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At Out of the Box Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing exceptional physiotherapy care.  In addition to Physio we provide Remedial massage, Physio Movement & Conditioning, and group exercise classes.

Physio treatment include, 
  • Detailed assessments: Out of the Box Physiotherapists will assess your problem thoroughly to identify all the health issues that require attention.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan: We will provide you a treatment plan so you are clear on your diagnosis, our advice & treatments required to successfully recover.
  • Education: We will teach you about your condition, your prognosis and how you can help yourself.
  • Advice: We will provide advice on best work practices, sports and hobbies, exercise, diet and anything else that can positively affect your condition.
  • Allied Health Professionals: If your problem is beyond our clinics scope of practice we will refer you to one of the man allied health professionals we work with.
Physio Strong Circuit Class – 45mins 

This class uses a range of strength, balance and cardiovascular conditioning equipment contained within our rehabilitation gym. The class aims to address strength, flexibility and fitness. Those in this class might be recovering from an injury and are wanting to strengthen up their body again, or may have concerns over things such as obesity, diabetes or poor bone health. The format of the class is such that participants rotate across set stations so that across the whole session they have done a range of exercises for the entire body

Group Exercise Class – 60mins 

Working under the guidance of our physio's you will be taken through a rehabilitation and conditioning program specific to your needs. This program is typically for people who have completed the first phase of their physiotherapy treatment and are needing an exercise-based approach to ensure longer term management of their condition. Participants in this program typically do their own program under supervision and guidance.

Falls and Balance – 60mins

This class aims to improve balance, mobility and general condition of those patients who are deemed to be at risk of falling or who are worried about their own balance. A range of exercises are used in a circuit style format to target the key muscles required to keep you moving.

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