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VIVE is a holistic organic health food centre that specialises in natural therapies. Our Organic supermarket stocks an extensive range of organic groceries, fruit, vegetables, bulk foods, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and dried herbs.

Vive has a very well respected natural therapies clinic specialising in herbal and nutritional medicine.

VIVE is staffed by Naturopaths and Nutritionists whose aim is to provide professional guidance and friendly service. Personalised support and care is a priority at VIVE.

We aim to assist all our customers who suffer from compromised health to minimise their discomfort and accelerate recovery.

Offering information to improve health is at times the greatest service we can do for customers. Once given the correct information our customers are able to make informed choices required to support their health.

A passion for organics! Not only do we live and breath our speech…we are passionately into organic food. Enough research is now out there to support the necessity of local organic farming being the primary sustainable way for our health, and economy. Large conventional farming techniques are not sustainable at the rate in which the world is developing. Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, colours, and flavourings all have a detrimental health effect. The work we do in our clinic repeatedly proves the health gains people achieve when many of these chemicals are removed and a health balanced organic diet is followed.

Our Products

Vive specialises in organic, gluten free and bulk whole foods. Organic Fruit and Vegetables
Purchased 3 times weekly from a quality range of suppliers including local farmers. Vive is able to supply the best and freshest variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables.
Specialty Foods
Vive stocks a wide range of food catering for many needs including: coeliacs, vegetarians, diabetics, allergies, eczema, immune dysfunction, athletes, salicylate sensitivity and intolerances. Vive is owned, managed and operated by qualified Naturopaths and Nutritionists.

Gluten Free Foods
Vive supplies a large variety of gluten free foods. Research indicates a growing trend towards wheat and wheat products creating allergic and digestive problems. Gluten free foods stocked at Vive include: pastas, breads, sauces, snacks, crackers, dips, soups, cereals, flours, chips, bulk foods, biscuits, bars, licorice, sausages, ham, bacon, pizza bases, cakes, ice cream, pies and more. Vive also stocks gluten free beer from O’Brien’s and Sillyaks.


Club Vive entitles you to 15% discount off your groceries and vitamins on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Saturday of every month. Discounts not available on fridge, freezer, bread, juicers, beer and practitioner products.

Purchases accumulated over the Calender month earn a shopping voucher (excluding discount Tuesday and Saturday)
• Spend $200 per Calender month: Receive a $20 voucher for purchases at Vive

• Spend $300 per Calender month: Receive a $35 voucher for purchases at Vive

• Spend $400 per Calendar month: Receive a $50 voucher for purchases at Vive


Vive's retail supplement range is about quality. We stock the best quality products and back these up with clinical research and professionally accurate prescription. These include:
• Blooms
• Brauer Homeopathics
• Comvita
• Efamol
• Emu Fire
• Ethical Nutrients
• Floradix
• Fusion Chinese Herbs
• Green Ridge
• Health Direction (Sandra Cabot’s)
• Herbs of Gold
• Life Stream
• Life Springs
• Living Valley
• Martin & Pleasance
• Melrose
• Microgenics
• Natures Sunshine
• Nutra Life
• Nutri Vital
• Schuessler Tissue Salts
• Swisse Vitamins
• Thompson’s
• Totally Natural Products
• Bush Flower Essences

Brauer Childrens
Heel Traumeel cream
Heel Traumeel tablets

Childrens / Infants Brauer Childrens

Fitness and Sports Products
Accelerade / Endurox R4
Designer Physique
Nutra life

Practitioner Only Products
Vive stocks a large range of practitioner only products. These products are available through professional prescription.

Full Mediherb Liquid Extract Dispensary Mediherb
Herbal tablets

Thorne Pharmaceuticals
Eagle Pharmaceuticals
Nutri Medicine
Nutrition Care
Dr Vera
Orthoplex MD Nutrition

Braurer Professional
Bio Research

Flower Essences
Australian Bush Flowers
Bach Flowers

VIVE Organic Food and Health Clinic Special Offers

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