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Established in 1995, the Fountain of Youth have friendly, experienced staff ready to pamper you, family or friends and provide personalised service... guaranteed!

We pamper you and help you enjoy the art of relaxation. Let us help you to achieve radiance from the inside out.

Treatments available 

Experienced Zen Thai Therapist

 Zen Thai is often described as someone doing yoga for your body. It’s performed on a memory foam mat on the floor fully clothed in a safe space to rest, relax and unwind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese medicine.

 Using a wide range of techniques to create the change within the body. Using and finding key reflex areas that highlight the underlying condition. Traditional Acupuncture points are used around the body to facilitate a change.

Ayurvedic therapeutic practices (Shirodhara)

 Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic therapeutic practice, where a warm stream of oil is poured onto the forehead in a methodical and consistent way.

Remedial Massage Therapist and Kahuna and lomi lomi massage.

Releasing muscle tension and toxins, blockages, damaged cells, scar tissues from injury & Increasing joint mobility.


Float n Massage
Our most popular service is a "Floatage' which is a combination of a floatation and massage. 2 Hours of pampering including herbal teas.
Fat Cavitation
Mini Express -
Teeth Whitening
Face Neck & De'colletage
Express Manicure/Express Pedicure



So you can eliminate stress, tension & muscle in a simple effortless floating.

"Floating compensates for lack of sleep ... 2 hours in a Float Tank can be more restful & restorative than a full night of sound sleep"

Floating is successfully used by athletes to improve performance signficantly & to speed recovery"

How does it work?

A floatation tank is a special lightweight floatarium designed to remove the effect of gravity. No Noise, No Light, No Feeling of Weight.

Entry to the tank is through a light sliding door which you can close or leave partly or completely open. Once inside the tank you rest upon an extremely dense solution of sterile warm water and Epsom salts - a velvety mixture just 10 inches deep,yet so tremendously buoyant, you have no choice but to float - you cannot sink. During this process your muscles relax to a degree not possible under any other circumstance & relief flows through your entire body.

Throughout this process stress, tension & fatigue are rapidly released. The benefits include feeling calm & clear headed, physically relaxed & refreshed.


You will feel so calm & contented you won't feel like rushing back to the real world straight away. Allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to sit & enjoy the experience in our lounge.


Complete Privacy is assured. You float in your own private Float room, in your own tank. You are in total control of this tank and can leave it at anytime you like during the float. Floating in a tank does not feel claustophobic. Tanks are very roomy, lightweight & well-ventilated.

The door of the tank can be left open while you're getting used to the process & a soft light may also be left on if you are not comfortable with total darkness. Rest assured you will feel perfectly comfortable.


The high salt concentration in the tank makes the water so dense it's like the DEAD SEA and anyone, no matter how heavy they are, will float. The salt content also keeps the water sterile, along with an automatic filtration cycle after each session

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