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Kahuna Hawaiian Massage Huna means "secret" in Hawaiian spiritual tradition. It places equal emphasis on connecting with your spirituality and connecting with the earth, your body, and your emotions. It is a celebration of life & a merging of matter & spirit. Kahuna means "teacher or keeper of the secret. A beautiful and sensual form of massage that re-weaves areas of the body that were once disconnected. During the session, the practitioner enters into a space of one-ness with the client. As they breathe with the client, there seems to be a feeling of flow between you where time loses meaning and only the moment exists. Places where shame or other emotional distresses are held gently and lovingly reintegrate with the whole person.
Ambience Body Therapies
Beach Health Retreat
70-78 Alexandra Parade,
07 5409 XXXX (click to view)
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Fountain of Youth and Float Centre
My Health Yoga - Brisbane
602 Lower Bowen Terrace,
New Farm
0402 838XXXX (click to view)
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My Health Yoga - Gold Coast
Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach
Gold Coast
0402 838XXXX (click to view)
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Stephanies Urban Spa