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The beginning...
From a growing concern about the effects of chemicals on our health, our skin, and just as importantly, our very precious planet, I began to research the possible natural alternatives to the vastarray of chemicals used today in skin, body and hair care preparations. During the course of my research I was often stunned and very disappointed at the amount of misleading labels such as 'natural' or 'organic' on many retail products.

As my knowledge of chemicals increased, so did my realisation that many so-called 'natural' ingredients were not quite so. Maybe they were 'natural' to start with or at the very least derived from something 'natural' but were chemically altered to a state which now made them a systemic danger to our health. So my research continued as did my experiments and trials to find truly natural alternatives to petro-chemicals, sulphates, synthetic preservatives and any other nasties so commonly found in everyday products.


- To make a completely natural skin and body care range at a very affordable price without sacrificing quality.

Our Products

Handmade Naturals manufactures a complete range of non-toxic skin, hair and body care products. Our entire range is produced using only the finest grades of pure cold-pressed vegetable oils, natural vegetable waxes, floral waters, pure essential oils and natural preservatives. click here for a sample of our product range www.naturals.com.au/productspage1.html

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