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Staying Hydrated & Healthy this Summer: with Neverfail Springwater!

Winter's over, the shorts and singlets are back out and we're all getting ready for the warmer months. We hope you have a great summer.

As the temperature rises, we all tend to drink more so remember to stay hydrated and healthy whilst enjoying yourself over the hot days especially with one of our 600mL bottles of Springwater when you are away from the home or office. Also, if you're planning to have extra visitors, it's a good idea to purchase additional Springwater bottles to cater for all your guests.

One of the best ways to stay cool this summer is by carrying a sports bottle full of Neverfail Springwater with you. Whether you're going to the gym, riding your bike or simply out and about, it's an ideal way of carrying great tasting Springwater and staying hydrated.

Producing great tasting spring water of the best quality is not just about finding the right pure source. While it is important - and all our Springwater comes from a natural spring source, deep underground, it's only part of the equation. Quality control is one of our top priorities ensuring that Neverfail Springwater doesn't just taste great but is always of the best quality available. You can be assured that Neverfail Springwater is continually subjected to the most rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality.

Neverfail goes for gold again! Each year we undergo quality audits by accredited, independent auditors who spend several days in each bottling plant examining procedures, documents, records and equipment. We are proud to report our ABWI and HACCP* audit results in 2006 for all our plants have been accredited with a "Standard of Excellence" rating by achieving a score of >95%

. * Australasian Bottle Water Institute (ABWI) Model Code and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards.

Source: Neverfail Springwater Limited

Call 13 30 37 and mention the below offer!


Myofacsial Release: A Full Body Approach Structural Body Posture!

Myofacsial Release is a whole body treatment method that recognizes that tightness and restrictions in one area of the body affects the entire movement patterns. Our bodies maintain the most energy-efficient posture and movement patterns available to us. When a more efficient posture can be achieved using Myofacsial Release, energy increases and pain decreases.

Our brains recognize our current posture, muscle tension, and movement patterns as being "normal" not necessarily as efficient or pain free. Myofacsial Release requires re-education of the central nervous system to accept the new posture and muscle tension as better and less painful.

During the initial phase of treatment, the patient's brain says, "This isn't me! This feels weird. I'm not going to do this," and the changes achieved in a treatment session do not last. As treatment progresses, however, the patient's brain begins to recognize the new posture and lessened muscle tension as being less energy expensive and less painful. At that point, the changes achieved during treatment last longer. At the end stage of treatment, the brain recognizes the new posture and muscle tension as better, less painful and more energy efficient. When that occurs, change is maintained, the old posture is recognized as inefficient and painful while the new posture is more efficient and less or not painful at all.

Peter Chripczuk
Diploma in Bowen Therapies,Certificate in Remedial Massage,Certificate in Rolfing & Myofacsial Release(John Barnes methods),level IV Rolfing.

Peter has spent m
any years in the alternative health field..having worked all around the world.

Evaluation Scenar Energo Stimulative Therapy the only one in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Q.L.D.

clickhere for details- Gold Coast


Give the Gift of Health and Beauty: with these Great Ideas!

Every week leading up to Xmas we will be featuring 8 businesses that have great Gift Ideas. Each business also has a great special that will add even more value to your gift.

To contact a business please click the business link and fill out the contact form on their web page.

Gift Vouchers also available!


Day Spas

The Dome Retreat- City

Ice Hair Beauty Body -Bulimba

Time Out For You- Ashgrove

Massage Therapy

Ambience Body Therapies- Paddington

The Vitality Zone - Toowong/Mt Gravatt

Laser Hair Removal

Hair Free Centres- Nationwide

Health Appliances

Massage Mat - National

Fitness Equipment

Elite Fitness - National,




Meditation Slows Ageing and Beats Stress:Stimulate your Brain!!

The benefits of meditation have been known for thousands of years and have recently been validated in scientific studies. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to meditate and give up without receiving these benefits. This problem has now been solved with the release of a powerful audio technology called Holosync that sends a very specific stimulus to the brain and creates states of deep meditation, quickly and easily.

Stimulating the brain with Holosync releases stress-reducing chemicals that are highly pleasurable. Most people go easily into a deep, trance-like meditative state normally only attained by experienced monks who have been meditating for over 20 years. In fact, EEG studies show the brain patterns experienced are actually deeper than those attained by monks.

As new neural pathways connect and synchronise the two sides of the brain, individuals develop what scientists call "whole brain functioning," which improves learning, intuition, mental clarity, creativity, concentration, and intelligence, as well as amazing quantum leaps in insight and self-awareness.

Holosync also increases your ability to deal with stress and releases emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and anxiety. When Holosync is used regularly over time, many people discover that dysfunctional feelings and behaviours fall away - even those that have stubbornly resisted change in the past.

For more details and a FREE report and demo audio CD, valued at $37, click here or the below image



Amazing Introductory Offers:For Natural Health, Fitness & Beauty Businesses!

Check out these great offers from South East Qld's finest health and beauty businesses! - simply click the link and fill out the contact form,

Star Skin Care ( James Street Fortitude Valley)-30% off IPL Treatments* & 30% off Ultimate Danne Eye Treatments*( Please fill out the contact form on the page)

Boot Camps Australia - (Brisbane wide): One week free at Boot Camps Australia!. ( Please fill out the contact form on the page)

Elysium Hair & Beauty (Brisbane): 30 minute ESTHEDERM facial for $30!
. ( Please fill out the contact form on the page)

Curves- Mitchelton/Keperra/Lutwyche-50% off your joining fee (when joining for a 12-month membership)PLUS Join now & get the rest of the year free. (Join any time between now & the 31st of Dec and pay no membership fees til January 1 2007) Please fill out the contact form on the page)

The Skin Managment centre (Brisbane City) Complimentary Brow wax with your first consultation ( Please fill out the contact form on the page)

Genesis Fitness Rothwell 30 DAY COMPLIMENTARY PASS! (Please fill out the contact form on the page) out The Secret!

If you haven't see The Secret yet please do so - it will change your life! (clickhere…)


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Short and Sweet: The Great Australian Cheese & Beer Fondue!


2 tablespoons cornflour 1 cup beer 250g Australian Matured Cheddar Cheese, grated 250g Australian Romano Cheese, grated 1 clove garlic, crushed 30g Australian butter 1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard


1. Dissolve cornflour in a little beer, reserve. Place remaining beer, Cheddar, Romano and garlic in a large saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring continuously, until the cheese has melted. 2. Stir in butter, mustard and dissolved cornflour and stir until thickened. Transfer to a warmed fondue pot under a low flame. 3. Serve fondue with crusty bread, grissini sticks, dill pickles, bbq chipolata sausages or steamed or char-grilled asparagus, capsicum or mushrooms.

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Laughter is the best medicine!


An exhausted looking man dragged himself in to the Doctor's office. "Doctor, there are dogs all over my neighborhood. They bark all day and all night, and I can't get a wink of sleep." "I have good news for you," the doctor answered, rummaging through a drawer full of sample medications. "Here are some new sleeping pills that work like a dream. A few of these and your trouble will be over." "Great," the man answered, "I'll try anything. Let's give it a shot."

A few weeks later the man returned, looking worse than ever. "Doc, your plan is no good. I'm more tired than before!" "I don't understand how that could be, said the doctor, shaking his head. "Those are the strongest pills on the market!" "That may be true," answered the man wearily, "but I'm up all night chasing those dogs, and when I finally catch one it's heck getting him to swallow the pill!"

Quote of the week!

Success in life depends upon staying power. The reason for failure is most cases is lack of perseverance. J.R. Miller

For a Good Cause: Why support Surf Life Saving Qld?

Surf Life Saving in Queensland began on Coolangatta Beach on 21st February, 1909. From these very humble beginnings of a fragmented voluntary surf rescue service, Surf Life Saving Australia has now achieved world recognition for the outstanding courage and service of its members. At present in Australia there are 285 Clubs with over 100,000 members who protect the bathing public around the beautiful Australian coastline. In Queensland, there are fifty-nine (59) clubs with in excess of 23,000 members. From our earliest days, the Association's motto has not changed - "Vigilance and Service". Our Association's objectives and aims are rather extensive, but deal primarily with Surf Safety and the public need, i.e. to watch over and care for the people who use the ocean beaches. To this end the records speak for themselves - a total of almost 500,000 lives have been saved.


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