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The Healing Power of the Healing Crisis : by Miriam Young!

By Miriam Young The healing crisis occurs when we are truly healing. Detoxification is one of the most powerful forms of true healing available to humanity. We have chosen to detoxify our bodies, so that not only can our cells start to breathe, but also our spirits and the very essence of whom we are can come forward and start living.

The healing crisis occurs when through detoxification we re-experience blocked emotion. This blocked emotion may come out through aches and pains and illness within the physical body, or it can move out of us through our emotions, in the form of tears, anxiety or anger.

Sometimes a person will actually go into the memory of the cause of a blockage. If they have been avoiding the memory, avoiding looking at the issue for years, it may bring up varying degrees of traumatic feelings. This is the healing crisis. At other times it can be something that just passes in the night. You may wake up in the middle of the night, feeling a bit fearful and then it suddenly disappears, the blockage has resolved.

It is important to realise that if we block any emotion, we are also blocking the internal organs and the cells of our body. When we release the emotion, we have to re-experience the emotion one last time as it disappears from our being for good. Cold showers are an invaluable tool, aiding in the clearing of emotions and pulling out our physical pain. Having cold showers daily accelerates any manner of healing, making the healing crisis so much easier to handle. If you are currently detoxifying and experiencing a healing crisis and not doing cold showers, then start doing them now. You will notice the difference immediately. Jump into the ocean or a lake. Find out for yourself how wonderful you feel afterwards.

Within the four walls of our houses, negativity is able to take hold. Outside and in nature, negativity is unable to get to us as easily. During the detoxification process it is important to take walks in nature, even around the block, sit under a tree or practice Qi Gong. It is important to gain new Qi as the old energy and toxins leave us. Nature is our greatest healer.

Common Physical Symptoms of a Healing Crisis

-Up the back of the neck/back of the head - your kidneys are detoxifying -Forehead, eyes, top of the head - your liver is detoxifying -Temples - your gallbladder is detoxifying

Lower back - your kidneys are detoxifying Knees and hips - your kidneys are detoxifying Joints - your liver and/or kidneys are detoxifying Unusual menstrual pain and heavy bleeding may be during any type of detox, but especially liver and kidney.

Skin Complaints
Acne, eczema, red rashes, sudden unusual markings etc - your liver is detoxifying Acne around the jaw and chin - your bowel is detoxifying.

Your liver and/or bowel are detoxifying

Bloating/Intestinal Discomfort
The detoxifying is upsetting the Candida and/or parasites in your intestines. They are unable to reproduce and are dying. They may excrete waste materials (endotoxins) in the process of being destroyed, adding to your gas, bloating and griping sensations.
May occur on a liver cleanse, the liver detox is forcing your liver to let go, you are holding on in the intestines, there is something you do not want to let go of - fear.

General fatigue/Exhaustion.
It takes energy for the body to rid itself of toxins. The more toxic you are, and/or the more toxins that you are releasing, the more tired you become. It is important to relax, rest and sleep more on and after a detox programme.

Colds/flues/Re-experience of Viral symptoms/Chronic Fatigue etc
Your immune system and liver is detoxifying

The virus (Ross River/glandular fever etc) or bacteria is still present in your system and is now coming out. It is important not to suppress these symptoms with any orthodox medication such as antibiotics etc; otherwise you will just be forcing the virus/bacteria back into your body.

Common Emotions of a Healing Crisis

Being snappy towards your partner, children and/or friends
Wanting to scream uncontrollably
Hating yourself and the world
Depression, what is the point of living?
Grief and sadness
Hopelessness and desperation
Dark night of the soul
Crying uncontrollably and/or for no current reason
Fearfulness and insecurities
Old memories that surface releasing a whole array of emotions
Forgetfulness, vagueness, clumsiness
Loss of appetite
Apathy and/or not wanting to experience your emotions

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Some people see things as they are and say "Why." I dream things that never were and say "Why not." -George Bernard Shaw

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