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The Changing Face of Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry is an approach to treatment that takes into account the relationship of the health of your teeth, bones and the muscles of your head and neck in relation to the health of your whole body.

Because people are increasingly concerned with their health and what they put into their bodies, whether it is quality nutrition, medication or supplements they take or medical treatment they receive, these factors have an influence on the course of treatment you receive at the surgery.

Holistic Dentistry strives to work with the patient as an individual in a quality and professional manner to give them a natural reason to smile with teeth the colour nature intended.

Holistic Dentistry integrates natural health philosophies with orthodox medicine and dentistry to obtain optimal balance and long term health, which is a key consideration in looking and feeling your best.

All aspects of of general and cosmetic dentistry are available, including a hygienist. Procedures are conducted using the most advanced techniques with individual biocompatible materials.

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In terms of environmental awareness Dental Wellness has invested in some of the world's most progressive technologies available.

The issues of safe amalgam removal, safe disposal of mercury, and effective air filtration have all played a part in our practice design, and we have provided links below to some of the solutions we have implemented.

Safe amalgam removal: we rigorously follow the guidelines established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT ).

Safe mercury disposal: CMA Ecocycle mercury filter stopping 99.5% amalgam and Mercury going down into the waterways (one gramme of mercury will contaminate to an unsafe level, one BILLION litres of water).

Air filtration: the Iqair Perfect 16 and iqair dental series air filters are Swiss made total building filtration systems designed especially for dental clinics. the filters not only clean the air to within 0.003 microns, but also removes all mercury vapour and other dental fumes at the time of your consultation.

Healthy Water: Dental Wellness strives to have the healthiest water available to our clients bringing in water from Mount Tamborine and offering water filtration systems for your whole house.

Surgery lighting: we use full spectrum lighting that emulates natural sunlight. Full spectrum lighting has proven beneficial in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder.

Non-toxic paints: the issue of out-gassing from volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paints has been frequently identified as a cause of environmental toxicity. Dental Wellness has been completely painted in Wattly Id– a low VOC paint.

Digital x rays imaging: the very latest system by Schick, allowing instant digital images with minimal radiation exposure. Digital photography for comprehensive patient education and visual input on informed choice.

Main Focus
  • Addressing infected root treated teeth with surgical removal.
  • Ozone and Platelet Rich Fibrin (derived from your blood)
  • Ceramic implants.
  • Aesthetics for a healthy beautiful smile.

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