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Robyn ensures that you achieve a truly holistic result by addressing your emotional and mental stress levels as well as your physical symptoms. Everything is explained so that you feel comfortable with your expected progress and outcome.
We do computerized body scan, kinesiology, body code and emotion code.

We have a large herbal dispensary to accommodate any health concern. The herbs provide specific nutrition and balance to correct organ function and restore vitality. We even have nice tasting herbal tonics.

The clinic also carries nutritional and homeopathic remedies to assist you in your journey to wellness.

Your body has a way of healing naturally. The healing needs time to process. It can happen quickly, or take from one month to three to six months, or take a year or two to complete. This all depends on how long you have had the problem. At the clinic we are here to support you all the way to your good health outcomes.

You will feel the difference as you move to higher levels of wellness.

 Act today to feel healthier and happier in every way.

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I came to see Robyn Ehmen for Homeopathy. I found her on Google. Having severe cramping in my toes and legs caused me to fall. This resulted in back injury and bruising and severe pain for 2 weeks. All I wanted was pain relief. Three hourly Panadol was doing nothing and morphine for three days barely took the edge off the pain. I could not roll over in bed – I was in so much pain. I could not bend down to pick up things..
Breathing, coughing and sneezing was difficult. Saw the doctor and the pain was so severe he could not touch my skin. Anti-inflammatories did not work. Robyn gave me a homeopathic remedy, Bowen Therapy and tapping for the emotional trauma. Now I am pain free.
V Kerswell

I was in a really bad place and Robyn pulled me out of it. I was very over weight and in a lot of pain. It was hard to walk.
Now I can get out of cars, chairs, and I don’t feel like an old lady any more. Robyn helped me change my mind-set and I started to loose weight. I started waking up earlier and taking up my hobbies and interests again.
Robyn Ehmen is very good, she helped me with natural pain relief, neuro linguistic programming and neuro-science counselling. I have slimmed down by 46cm and 10 kilos in 2 months. I see myself getting fitter every day and enjoying life again.
I recommend ProActive Natural Health Clinic to anyone wanting to loose weight and feel great again.
K Young

Robyn Ehmen

Robyn Ehmen is an experienced Naturopath, advanced western Herbalist, Bowen Therapist and Counsellor.

The clinic specializes in Skin, Hormones and Stress Issues, Pain Relief and Weight management. Robyn is a qualified Registered Nurse in medical, surgical, paediatrics and intensive care.

In 1992, Millers Naturopathic Herbal Clinic was opened and later changed its’ name to ProActive Natural Health in 2010.

Brisbane South Naturopathy Clinic Special Offers

The consultations are supported with testing @ no extra charge. These include Body Scan, Allergy Testing, Iridology and more.
Special rate for families

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