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The Triumph Of Tolle:Eckhart Tolle's Australian Tour!

Of all the authors privileged enough to earn an Oprah Winfrey Book Club crown, only a limited number actually manage to hit the high note with the talk show queen's audiences and critics alike. Fewer still manage to dramatically transform the lives of millions around the globe and become regarded as both a magnificent author, and spiritual master. But for Eckhart Tolle, these heights have been reached. The German-born author has become a household name since the release of The Power of Now and A New Earth -regarded as two of the most influential and empowering books of our time - and Oprah herself describes his work as 'essential reading'.

Perhaps the real triumph of Tolle lies not in his commercial success nor his fame but in his ability to, with the power of words, show readers the potential that lies within their own lives. .

It seems that, with this message, Tolle has helped millions of readers to find their own happily ever after.

Eckhart Tolle's Australian and New Zealand tour begins in March 2009 and will include seminars in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and a special weekend retreat at the Sunshine Coast.

Contact Hayhouse on +61 (2) 9669 4299 Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm or click this link for details

Is Pain Good? : By Deborah Joy Calleja Fom The Medical Sanctuary!

One of the functions of pain is to protect you and alert you to danger in the hope of preventing further damage. It is the actual unpleasantness of the pain experience that makes it so essential in our daily existence.

No one really wants to experience pain. If you have it, you often go to great lengths to get rid of it. It is the actual unpleasantness of the pain experience that makes it so essential in our daily existence. One of the functions of pain is to protect you and alert you to danger in the hope of preventing further damage, eg: touching a hot plate creates a reflex muscle contraction to remove your hand from the hot plate. When you have back pain, your body will move differently often to protect the painful part, this can aide in the healing process.


There are varying sources of pain, but the most common one occurs when the bodys' alarm system alerts your brain to the actual or potential tissue damage. Sensors are the proteins inside your neurons. These report messages as they are constantly surveying their particular region. They send messages to your spinal cord which then may be sent to the brain.

The Brain

The brain sorts out and interprets all the messages your body receives. Many parts of the brain are used in this process and in the response to the experience of pain. Some of the parts of the brain involved are those that are responsible for sensation, movement, emotions and memory. So you can see why pain can be such an overwhelming experience to deal with.

The brain can then respond to the pain experience by sending "happy" chemicals/hormones such as opiates, back down the spinal path to dampen the pain stimuli. Other messages that the brain will commonly send back are ones that release chemicals to help the damaged tissue heal, eg: encourage blood supply to the area.

Blood supply is important in healing and different tissues have varying degrees of blood supply, for instance, discs and ligaments take longer to heal than the blood rich muscle and skin tissues. Muscle spasm can be important in your tissue healing process, this is why you may limp or lean to one side when you have back pain. It is your brains interpretation of the messages coming in which regulates the quality and quantity of muscle activity. Generally, if the system is working well, the increase in muscle activity subsides when the underlying pain impulse is settling.

Managing pain

Be educated. Knowledge of why you have your pain can provide you with a foundation to support the healing process. Your practitioner will help you to understand what movement /activities that you can do which will help your recovery. Understanding your pain will reduce the threat of increasing the pain due to fear of the unknown (which can stimulate more protective systems and block healing).

We all know that the symptoms of pain can be restrictive and uncomfortable, but by seeing these responses to pain,(spasm, inflammation and immobility) as the body's' powerful, intrinsic wisdom to heal itself, pain can in fact, be your ally. So by listening and working with it and through it, you will be well on the road to beginning smart, therapeutic activities which will gradually return you to your regular life and wellbeing!

The Medical Sanctuary Office C2 Ashmore City Shopping Centre, 206 Currumburra Road, Ashmore, Qld 4214 Phone: 07 5564 5013

Embracing Opportunites from Survival to Thrival: By Jenni Madison.


Opportunity is always present. The universe provides us with signs, direction guidance and intuitive sparks of inspiration and possibility daily. We all know this to be true. It is perhaps the greatest gift of life, regardless of economic status or external circumstances.

And so why is it that some of us can embrace these natural gifts and receive the abundance, well being and natural flow, whilst others remain hidden behind the veils of fear - unsure of what step to take next, feeling stuck or blocked and often running on empty.


I had realised for sometime my stuckness. Struggling to manifest a joyful, prosperous event out of the many opportunities being presented. I knew it was me who was in my own way, no one and no thing else, just me. This made it even harder to confront. At least if I could blame something or someone like the economy, the unhelpful people around me, or my own helplessness I could perhaps stay hidden and afraid. However none of this is true, the negative media does not need to affect my internal world and belief systems, people around me were offering abundant support and care, and my helplessness was a powerless state that kept me stuck and irresponsible of myself and my own life creation.

The longer it took for me to confront the further down the spiral I would go. Until, the inevitable happens. Survival is so threatened and fear is so consuming that I have to get out of my own way - there is no more choice, I have had enough. It is a death and a rebirth - I surrender and let go….

Even though I dont own a TV I always hear about whats going on. A conversation with a friend, a business meeting, or a coffee shop paper is enough to spread the world talk. In a vulnerable state even the slightest inkling of global fear or crisis can be threatening and influential - so be careful, or....... become the master of your own world and create your external world from what you know to be true from deep within.

The first three steps to Thrival, 1. Recognise that it is you being caught up in the survival game, your consciousness and reactivity. You have the power to be, do and have anything you want, simply take response - ability for your souls highest destiny and embrace your own Personal Power.

2. Let go of the past both success and failure. Take only the lessons from both and be present and accepting of what is now, the past is a memory in your mind only, it exists as you choose it to so respond to the gifts and growth it has given to you and surrender the rest, reactivity will hold you back and cause inner conflict.

3. Believe in yourself. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Today and in this moment. Who you truly are is far greater than what you have and what you do - come to know and experience your truest being first and then allow the authenticity of your True Self to express in what you do and what you have.


A meaningful, successful life is one that is giving. Our greatest desire as human beings is to contribute, grow and make a difference. It is innate in every one of us as it is an imprint and value of our own soul, it is the purpose of life.

For every idea, decision and opportunity that presents itself to you - to know the answer, or whether it is an opportunity not to be missed, worthwhile of your energy, time and focus ask your self the following three questions;

If I choose to take action in this direction;

1. Will I contribute to and support the vision and desires of myself and or others?

2. Will I be making a positive difference to the lives, business and well being of others?

3. Will I learn, grow and develop myself by being a part of this?

If you answer yes to the three above questions, whilst remaining clear and unattached to outcomes, you will have the energy and drive to tap into your unlimited resourcefulness and make things happen. Things will go well for you and you will thrive. We are all meant to thrive, it is our natural state.

Jenni Madison Shyne Worldwide "The Power to Make a Difference" 07 3398 7480






Mood Food - Eat Your Way To Happiness: by Linda Brown from Vive Organic Food and Health Clinic!

If you could boost your mood, concentration, energy or relaxation simply with what you ate, would you? Well, you can. Mounting evidence suggests that merely what you eat can greatly impact your mental functioning, by providing the nutritional precursors (ingredients) that convert to crucial brain chemicals, or neurotransmitters.

Rev up with a protein breakfast

If you want to start your day with some get up and go, alertness and concentration, then protein is by far your most important breakfast nutrient. Protein foods such as eggs, meat, fish, fowl, whey protein and legumes contain tyrosine. Tyrosine converts to adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine, which elevates mood and mental alertness. Tyrosine is also a constituent of thyroid hormone, which is imperative for energy, motivation, metabolism and good mood. .

Get eggs - get the Smarts

B complex vitamins are imperative for effective mental function, and are found in nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, eggs, meat, seafood, and dairy protein. Eggs are a particularly good source of the B vitamin choline, which, with B1 and B5, produces the memory enhancer acetylcholine (Ach). Ach deficiency causes memory and concentration deficit, and maintaining adequate levels keeps the brain sharp. .

Chill out with Good Carbs

While protein is required in every meal for a good supply of all necessary brain chemicals, carbohydrates are required for the release of your relaxation juice, serotonin. Carbohydrates cause an insulin release, which causes the amino acid tryptophan (from protein) to cross into the brain. Once in the brain, tryptophan converts to serotonin. Serotonin makes you feel happy, calm, and if you have too much, a little sleepy. It also relieves pain. To get the best effect, base your meals on protein, and limit your carbohydrates through the day when you need to feel alert. Have a small portion of low glycemic starch early evening, such as basmati rice, durum wheat pasta or sweet potato. .

Good Mood Food

Finally, tuck into green leafy veges for your best dose of folate, which can prevent depression by maintaining serotonin levels. Fish and fish oil also have powerful antidepressant properties, and are required for optimal cognitive functioning. If, on the other hand you feel consistently crabby, research shows that selenium deficiency may have a part to play. So, grab a handful of brazil nuts and sunflower seeds…ahh! .

07 3399 1002: 36 Riding Road Hawthorne Queensland


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by The Nourisher

Fermented vegetables are great with most meals. Besides being a digestive aid, they have a yummy, tangy taste and cleanse your palate. Sauerkraut is one of the easiest ways to get started with fermenting vegetables. This very simple recipe includes Sally Fallon's answers to commonly asked kraut questions. . . ...More


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Short and Sweet:Herbed Chicken Salad with Fennel!


Serves 4


250ml dry white wine 500ml vegetable stock 4 black peppercorns 3 sprigs thyme 3 sprigs flat leaf parsley 3 chicken breast fillets (skin removed)


150 gm rocket leaves 1 curly leaf lettuce torn into pieces 1 avocado, chopped 1 small fennel bulb thinly sliced


1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 tsp lemon juice 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp white wine vinegar

Place wine, vegetable stock and herbs in a pan and bring to boil. Simmer for 3 minutes. Add chicken and simmer until tender. Remove pan from heat and let cool slightly. Tear into bite sized pieces.

For Dressing: Combine mustard and lemon juice, white wine vinegar & olive oil in a small bowl, season to taste and whisk to combine. Cover closely with plastic wrap and refrigerate until required.

Place salad leaves, avocado, fennel and chicken in a large bowl, season to taste and drizzle with dressing. Toss to combine.


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Laughter is the best medicine!

The newlywed wife said to her husband when he returned from work, "I have great news for you. Pretty soon, we're going to be three in this house instead of two." Her husband ran to her with a smile on his face and delight in his eyes. He was glowing of happiness and kissing his wife when she said, "I'm glad that you feel this way since tomorrow morning, my mother moves in with us."

Quote of the week!

There are eight requisites for contented living:

Health enough to make work a pleasure,

Wealth enough to support your needs,

Strength to battle with difficulties and overcome them,

Grace enough to confess your sins and foresake them,

Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished,

Charity enough to see some good in your neighbour,

Faith enough to make real the things of God,

Hope enough to remove all anxious fear regarding the future."

Johann von Goethe

For a Good Cause: Why Support Animal Rescue!

Nigel's Animal Rescue has rescued thousands of live animals over the years. Common rescues include cats from trees, wall cavities and drain pipes, dogs from in between fences, birds from roofs, warehouses, businesses, shops and shopping centres, possums from chimneys, wall cavities, roofs and buildings and rats from wall and ceiling cavities. Being the experts in Animal Rescue, we have also been involved in many not so common rescues, such as horses from swimming pools, owls from tennis court nets and kangaroos and emus from residential areas. Nigel's Animal Rescue always utilises the latest in animal rescue techniques in accordance with current guidelines and regulations.



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