansing actions. Treatment of candida with Pau d'arco is firmly established here in the west ñ along side citrus seed extract, Pau d'arco is probably the most promising anti-fungal agent that we herbalists have.

Treatment with Pau d'arco not only eliminates candida, but also at the same time, enhances the immune system, thereby preventing further infection. Used in conjunction with an anti-candida diet and quality Lactobacillus supplementation, Pau d'arco has the potential to balance the body, where thrush is an issue.

One of the main reasons viruses are so difficult to treat is that they invade and use body cells to sustain their existence. Once a virus has invaded, they are difficult to eradicate without also damaging the host cell. Studies have tested lapachol, one active constituent from Pau d'arco and found that it inhibits various strains of virus including some types of influenza and herpes viruses and the Epstein-Barr virus (causing glandular fever.) It makes you wonder what the whole herb, with its thousands of active constituents is capable of! Many trials have used only the isolated constituent; lapachol, resulting in nausea and vomiting and these trials have subsequently been halted.

No side effects or toxicity has ever been reported from the use of Pau d'arco.

Pau d'arco should NOT be used during pregnancy or when on anticoagulant medication.

Pau d'arco could easily be voted as the world's most revolting herb. The best disguiser for nasty tasting herbs is dark grape juice, although with Pau d'arco, it may only help slightly. (Grin and bear it.)

Detox For Life 16 Sonanne Place Fig Tree Pocket 4069

Phone: 0413 024 901

Flourish Remedies Herbal Pharmacy 777 Eumundi Noosa Rd Doonan 4562 (behind Fruits of Noosa) Phone: 07 5449 1130


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Short and Sweet:Chick Pea, Roasted Beetroot & Capsicum Salad!

Chick Pea, Roasted Beetroot and Capsicum Salad

Serves 4

2 tbsp olive oil 2 cups cooked chickpeas (canned is fine) 1 large red capsicum, chopped 150g baby spinach 1 diced red onion 1 tbsp cumin 1 tsp sesame seeds 3 tbsp tahini (hulled) Juice of 1/2 lemon 1/2 cup chopped parsley 6 small baby beetroots, halved roasted and cooled Place olive oil, chickpeas, capsicum, spinach, beetroots, onion, cumin and sesame seeds in a bowl. Blend tahini, lemon juice and water to make a dressing and drizzle over the salad ingredients. Sprinkle with parsley.

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Joan went to a psychiatrist. "Doc," she said, "I've got big troubles. Every time I get into bed, I think there's somebody under it. Am I going crazy?"

"Just put yourself in my hands for one year," said the shrink, "Come to me three times a week, and I'll cure your fears."

"How much do you charge?" "A hundred dollars per visit."

"I'll sleep on it," said Joan. six months later the doctor met Joan on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me again?" asked the psychiatrist.

"For a hundred bucks a visit? No way! Instead, I went on one of those 'Dude Ranch' vacations, and an old cowboy cured me for the price of a bottle of whiskey."

"Is that so! How?"

"He told me to cut the legs off the bed!

Ain't nobody under there now!!!"

.Quote of the week!

"Much of the stress that people feel doesn't come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started." David Allen

For a Good Cause: Why Support HAND?

HAND is a not for profit organisation in north Brisbane supporting people with intellectual disability by enhancing leisure and lifestyle opportunities. As part of its services to people, HAND manages the : * Leisure Access Program, * the HANDS UP! Program and the * Day Respite Program.


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