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With 60% of Australians overweight or obese it is time to take action.

Our professionals help you remove all the blockages to weight loss including mood, insulin resistance, inflammation, stress, gut imbalances, hormones, allergies, thyroid, genetics, nutrient deficiencies as well as poor diet and poor exercise technique. Also we help you stay motivated and stay healthy both while you are losing weight and then maintaining a healthy weight for the long term.

Over the counter and standardised weight loss programs have failed to work because the health issues of each individual that are blocking weight loss are too varied to be covered by a standardised weight loss program - one size just does not fit all when it comes to weight loss and ongoing weight management.

So with the help of the best health professional minds available the Shake It Brisbane weight loss program provides:

1. A program run & managed by degree qualified nutritionists & naturopaths who can tailor the program to your needs

2. Practitioners who listen carefully to the issues that have been preventing you from losing weight and work with you to come up with a solution that is effective and most important - one that you can realistically make happen - plus ongoing support where needed

3. Suggestions for tasty meals that improve your health while you lose weight

4. Low cost healthy meal alternatives for busy people who can't always access healthy food & access to effective supplementation only where needed

5. Optional access to qualified personal trainers either in groups or individually at reasonable rates

6. A program that qualifies for private health fund rebates

7. A program that may qualify for employer funded in-house health clinic status if you can get your work place interested

8. But most important - a program that gets results quickly, improves your health and at low cost - and you look and feel great


We are passionate about this issue because the poor health that results from being overweight is destroying people's lives, congesting our hospital system, overwhelming doctor's surgeries, costing employers a fortune & pushing up prices of everything, and limiting our ability to enjoy living in the great city of Brisbane. So lets get results & Shake It Brisbane.


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