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Coping In ( Other Peoples) Tough Times:By Sue Lester!

Terrifying images of Nature out of control: firestorms, raging floods, gutted remains of homes, close-ups of shocked survivors breaking down as they tell their stories, doomed animals trapped by rising water. It's at home this time, not in a distant land, and everyone knows someone who has family and friends affected. It's easy to be mesmerized by the horror, absorbing more and more until you feel overwhelmed, totally inadequate, and perhaps even guilty that you are still living your normal life. Feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and guilty hardly puts you in a strong position to help those who need you, does it?

So, what to do? Let's look at those three negative states one at a time. 1. Overwhelmed. First step is to take back control, so turn off the TV, radio and stop reading the newspaper reports. You already know how bad it is, and any significant new information you'll hear from those around you.
Second, reassure yourself you'll know what to do if it happened to you. Write out 2-3 plans of emergency evacuation.
(1) If you find your home alight - ensure you and your family know to stay low (under the smoke) and go go go (get out immediately). Ensure locked windows and doors can be unlocked or removed from the inside in a hurry.
(2) If a bushfire, firestorm or flood is approaching, what are your plans of action? What safety items do you need to have e.g. wet towels, battery radio, drinking water & food, fully charged mobile phone, emergency contact numbers, protective clothing. At what point do you evacuate, where and how will you go? Etc. Check your insurance cover is up-to-date.
What you don't know, FIND OUT. Taking action and planning means you'll stop feeling helpless, and will be able to be there for yourself and your family, in the unlikely event you face that situation.

2. Inadequate. Work out what practical steps you can take to help, even the smallest amount has impact. Give money to the Red Cross appeal, each pay day. Find out what others are doing and volunteer to help. Organise your own fundraising or support via your local school, community groups, church, friends and family.

3. Guilty. If you are feeling guilty because someone else lost their lives, their loved ones and/or home, that is only perfectly fine if you lit the fire or created the flood. Otherwise, feeling guilty says you believe you are less worthy to live and thrive than others. Do you really believe those suffering would want you to be suffering too? Aren't you more use alive and actively supporting them? Do you really deserve to lose your home and your loved ones, or even to die? If so, it's time to seek out support from a trained professional to get you back on track.

Low self-esteem and the build-up of negative emotions have a detrimental effect on your health, your general well-being, and your ability to create a loving, contented life for yourself. The powerful techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help you quickly and easily shed the heavy load from the Past and create an enjoyable & empowering Present, so you can look forward to a better Future. Who around you would also benefit from you feeling happier? Would your family, friends, pets, colleagues and other commuters? Anything is possible if you really want it, and start by taking that first step toward it.

Sue Lester B.A. Dip Teach. Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnosis, Results Coaching. Facilitator of Emotion Detox Workshops

0428 128679. available for consultation in Fortitude Valley and Paddington

Detox with Alkaline Water : with Alkalife!

Did you know you can detox simply by switching your drinking water?

Yes, it's true! But not just any water - alkaline water. How you ask? Read on to learn more.

Optimal health starts with maintaining the right acid-alkaline balance. The pH levels of your internal fluids affect every cell in your body and an acid imbalance can lead to health problems. The pH range of your blood ranges between a pH of 7.3 to 7.45 and it is critical that you maintain this as a blood pH of 7.0 can lead to death. If your body's pH becomes too acidic, you may experience fatigue, low energy levels, poor digestion, excess weight and even more serious conditions. This is often due to the foods we eat, lack of exercise, stress and the body not eliminating acids properly. The correct acid-alkaline balance starts with proper nutrition. This includes eating more alkaline forming foods and drinking plenty of alkaline water.

Why alkaline water so important in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance

Water is the most essential element in establishing and maintaining the correct acid-alkaline balance. The quality of the water is just as important as how much of it you drink, as it must be capable of preventing toxins from accumulating and damaging bodily cells. It also transports minerals and nutrients that are necessary for cell metabolism, and remove substances that can damage the cell. Only alkaline water can help neutralise acid and allow your body to remove them.

What is alkaline water?

The pH (potential of hydrogen) of any water is measured on a scale between 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline) with 7 being neutral. Waters with a pH less than 7 are considered acidic and pH above 7 alkaline. Many people wrongly assume all drinking water is neutral. The fact is, distilled water is neutral, while most of the drinking water available to us is acidic.

Benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water helps neutralise stored acids and toxins in your body. Once neutralised, your body can then flush them out. Studies have shown that alkaline water can help the body to resist disease and slow aging by increasing intercellular hydration, replenishing essential minerals, stabilising and protecting cells, helping to maintain a normal blood flow and acid-alkaline balance, flushing out and preventing waste from accumulating in cells, and preventing free radicals from forming and damaging other cells.

alkalife provides a natural alkaline bottled water delivery service. We are also available in many health food stores listed on our website at

SAVE 20% OFF your first order when you mention My Health Specials! (Only available in Sydney metro). Call us now on 02 9380 9977 or email us at


Be Blessed: by Jenni Madison!

To be blessed is to receive, and to receive is to give; the two are not separate, as we cannot have one without the other. The gift is in both, giving and receiving. That is our relationship to life. Just as we breathe we take it in and we let it out, the breath is life, it is the natural flow of the invisible air that keeps us alive. To be blessed is to take in the energy of the Divine and to receive the love and intention for your well being and spiritual evolution.

Oneness, Spirituality, Energy, Divine - upon hearing these words can trigger or inspire various reactions, emotions and feelings in people. Some may find they sound a bit kitch and fairy, whilst others find a deep sense of connection, a spark of enlightenment, hope, life purpose or an opening for truth. Words can be so limiting and yet so powerful at the same time, as it is not in the words we hear, but the meaning we associate to the words that gives them the power. And yet, perhaps the truth is so much more than mere words can explain. Perhaps it is the feeling, the resonance beyond all words that really gives us the truth and the meaning of life. What is it all about for you? In one word describe what life is?

For me it is a journey, much like the waters cascading down the river it goes up it goes down, I crash I get up, I flow and I get stuck, I succeed and I fail, I laugh and I cry. Just as the river I move upward and outward, or deeper and inward. The deeper I go on the inside and the more progress I make on the outside, the greater I feel and more alive that I am. It is in the growth, the giving, the joy and the love that I can naturally give and receive the gifts of life. The gift is in everything and in all experience that the river creates. Napoleon Hill says it so well in his book "To Think and Grow Rich" - anything bad that happens is for an equal or greater beneficial reason.

Do you know what you really want from life? Do you know why you are doing what it is you are doing? It might be your work, your relationship, your investment in yourself?

The Oneness Blessing helps you to see and experience life as it is. To see reality as you create it. This sounds so simple and yet many of us often ask what life is all about, we search, we struggle, we ask the questions. Who am I? What is my purpose? We may suffer and wonder what is this all about, or why me? We may even feel joy and abundance tinged by a sense of guilt, as we know of others who are suffering in the world. We can achieve all of our goals, have everything we think we want and then feel flat as we ask is that all? We can even become depressed to then only get back on the old familiar road of - what to achieve next?

It is never enough no matter how much we have until we realise that the source of all abundance comes from within.

Do you relate to any or all of these feelings? Have you ever experienced these unfulfilled, trapped or confused moments for your self? I think we all have at some time.

To evolve is to open our hearts and connect. As connected creatures we relate to everything all of the time. We are in a never ending relationship with ourselves, with others, with the earth, with the Divine and with life. And what is relationship if it is not a process of giving and receiving, is this not a constant transfer of energy via communication, thought and consciousness. Everything we do and see is but a mirror reflection of our relationship to life and ourselves.

The Oneness Blessing is a transfer of Divine Energy. The energy holds the powerful Intention of its founders and creators Sri Ammah and Sri Bhagavan, the intention is to set man free. The Oneness Movement has now a global reach, from what I have seen it is the most well related spiritual movement to the mainstream and western worlds. The Oneness Movement does not exist to attract followers but rather to inspire contributors.

I am so pleased to say that there is no guru ship here, other than that which individuals choose to project for their own needs, and this does exist, it is their journey. As a modern commercial woman I am not looking to find myself in someone or something else, I am not lost or searching, there is nothing on the outside that can define who I truly am, only my being and what I create can express who I am. Being Blessed is such a gift that not just spiritual or religious activists are embracing, but people all over the world including our well known celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman and Linda Wagner. Many are enjoying the benefits of spirituality in the material world. The ultimate gift of life, love, acceptance and contribution, in a way that is so healing, natural and inspiring.

Freedom is an inner path, it is not reflected by who we are or what we have on the outside. Often it is our most restrictive conditions that show us the path to real freedom. As you receive the Blessing energy is immediately activated and deactivated within the neurobiological centres of your brain. The centers of joy and peace are activated whilst the centers of separation, despair, or depression may be de activated. The inner path to freedom can be a clearing of the dark for some, with unprocessed or unexpressed emotion rising to the surface for their release. The immediate affects can be feeling a sense of bliss, joy and well being - like a natural drug or high, or an experience of an angry outburst of rage or deep release of sadness, or nothing at all. It depends which part of the river you are on and what the next step to further you along the evolutionary path brings up for you.

The most beautiful reason for inviting the Divine consciously into your life is to see and experience the miracles, which are occurring daily. The Oneness University has reported so many miraculous stories from healing of terminal illness, to permanent states of stillness and bliss. Immediate feelings of calm and peace are the most common feedback. The process involves a cleansing and a clearing out of what is not you, bringing you back to your natural state - a state of joy, bliss, peace and childlike innocence. The states that we all know so well as we were born into it but have over time, through our patterned conditioning have forgotten.

If you would like to experience a Oneness Blessing, either one on one or at one of our weekly group events contact Jenni Madison on 07 3398 7480.

Jenni Madison is an experienced business owner, brand consultant and self leadership coach. To know more about one on one sessions, weekly events and other resources to enhance your unique leadership style go to

Shyne Worldwide The Power to Make a Difference 07 3398 7480





Challenging Childhood Behaviour & Food Sensitivity:by Linda Brown from Vive Organic Food and Health Clinic!

It's easy to identify children that have food allergy or sensitivity by the way they behave contrary to their better personalities. If you have ever witnessed a child at a party who absolutely 'turns into another person' you will know what I mean. Food allergies and sensitivities affect children in a number of different ways; physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviourally. They cause a wide variety of symptoms including ear, nose and throat irritation; frequent infections; skin rashes; fatigue; poor concentration; moodiness; hyperactivity; anxiety; irritability; and bedwetting. Quite often a child who has the ability to be patient seems unable to control their on-edge nerves, leading them to interrupt constantly; throw unusual tantrums or withdraw completely.

Occasionally, behaviour is the only symptom of a food reaction but generally it co-occurs with unhealthy mucous membranes, skin, digestion or immunity.

Food reactions may be caused by allergy (an immune response) or sensitivity (a non-immune inflammation or other reaction). The most common reactants are: o Additives: colours, flavours and preservatives
o Food Allergens - both IgE (e.g. dust mites, pollen, seafood, peanuts) and IgG (e.g. wheat, dairy, soy, yeast)
o Gluten allergy or sensitivity
o Salicylates
o Amines
o Glutamates

Food Additives
- colours, flavours and preservatives These additives occur mainly in processed foods and cause a variety of symptoms, from tantrums and hyperactivity to lack of attention, asthma and rashes. The most common food additives that cause behavioural imbalances are:

o Erythrosine 127 (red)
o Tartrazine 102 (yellow)
o Yellow 107 2G and Sunset Yellow 110

Flavour enhancers
o MSG 621
o 627,631, 635

o Sulphites 220-228 (dried fruit, fruit juice, coconut, processed meats)
o Benzoates 210-213 (syrups, medications, cordial)
o Nitrates 249-252 (processed meats)

Our advice is to get a chemical decoder such as "The Chemical Maze" (sold at Vive) and read labels well.

Food Allergy
Food allergens are generally divided into immediate IgE reactions (such as anaphylaxis to peanuts); and IgG reactions (such as bloating with wheat). IgE reactions usually cause a reaction within minutes to an hour (such as wheeze), while IgG reactions crest between 30 minutes and 4 days. IgG reactions are more difficult to identify because multiple foods cause accumulative reactions - in other words they overlap and are often seen a day after the food(s) is consumed. This causes unpredictable symptom patterns.

Gluten allergy can be coeliac disease (zero tolerance of gluten which causes autoimmune destruction of the gut); gluten allergy (whereby IgG and IgA antibodies are released and cause symptoms); and/or gluten sensitivity (which produces irritation without an antibody release). Most often, behavioural symptoms will be accompanied by bloating, bowel irregularity or fatigue.

The easiest way to identify such allergens is to:
a) Consult your Doctor for a RAST (radioallergosorbent) blood test or skin prick test for IgE allergies; plus a test for gluten allergy: TTG (anti-tissue transglutaminase) and anti-gliaden IgA and IgG
b) Consult your naturopath or holistic Medical Practitioner for a blood IgG test;
c) Use kinesiology techniques to identify reactants non -invasively (particularly useful for very young children).

Food Chemical Sensitivity - Salicylates, Amines and Glutamates Once you have ruled out allergy or eliminated allergens from the diet, it becomes easier to diagnose other food chemical sensitivities. Salicylate, amine, glutamate and additive sensitivities can only be identified by elimination diets (low in that food) followed by a challenge (eating that food and watching for a reaction). These take time and effort, and children with these sensitivities often have allergies as well. This causes many overlapping symptoms. .For a clear picture, diagnose and remove allergies first.

Salicylates, amines and glutamates are naturally occurring components of many foods. People develop sensitivities to them when there is more in the diet than the body can process. This can be a combination of genetics, leaky gut, liver toxicity or overload due to multiple irritants in the diet.

Salicylates are high in foods such as citrus, melon, berries, avocado, sultanas, broccoli, mushrooms, mint, and aspirin. Amines and glutamates are high in tomato, deli meats, chocolate, cheese and canned tuna. One highly reactive glutamate is the flavour enhancer MSG (monosodium glutamate, 621), found in Asian foods, chips, biscuits and many sauces.

Once the dietary challenge identifies the sensitivity you can minimise the offending agent until the symptoms clear, then challenge the foods and slowly re-introduce foods. In the meantime, it's wise to have a nutritionist or naturopath assess your child's gut and liver function, and provide nutritional support where necessary.

In essence, my step-by-step filter for detecting and resolving nutrition-related behavioural imbalance is:
1. Avoid food additives. Buy or download a chemical decoder and read numbers on labels. Check out
2. Test for allergies and avoid them
3. Do an elimination - challenge diet for salicylates, amines and glutamates
4. Ongoing parenting support for behavioural management. The Triple P program has been noted to be particularly useful, and is available through the University of Queensland Childhood Allergy Management

07 3399 1002: 36 Riding Road Hawthorne Queensland


Your Key To Optimum Sports Performance: with Kickbike!


Have you ever had to give up running due to impact injuries?
Do you suffer for days after you do run?
Do you suffer from short hamstrings?
Or maybe your cycling aggravates your lower back?
Maybe you had to take up cycling because the body could no longer handle running, but you found you could not get the same aerobic workout.

These are all great reasons to look at Kickbiking. At first look it appears to be a oversized scooter, a penny farthing look alike. But don't underestimate it. The Kickbike is now being used by elite athletes for Glut activation and core strengthening, unequalled by other workouts.

Cross Country Skiers, undoubtedly classed as the fitness in the world, have been using them now for 14 years for their summertime training. Here in Australia, AFL teams, Rugby, Hockey and Sprint Athletes are incorporating them into their training, mainly for the Hip Flexor stability and flexibility and Glut Activation.

If you take the Kickbike out for less than 1km then you just think, Wow, that's fun. If you take it out and did 5km then you would notice some very worked muscles. Spend a couple of weeks kicking and you will notice a difference in your strength, stamina, and flexibility.

If your sport has any sprint or running component, then you will notice a huge difference as a result of Kicking. I know it improved my performance.

Get yourself onto a Kickbike, and kick your own butt into shape.

Bruce Cook Kickbike Australia Visit or for more information contact Bruce Cook. Ph 1300 730206, Mobile 0407 699884 or email

Health warning: Side effects include toned legs, pert buttocks and a sense of wellbeing. Please moderate usage. Eating Addressed By The Whole Family!

by Rebecca

Selective or fussy eating on behalf of the child most often can be addressed with behaviour modification on behalf of the whole family. ...More


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Short and Sweet:Calamari & Broad Bean Salad with Watercress!

Serves 6

¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped Pinch dried chili flakes 2 tsp white wine vinegar

1 kg fresh broad beans 200gm sugar-snap peas, trimmed 1 small bunch of watercress

750gm cleaned calamari rings ½ cup firmly packed flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped 2 tbsp lemon juice

Combine olive oil, garlic and chili flakes in a pan and cook over low heat for 2-3 minutes or until garlic is light golden, then add vinegar and transfer to a large bowl.

Steam broad beans over a saucepan of simmering water for 3 minutes or until tender. Cool beans slightly, then peel and add to garlic mixture.

Steam sugar-snap peas for 3 minutes, and add to beans.

Steam calamari rings for 2-3 minutes then add to bean mixture.

Add parsley and lemon juice, season to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and mix well. Serve warm at room temperature.


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Laughter is the best medicine!

Why Dogs Can’t Use Computers

1. He’s distracted by cats chasing his mouse.

2. SIT and STAY were hard enough; CUT and PASTE are out of the question.

3. Saliva-coated floppy disks refuse to work.

4. Three words: carpal paw syndrome.

5. Involuntary tail wagging is a dead give-away that he’s browsing instead of working.

6. The fire hydrant icon is simply too frustrating.

7. He can’t help attacking the screen when he hears “You’ve Got Mail”.

8. It’s too messy to “mark” every Web site he visits.

9. The FETCH command isn’t available on all platforms. 10. He can’t stick his head out of Windows.

Quote of the week!

"The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing."

Michael E. Gerber

For a Good Cause: Why Support Lifeline!

There are many different ways you can support Lifeline. You can make a one-off donation, become part of our regular giving program, donate used material goods to a Lifeline store, or you might like to consider making a bequest part of your Will.



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