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The Benefits of a Calorie-controlled meal service

A calorie-controlled meal service provides many benefits to the consumer. Total energy intake is regulated at a level that will achieve the desired outcome, to either lose weight or maintain weight. Most companies offer a range of energy levels to cater for individual needs. For example, men and more active women will need a higher energy intake than a more sedentary person. A reputable company will, at the same time, ensure that adequate nutrition is maintained in their full meal plan. They will ensure that the plan conforms to dietary guidelines for healthy eating.

A calorie-controlled meal service is convenient. Since all food is provided in a full plan, there is minimal need to shop and prepare food. Only basic cooking skills are needed for final preparation of meals.

An extra benefit of minimal time spent in supermarkets or shopping centres is less exposure to foods which belong in the "eat occasionally" category. A calorie-controlled meal service is educational. It teaches the consumer appropriate serving sizes for all food items. It may also educate the consumer about a greater range of appropriate foods than they might normally choose. A reputable company will use brands that are easily recognised, to enhance the educational value of their service.
Chi of Life Weight Loss Retreat
CleanseClinic - Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutrition
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