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Snap Boondall club (including fittings and equipment) is BRAND NEW and boasts some great facilities.

Toning Up
Toning up is achieved by reducing body fat whilst having an adequate amount of muscle. This includes having a balanced diet, whilst completing both cardiovascular and resistance training. You can look at toning up as having layers of fat over your muscles. Some people have a doona over their muscles whereas some have glad wrap so their muscles are clearly visible.
Weight Loss
If you want some serious weight loss, cardio will become your best friend. To lose weight, you have to expend more energy than you consume, this is why it is essential to have a good diet and exercise program. Your exercise program should consist of mainly weights however supplemented by resistance training. Your heart rate should be kept up during the session to ensure that you burn the most calories in the time you have. Good nutrition is also vital and it is important to choose the right foods and the right portion sizes.

Bulk Up
If you want to get bigger and increase your muscle mass then this section is for you. To get bigger you have to place a large amount of stress on the muscles and then let them recover and grow. Most of your training will be dedicated to weights whilst also having a good diet. Diet is an important aspect of bulking up as your body will require more protein (found in meat, fish) to grow.

Sports Specific 
If you are looking to improve your performance in your sport by doing work in the gym, it is important to recognize which factors are important in your sport. Some sports require a lot of flexibility, such as gymnastics and on the other hand endurance is important for running or cycling.

My Team

All the Snap Boondall staff are fully qualified fitness professionals.

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