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Lose it Where You Want To: With Lipomassage™

Australia's leading beauty clinics are offering the latest European spot fat treatment, Lipomassage™.

Lipomassage™ by Endermologie® is the new revolutionary treatment attacking stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. This non-invasive and scientifically proven spot fat treatment specifically targets trapped fat which is typically located in the thighs, hips, stomach, knees and arms.

Launched in Sydney recently at a crowded Press Conference in Sydney as part of an international phenomenon from Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai to Canada, the treatment already has been booked out.

Gunnar Peterson, Hollywood's celebrity trainer to the stars whose impressive A-List includes Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruze, Gwen Stefani and Sylvester Stallone was the main attraction.

"Lipomassage™ is the perfect complement to the training I have designed for my celebrity clients. Even with the most specialised exercise, you cannot spot fat reduce. Diet and exercise makes you lose weight, but not necessarily where you want to lose inches; that's were Lipomassage™ comes into play," says the fitness expert.

Also present was Dr Blanchemaison, one of France's most well regarded Phlebologists, "My studies have found that fat cannot be burned in problem areas of the body as it is resistant to the influence of adrenalin." Dr Blanchemaison continues, "Study results show that over time, fat cells become lazy and begin to store excess fat. When subjected to Lipomassage™, these inactive fat cells are stimulated to release fat more easily. Once the fat has been released (lipolysis), it is then dispersed naturally throughout the body's lymphatic and vascular system."

Scott Clifton, Director of C8 explains, "We live in an age of fast paced perfection and technological advancement, therefore, it is vital to only present the best the world has to offer. Lipomassage™ is renowned as the industry leader in more that 100 countries for its unparalleled efficacy. The secret lies in the patented technique of Tissular Rolling and Tissular Lifting. The mechanisms of Roll'In™, Roll'Up™ and Roll'Out™ each have very specific objectives to slim, firm, resculpt and smooth."

To attack your unsightly fat today or for Business Opportunities, contact C8 Pty Ltd 1300 368 688 | |


Sleep: The Elusive Dream of Every Insomniac: By Nirala Jacobi ND ( USA)

If you've ever suffered from insomnia, you can empathize with the many sleep deprived people dragging themselves into the office every morning. But it's one thing to miss a couple of hours of sleep in an otherwise healthy sleeping pattern and another thing altogether to get a couple of hours of un-refreshing sleep night after night…for years!

Did you know that

- the brain is more active at night while you sleep

- sleep is important for healing, physical repair, mental and emotional health

- improving the quality and quantity of sleep can often resolve even long standing health issues.

- insomnia is associated with an inability to lose weight, stress, and type A personality.

- you can't detoxify properly when you're sleep deprived

Chronic insomnia is can mean sleeping between 4 and six hours nightly -- truly a nightmare. Many people tell me "oh, I only need 6 hours of sleep every night" - that tells me they may have adapted to the few hours of sleep they are getting, but their body is under constant influence of stress hormones. High stress hormones are known to be contributing factors in everything from obesity, depression, and anxiety to chronic inflammation and cardiovascular disease

Falling asleep

Falling asleep is under the control of a hormone called melatonin, which rises in response to advancing darkness. The production of your stress hormone called cortisol is switched off and melatonin is produced instead. If you have difficulty falling asleep you may have too much cortisol and other stress hormones still circulating resulting in a "busy mind" syndrome. This can perpetuate the problem as you are lying there worrying about not being able to sleep.

Staying asleep

You actually move through about 5 sleep stages in a 90 minute cycle which is repeated about 5 times a night. Moving from shallow to deeper sleep allows for mental relaxation, physical repair, emotional stability, as well as charging up your batteries.

Frequent waking, or waking particularly at 2 or 3am often means that your stress hormone cortisol is being secreted at inappropriate times. This is often the result of chronic stress and can lead to weight gain and an inability to lose weight.

Tips for improving sleep

- no TV in the bedroom! Blue light from your TV can interfere in the production of melatonin and therefore your ability to fall asleep..

- avoid alcohol. Alcohol interferes with a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) which can result in frequent waking to go to the toilet. Alcohol also interferes with serotonin production by slowing the movement of tryptophan into the brain. Trytophan is an amino acid that serves as a building block for the well known anti-depressive neuro-transmitter serotonin

- do not nap during the day - it's important to be consistent with your sleeping routine

- take a hot bath (not shower) about an hour before bed for relaxation. Taking into consideration water restrictions of course.

- reduce electromagnetic fields by removing electrical appliances such as your digital alarm clock and TV set. Electromagnetic fields interfere with melatonin production.

- complete darkness in the bedroom. Heavy curtains can help

- have a pad of paper and a pen next to your bed-write down things you're trying to remember for the next day. Mental to-do lists are worries that keep your mind busy.

- only go to bed when sleepy.


Increase whole grain cereals and breads and other complex carbohydrates to help maintain blood sugar levels during the night and increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter for initiating sleep.

Also increase foods high in tryptophan in the evening . These include chicken, turkey, nuts, yogurt, bananas, dates, figs, tuna, brown rice, and whole grain crackers)

Tryptophan is a building block for serotonin. Green tea is also very beneficial for relaxation-it contains L-theanine which can increase alpha waves of the brain associated with relaxation.

Decrease/avoid caffeine at least 6-8 hours before bedtime, alcohol, sugar (stimulating to the nervous system), as well as tyramine containing foods close to bed time: bacon, cheese, chocolate, eggplant, ham, potatoes, sauerkraut, sugar, sausage, spinach, tomatoes, and wine

Tyramine is an amino acid that can increase noradrenalin/norepinephrine release, which stimulates the brain

Supplements - best when prescribed by a health care professional.

Here are just a few suggestions

- magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. Great for those who can't sleep due to physical discomfort or body tension

- magnolia extract - helpful for those who suffer from frequent waking. Magnolia is a Chinese herb that has a mild sedative effect

- L-Theanine is found in green tea. Excellent to increase relaxation

- amino acids like Tryptophan help with proper neuro-transmitter production

- herbs such as passionflower, valerian, hops, and chamomile have been used traditionally for insomnia. (c) 2008 Nirala Jacobi

(07) 3368 1740 Address: 113 Enoggera Terrace Paddington Queensland

How to Dry Body Brush : with Bodecare Wellness & Spa products!


Dry body brushing has been used for years because the health benefits are so extensive. It can improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins, exfoliate dead skin, reduce ingrown hairs and many other health benefits. Many people use dry brushing successfully to assist with the relief of arthritis, improve poor circulation and remove bumpy skin from backs of leg and buttocks. (see website under testimonials)

Bodecare Dry Body Brushing System has been developed to aid the body's lymphatic drainage and for that reason all brush strokes are toward the major lymph nodes in the body (see diagram attached).

Before Dry Body Brushing please take note of the following precautions:

1. Never Skin Brush over active inflammation or during an active cancer state or over enlarged lymph nodes.
2. Do not brush on sunburnt skin.
3. Avoid breasts & genitalia area.
4. If pregnant seek doctors advise first before skin brushing.

General Rules of Dry Skin Brushing

1. Always use a natural bristle skin brush, for optimum results use a plant bristle.
2. Perform on Dry Skin only.
3. Generally stroke upward in one movement.
4. Light strokes repeated 7 times.
5. Adjust pressure to your comfort levels.
6. Best to follow brushing with some form of hydrotherapy i.e. shower or bath
7. Don't brush more than you need to. Over doing it does not mean better results.
8. Work from left to right side of body.

Steps of Dry Body Brushing


When brushing feet it is recommended to use a firmer bristle, start on left side.

1. Start at soles of feet, stroking brush from toes to heel, follow each brush stroke with a soothing sweep of the other hand.
2. Continue on top of foot from toes to ankles and ending at Achilles tendon behind ankle. Cover both sides of foot.

When brushing legs, buttock, back, abdomen, hand and arm it is recommended to use a body brush that meets your comfort levels Soft-Medium-Firm bristle brush)
1. Continue upward brush strokes up the leg, moving from ankle to calf and shin, up to hamstrings and quadriceps, ensuring to cover entire leg, up toward the lymph groin area (see diagram, arrows are pointing in the direction of brush stroke)

Buttock and Back

1. Move to buttocks, starting at top of buttock, brush down to the gluteal fold (where buttock joins the leg) and sweep back again to top.
2. Then from base of buttock sweep upward to outside of hip.
3. Once reaching the lower back, start your brush stroke from spine and sweep brush stroke up and out to side of torso, all the way up to the shoulder blades and finishing from spine to over the shoulder. Repeat on right side


1. Lower abdominal: Starting left side, hold brush at navel and brush stroke downward and toward the lymph groin area, and then from navel outward to hip joint and side of torso. Repeat on right side.
2. Upper abdominal: Starting on left side, hold brush at navel and brush stroke upward and outward from mid to outer torso, under the breast line. Repeat this on right side.
3. Complete abdominal area with the concentric circular brush stroke. Starting at navel move in small circular clockwise strokes, not leaving the skin, gradually increase the circular strokes until reaching the outer abdomen. Then work in anti-clockwise brush strokes from large to small until back at the navel.

Hand and Arm

1. Brush from wrists to fingertips. Turn hand over and brush from fingertips (and inbetween fingers) to wrist and continue up the arm to the shoulder, working from inner to mid and to outer arm. Finish brush strokes over the armpit, with light strokes in small circular, clockwise direction. For more steps on Décolletage, Neck, Face and Scalp, please contact

What to Expect

In completion to the dry body brush a slight reddening of the skin (erythema) is normal, it is the blood circulation responding to the skin brushing.

Hygiene is important with dry skin brushing, as so much dead skin cells sloughs off and works it's way into the brush bristles. To clean your dry skin brush, wash in hot soapy water and leave in the sun to dry, with bristles facing down.

"We hope you can make dry body brushing a part of your daily routine and thank you for taking the time to contribute to your health!"

0438 946 670

The I.C.H.P Weight Control Programme: with Peter McMahon!

The I.C.H.P. Weight Control Programme was developed by Dr. Joe Keaney, Director of The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. For more than twenty years, thousands of people just like you have been gaining permanent control of their weight through Dr. Keaney's programme.

The I.C.H.P. weight loss programme has a very high success rate because it enables you to achieve personal change at a deep level in your sub-conscious mind. It is the part of your mind, which governs your motivations, perceptions and beliefs. I have conducted weight control programmes both privately and for groups. I do not prescribe a diet for you to try to follow and then eventually break. However you will enjoy noticing your eating habits improving; and you will feel good about yourself more and more as you lose a moderate amount of weight each week. Some people enjoy or require the structure of a prescribed diet. In which case I work in conjunction with your dietitian.

When you attend the I.C.H.P. weight loss programme, you will learn effective techniques to change your perception of different foods and will not experience the battle of will power and calorie counting which you may have experienced as a dieter. Your self confidence will improve as you achieve your goal of a thinner, healthier you. You will learn self-hypnosis and gain motivation to enjoy moderate exercise. I teach you to recognize and change unwanted eating habits and to become aware of and overcome any blocks or internal conflicts which may be preventing you from achieving your goal. To maximize your benefit from the programme, I provide you with a hypnotic audiotape, which you may use at home to reinforce the suggestions.

Most people achieve permanent weight control by attending the group sessions. The programme is four sessions spread over six weeks. Some people prefer private sessions.

Seize the opportunity now to change your life for the better because you deserve to have the healthy body you want.

Eating Disorders - Bulimia, Binge Eating, Anorexia, Emotional Eating.

Quite often over-eating and under-eating are some kind of safety behaviour for a deeper, perhaps unknown problem. In which case simple suggestion therapy will not be sufficient on its own. We need to find the root cause of the problem and also to provide you with tools that enable you to make the permanent changes you want. For eating disorders I use a combination of suggestion therapy and analytical hypno-psychotherapy to help you overcome you problem. Please phone me to ask any further questions and to reserve your place in the up-coming weight loss programme.

07 3833 6735 / 0404 136 553

Montserrat Day Hospital Level 2/ 35 Astor Tce



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more specials at Liver Files!

By Lynn Razaitis

ANTI-FATIGUE FACTOR Liver’s as-yet-unidentified anti-fatigue factor makes it a favorite with athletes and bodybuilders. The factor was described by Benjamin K. Ershoff, PhD, in a July 1951 article published in the Proceedings for the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. MORE...


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Short and Sweet:Almond Impossible Pie!

Serves 8


1 cup caster sugar 4 eggs 2 cups Australian milk 50g Australian unsalted butter 1/2 cup plain flour 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1 cup flaked almonds grated rind of 1 lemon Australian thickened cream, for serving


Combine all ingredients into a food processor and process until combined. Pour the mixture into a buttered 24cm pie dish and bake at 180C for 55-60 minutes. Serve with cream.

Laughter is the best medicine!

At the end of their first date, a young man takes his favorite girl home. Emboldened by the night, he decides to try for that important first kiss. With an air of confidence, he leans with his hand against the wall and, smiling, he says to her, "Darling, how 'bout a goodnight kiss?" Horrified, she replies, "Are you mad? My parents will see us!" "Oh come on! Who's gonna see us at this hour?" "No, please. Can you imagine if we get caught?" "Oh come on, there's nobody around, they're all sleeping!" "No way. It's just too risky!" "Oh please, please, I like you so much!!" "No, no, and no. I like you too, but I just can't!" "Oh yes you can. Please?" "NO, no. I just can't." "Pleeeeease?..." Out of the blue, the porch light goes on, and the girl's sister shows up in her pajamas, hair disheveled. In a sleepy voice the sister says: "Dad says to go ahead and give him a kiss. Or I can do it. Or if need be, he'll come down himself and do it. But for crying out loud tell him to take his hand off the intercom button!"


Quote of the week!

"Living consciously involves being genuine; it involves listening and responding to others honestly and openly; it involves being in the moment." Sidney Poitier Actor and Author of The Measure of a Man

For a Good Cause: Why Support Suicide Prevention Australia!

Suicide Prevention Australia is a non-profit, non-government organisation working as a public health advocate in suicide prevention. SPA is the only national umbrella body active in suicide prevention throughout Australia, promoting: * Community awareness and advocacy * Collaboration and partnerships between communities, practitioners, research and industry * Information access and sharing * Local, regional and national forums, conferences and events .



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