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Emotional Freedom Technique:with Fiona Beneke!

How would you like to have freedom from anxiety, depression, fears & phobias? How would you like to have freedom from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs? How would you like to have freedom from anger, trauma or sadness?

Would you like to start living with a sense of well being, a sense of balance? Would you like to have enough energy to focus on what you really want in life?

EFT is a form of "psychological acupressure" developed by an American Psychologist, Dr Roger Callahan and further developed by Stanford Engineer Gary Craig that is based on the premise that:

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system"

Energy Psychology is a fairly new form of energy therapy which has been taking the world by storm. These energy therapies are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Applied Kinesiology (AK).

I call EFT 'Feng Shui for the brain'. As we clear up old issues from the past that clutter up our thinking and cause an emotional response in us, we make room in our minds to focus our attention on what we want and NOT on what we don't want.

Once the energy pathway has been cleared the person experiences no further pain or negative emotions from the memory or thought, leaving their mind, body and spirit refreshed, recharged and balanced.

Each session involves gently tapping a sequence of energy points on the upper body with the fingertips, which releases the negative emotional charge. Nothing else is used and the client doesn't have to discuss the problem. As long as they are inwardly focused on the problem, the tapping works.

EFT is also a great tool for working with the Law of Attraction. As we form beliefs throughout our life, these beliefs are buried in our subconscious mind. Over the years these blocks or limiting beliefs can hold us back and we self sabotage without realising it. Using EFT on these negative thoughts can bring about a shift in our awareness.

Change your beliefs and change your life.

First half hour session FREE. ( contact via the below form or call 0401 202 566 and mention

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Relieving Pain with Osteopathy: with Joanne Brass!

Although Osteopathy has been around for over one hundred and thirty years it's now more popular than ever.

Osteopathy is a form of drug-free manual medicine that focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the musculosketal (muscles and bones) framework. Osteopathy helps to relieve problems within the body's nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Medical statistics reveal that back pain affects 80 percent of Australians at some stage in their lifetime that incapacitates them for one week or more. And one in three people suffer from musculosketal problems which causes pain or restricts movement.

Osteopaths are considered "back experts" and can also treat people suffering postural problems, arthritis, asthma, headaches, repetitive strain injury, sports injury, pregnancy related pain, menstrual pain, the common cold and more.

A typical consultation with an Osteopath normally lasts between thirty to forty five minutes (Initial consultations can be up to one hour). A consultation includes a complete medical history covering in detail any sources and locations of aches, pains and discomfort in the body as well as looking at diet and lifestyle patterns, followed by treatment which can include soft tissue work, manipulation and joint mobilisation. These techniques help to free up joints and relax muscles, often moving them in ways patients cannot perform themselves. The session is then rounded off with a list of exercises and stretches advised for the patient to complete at home.

Osteopathy is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as being scientifically proven. In Australia Osteopaths are Government registered practitioners and are kept up to date with the latest research surrounding musculosketal medicine.

1359 Sandgate Road Nundah (07) 3256 6156

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Want Younger, Tighter Skin without Cosmetic Surgery?: checkout Titan!

Titan, a revolutionary new treatment, promising to lift sagging skin, without going under the knife has arrived at Clinic Aesthetic.

Clinic Aesthetic, located at Mater Private Clinic in South Brisbane, is Queensland's first and only clinic to offer the Titan Procedure as part of a comprehensive "3D" skin rejuvenation program, as well as exclusively offering a medical range of non-surgical cosmetic services and products all especially designed to keep you looking younger, without having to undergo plastic surgery.

The manufacturers of Titan, Cutera, an American based company, developed the product to provide patients seeking younger looking skin with an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures and since being released in the US a little over a year ago, Titan has proven to be extremely popular.

As people age the collagen fibres in the skin stretch and loosen naturally. This results in less elasticity in the skin and in turn makes the skin droop.

The Titan Procedure treats lax and redundant skin throughout the body - including the abdomen, thighs and underarms - and is also used to tone, lift and tighten skin on the face and neck.

With very little, if any, pain to the patient, the Titan uses laser infrared light to deliver a series of quick, heated zaps deep into the inner layers of the skin to stimulate collagen rebuilding.

The infrared light source works in two different ways, firstly by heating up the weak collagen, and secondly, the light encourages the skin to produce new collagen over a period of months, which then results in a smoother, tighter, younger looking skin.

Patients of all ages can benefit from the treatment and is perfect for those with busy schedules as the procedure can take anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the area being treated.

With the Titan procedure™ there is no down-time so a person can immediately return to work or their day to day business.

The number of treatments required will depend on the area being treated and the results will vary depending on the individual, however most patients usually only require one to two treatments at the most and results can be seen immediately with the ultimate result seen progressively over the following months.

Clinic Aesthetic provides medically accredited and clinically qualified non-surgical cosmetic services. For further information on the Titan and other services offered by Clinic Aesthetic, please contact (07) 3010 3388 or visit

Mater Private Clinic 550 Stanley Street South Brisbane


Two for the price of one Blueberry Smoothie (Anti-oxidant Exfoliating Mask) (Not in conjunction with any other offer, One offer per customer)

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Deliriously Detoxed: with Vanessa Finnigan!

Often the word 'detox' conjures up images of Hollywood celebrities in drug and alcohol rehab. A herbal detoxification however, is life changing for people with ailments as well as healthy people seeking improved vigour.

I remember back in my pre-detox days, my body was crying out for some attention. In my late teens, I used to regularly mix up bowls of icing sugar and eat packets of lollies. Although I never put on any weight eating bags of sweets, I started to think about the damage I could be doing to my body. By the time I reached my early 20's, I had poor energy and the sugar cravings played havoc with my blood sugar levels and general health. As a result, I suffered from hypoglycaemia, yeast infections and mood fluctuations. Eating a lot of sugar was like a 'hit'; I'd laugh hysterically and have heightened energy, later on however, I'd start to feel sluggish and would become quite irritable. These were the issues that led me to see a medical herbalist to start the detoxification process.

I approached my first liver detox with a mix of trepidation and excitement. I took home bottles of strange smelling concoctions, an enema kit (no comment), and a list of foods to consume and foods to avoid. On one night, I mixed up a special brew of grapefruit juice, olive oil and tincture which I skulled around 10pm. This was pretty well the antidote to any Friday night partying fantasies I was entertaining in my mind. It was all worth it the next day when I saw hundreds of gall stones floating in the toilet. I painlessly removed about 1000 gallstones and other toxic substances over a two to three year period. I undertook herbal kidney, liver and bowel detoxifications, at home as well as on retreats with other keen individuals who I'll refer to as 'detoxers'. When you are processing a lot of pain sometimes it helps to talk to others who have walked the path.

Interestingly, my non-detoxing friends for a small period thought I was detoxing to try to lose weight. However, my focus was to feel well, alive and consume nourishing foods. I actually valued myself considerably to start thinking about what I was putting into my body. My body became quite sensitive to certain foods and I started to see the link between the food I was putting into my body and my resultant mood and energy.

With each cleanse I'd feel a plethora of experiences. There were many different emotions that surfaced both during and after the main detox periods. Sometimes I would feel cold and weepy or at other times irritable and feverish. I would also usually feel wiped out energetically for a little while afterwards. It wasn't long however, before my body started feeling alive as the toxic burden was being released. Instead of desiring sweets, my body started asking for brown rice, pulses, vegies and other nutritious foods.

Interestingly, the physical detox is just one part of the process; I also had to look at the emotional issues and beliefs underneath the conditions that were manifesting physically. Despite all my training, I still needed to address what role the sugar was playing in filling a void in my life in my early adult life. I was using the sugar as a pick me up, to deal with boredom and patches of loneliness. The sugar was like an external mother that soothed and told me it was all going to be okay. I realised that I needed to walk back inside myself and stay there and feel the depth of what was there. At this point the emotions were transmuted.

This took determination to be continually 'sitting' with those different emotions, watching them as they changed and releasing them. At the same time, I was observing my mind as it ran through negative interpretations. When I observed without judgement, I started to see how the mind retrieves the same old beliefs. Bit by bit the freedom came from standing back and seeing that those negative thoughts are not the truth. They are however at the time very convincing and repetitive and limit the inner wisdom. As you can see, an emotional detox goes hand in hand with a physical one.

This is not an overnight process, and there is a lot of dedication required. After years of consuming junk products and other toxic substances, the body takes some time before it is in balance again. When I listened to myself there was a voice that was saying, keep going this is all for the greater good. My inner guidance directed me to keep doing emotional and physical detoxes even after things had improved and when things were going along well.

Before I started detoxing, my body was like an old Toyota Corona; it still went no matter what fuel I put in it, but it was only a matter of time before it cut out. Once I started detoxing, my body became like a Formula One car, so I had to take more care to make sure it ran on the best fuel, otherwise it would not perform well. Eating fresh and preferably organic food is the best way I've found to nourish the body. The general public seem to be realising that detoxing has become critical with growing toxic environmental factors.

I still have a piece of cake now and again but I'm always interested in my indifference to sugar. I usually feel much better when I eat something wholesome and full of nutrients. It's such a blessing to feel like my sugar demon does not have a hold over me anymore. I'm free! I also can choose to eat the odd sweet at my own discretion. Being a 'detoxer' is not for the feint hearted, it's hard work and takes persistence but the results are well worth it. Although I have detoxed over many years, it's still an ongoing journey and an act of love to be aware of thoughts and emotions and how they influence food choices.

Vanessa Finnigan is a Brisbane-based psychologist and published writer. Vanessa's Clinic is located in Bulimba and can be reached on 0422 538335

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Urban Retreat (Paddington/Hawthorne)Complimentary Detox Treatment for every 1 1/2 hr Detox & Tone Salt Scrub booked in the month of June. This is a great cleansing treatment and will kick start you into the Winter months with a healthy glow. . ( Please fill out the contact form on the page)

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Life after Diets - one day seminar 9/6/07

Solve your Weight Problem - End Emotional Eating - Stop yo-yoing Freedom from the Weight War - get ready to embrace the Non-Diet Revolution. The entire 4 week Seminar Series presented in one empowerment-packed day. Limited to a maximum of 4 ladies to ensure you get ultra personal attention with all your needs addressed, packaged into a convenient time frame. From 9.30am to 5.00pm - the cost is $242 which includes comprehensive workbooks, morning tea and afternoon tea. As a bonus, you get 30 minutes telephone support following the Seminar or your first CAKES meeting complimentary.

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Short and Sweet:Orange, Ricotta and Rosemary Cheesecake Flan!


100ml Australian cream 1/2 cup honey 2 tablespoons fresh orange juice 2 sprigs rosemary 500g Australian ricotta 200g Australian Greek style yogurt 3 eggs 2 teaspoons finely grated orange rind icing sugar and Australian Greek style yogurt, to serve Syrupy Oranges 1 cup caster sugar, extra 2 tablespoons honey 1 cup water 2 oranges, thinly sliced 3 sprigs rosemary, broken into clusters


1. Bring cream, honey, orange juice and rosemary sprig to a gentle simmer for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and stand for 15 minutes, until cooled slightly. Remove rosemary sprigs. 2. Process cooled mixture with ricotta, yogurt, eggs and orange rind. Pour into a lined 24cm springform pan. Bake at 180°C for 50 minutes or until set. Allow to cool in oven. 3. For oranges, bring sugar, honey and water to a simmer, add oranges and rosemary clusters, gently simmer for 20 minutes. Allow the oranges to cool in the syrup. 4. Remove cheesecake from pan and slide on a serving platter. Top with oranges, rosemary clusters and some of the syrup. Serve with yogurt and a dusting of icing sugar

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Laughter is the best medicine!

3 types of people

There are 3 types of people in this world: Those who can count, and those who can't.

Quote of the week!

Remember: Success is nothing but luck. Just ask any failure. - Anon

For a Good Cause: Why Support Young Care?

Youngcare is a nationally registered charity and non-profit organisation formed to help young Australians with high care needs. We are independent and non denominational.



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