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Unified Metaphysical Theory:The Spiritual Journey!

For many people the spiritual journey is completely misunderstood and yet it is profoundly important and can explain why we are here and where we are going. All of humanity is part of this evolutionary experience and regardless of how it is interpreted or recognised it still affects us all.

In order to explain the spiritual journey I have used the term Unified Metaphysical Theory which consists of the following four parts.

1. The Personality
2. Kundalini/Body Energy
3. Morphogenetic Field/The Matrix
4. Linking Up To The Main Frame

1. The Personality
Soul, the conscious essence, travelling through time and space, which incarnates into a human body. The body has an independent memory that is formed by our genetic code and the experience of our ancestors. Genetic Memory. Biography - my life experience from conception to death. The combination of the Soul, Genetic Memory and Biography becomes our personality. The personality is the perspective (filter) through which we experience our life. It is the opinion's we hold about what is right and wrong, how people should relate to one another, and how we experience life around us. The personality is the conditioned mind, it is a self induced hypnotic trance.

2. Kundalini/Body Energy
The energetic field, that runs through the human body. The main energy channel runs up the spine and out the through the top of the head. The basic system has seven main energy centres called chakra's - these are switching centres that move energy from the physical to non-physical. The importance of the kundalini is that it allows us to release conditioned energy patterns from the body memory, build energy and escape from the influence of the morphogenetic mind field. To step out of, the matrix.

3. Morphogenetic Field/The Matrix

Human beings have lived on the Earth for approximately one million years, and lived in a civilised state for some tens of thousands of years. There is a collective memory (morphogenetic field) that has built up over this time. The collective memory influences our DNA and the way we experience reality. This morphogenetic field of consciousness only allows us to see/experience a narrow band of existence.

4. Linking Up To The Main Frame
The nature of being human is that we are a separate individuated consciousness living in a separate physical body. On rare occasions, in a deep love state, some of us may experience a temporary merging with another person. But for most of the time we are separate and alone within our own minds. We may be in the physical presence of other people but often separate from them. We don't know what they are thinking and feeling, even when they tell us their feelings we may still have difficulty understanding.

When we have been able to release most of the body memory conditioning and built enough energy within the kundalini we are able to step outside of the human morphogenetic field and connect to the universal consciousness. It's rather the universal consciousness connects to us once we clear the blockages and build up enough strength within ourselves to receive it.

Then a profound merging takes place, David Hawkins calls it a "radical subjective experience", our identity is changed forever as we no longer see ourself as an individual separated consciousness but part of a greater awareness. We have come home, there is a feeling of peace, certainty and overwhelming joy. We may have inklings of this state as we draw closer to it but when it happens it is permanent. This is the spiritual journey and our evolutionary destiny.

Language Coding for Energy Understanding Language Coding for Energy Understanding utilises wording of a certain vibration to access and clear certain energies universally in and around our system to keep us in our power and self essence and to help make our journey as easy as possible.

Each word has a specific sound vibration that is a signal to our energies and also to the universe that this is what we need to access and this is what we need to clear. This energy vibration allows us to get much deeper balancing of certain issues because we are combining our own power with the universal power to create the healing. The Codings Access Core Vibrations

The following codings access core issues and re-address them:

the core of existence
self healing mechanisms
patterning from rituals
activation of self essence and personal power
the protective layer of energy that runs in and around our system
flow of life force (kundalini)
our system polarity
rearrangement of contracts, learning's, karma
current lifetime
connection between physical and spiritual realms
bringing the right people and situations to us at the right time
access to skills, talents, gifts this lifetime through the DNA and genetics
core love vibration
symbolism of nature and healing properties
energy to living things and the planet
combining intuition personal truth and integrity
living in limitless potential
travel through time, dimensions, lifetimes and holographic consciousness
consciousness of energy vibrations
removing energies from our system
our destiny connection
creation of peace

These codings answer many underlying and unknown questions that can be revealed through a technique called the 'Coding Balance'. It is possible to uncover the programmes and sabotages that are having a destructive impact on you. This Balance enables you to change what you think, uncover and correct known and unknown issues using Kinesiology muscle monitoring. By clearing any blockages within your coding you are able to give and receive freely, see yourself as the source of your abundance, be grateful for everything you have and will have, trust that you can create abundance in your life, allow yourself to have abundance, speak and act as though you have an abundant life already, enjoy your life. Abundance and clarity comes in many forms and we now have codings to access these directly.

More Information:
Dennis is a MetaPhysician at The Wizard's Workshop and Quantum Leap Consulting in Fortitude Valley, working with clients and businesses who wish to have their change facilitated and accelerated. To change your energy coding to attract more money, love and abundance into your life email Dennis at [email protected] or call 0411227185 for your appointment
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Restore your body after the party season: simple guidelines!

The party season means some serious over-indulging for most people. Here are some guidelines for a balanced detox to help you enjoy a more rapid recovery for the summer.

Fluid Drink 8-10 glasses of spring water a day to hydrate cells and assist elimination through the liver, kidneys, bowel and skin.

Food Fish like salmon is rich in Omega 3s and can decrease free radical damage. East raw and steamed vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach. Go for antioxidant rich fruits like berries and grapefruit. Have two servings daily of grains like oats, brown rice and barley

Health Exercise for 30 minutes five times a week. Milk thistle, a powerful liver detoxifying herb, will assist elimination

Water plays 3 vital roles

Cleansing Water helps flush out cell-damaging toxins caused by alcohol, rich foods, stress and pollution.

Hydrating We lose water all the time, especially during exercise and on hot days. We need water to produce saliva to break down foods and produce sweat to cool us down while exercising.

Quenching Spring water is ideal to quench your thirst during meal times whilst optimising organ and cell functioning.

Source: Amanda Lovett-Jones, CALJ Australia, Certified Clinical Nutritionist/Herbalist.

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Health & Fitness Centres: The Best in South East Qld!

South East Qld has an array of Credible Health and Fitness Centres!

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Short and Sweet: Pumpkin & Green Salad with Lemon Yoghurt Dressing!


3 cups pumpkin, cut into 2cm cubes 100g mixed lettuce leaves 100g fresh green beans, stems removed and blanched 2 lean bacon rashers, grilled and cut into strips 500g Australian Low Fat Natural Yogurt 2 teaspoons lemon juice

1. Steam pumpkin for 10-15 minutes until tender. 2. Arrange the lettuce leaves on four serving plates. Top with green beans, pumpkin and bacon. 3. Combine yogurt and lemon juice and drizzle over salad. Serve.

Energy: 711 Sugar: 14 Protein: 15 Sodium: 393 Calcium: 313 Fat: 2.9 SaFa: 1.3 Iron: 2 Carbohydrate: 17 Fibre: 3

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?

"Doc, I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home.'" "That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome." "Is it common?" "Well, It's Not Unusual."

An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing to look at either

Quote of the week!

To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth Pearl S. Buck, author

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