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MassAttack - it’s “Nature’s Weigh”

Do you Experience any of these symptoms? Stubborn weight, Cravings, Tiredness, Low libido, Irregular or heavy periods, Cellulite, Water retention, Mood swings, Enlarged breasts, Heartburn, High blood pressure, High cholesterol?

You may have a treatable hormonal condition?
There is a proven link between hormones and weight gain.
This is why Generic & Fad diets just don’t work.
Specific foods do effect your hormones.
My team has researched and tested over 500 foods.
Incorporating Naturopathic detoxification and metabolic stimulation principles, whilst treating the cause.
Independantly reviewed by the Australian College of Natural Medicine and featured in “New Idea”.

MassAttack Fast Facts

  • Not a standard low carb, low GI or other diet.
  • Blood tests are not required
  • Professional memberships
  • Over 500 researched foods
  • Suitable for those breast feeding, on IVF, Vegetarians, Celiac’s,
  • Specialised Research
  • Family Friendly
  • Much more than a “weight loss” program

    The ‘Right’ foods equal Results!

    It was a real eye opener for me because I thought I was eating reasonably well, but as soon as I began to change my diet and eat the right foods specifically for me the weight began to come off."

    Featured in New Idea, February 2005, Joanne changed her diet and her life as she approached her 40th birthday and dropped 3 dress sizes.

    Our Team

    MassAttack is a recognised specialist in the natural treatment of hormonal weight and health conditions. We are professional members of Thyroid Australia and the Polycystic Ovarian Association of Australia - we know what works!

    Our program won the ANPA Naturopathic Excellence Award

    "By holistically addressing the source of your health concern we can help you achieve fabulous accelerated success with the symptoms"
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