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People come for a remedial massage for all sorts of reasons.

For relaxation, relief from physical discomfort, to reduce stress or get relief from the effects of psychological and emotional problems.


Remedial Massage can be relaxing and helps to stimulate, support and maintain the health and well being of your body so that it can relax and heal .


There is nothing more depressing then constant pain, whether it be headaches, backache, sciatica, car accident injuries, falls, hereditary or any other reason.


Massage is no longer a luxury but a necessity, it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, removes built up toxins, lets oxygen into your muscles, takes you out of the stresses of your life, plus you get to relax! 


I really care about you and your wellbeing so I take the time to listen and fully understand each individual so that I can help you regain your optimal health.


I offer a range of services therefore being able to cater to a wide range of clients and also able to combine treatments so you get the very best treatment for your body.


I work from a home studio that is clean, comfortable and air-conditioned with free off street parking.  The studio is conveniently located in Pialba, Hervey Bay area.

All Body Care Services

  • Remedial Massage with private health rebates
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Dry Needling Therapy
  • NeuroSkeletal Therapy
  • Lympathic Drainage Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Iconic Detox Foot Spa
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Fat Cavitation Body Contouring Treatments

Private Health Rebates


I am fully registered and insured therefore you can feel confident in my service.

I have a HICAPS machine onsite which allows to you claim your private health fund rebate onsite and pay any gap owing.

Saves a lot of time doing online claiming for finding a store to get your rebate.



At the risk of starting with "unaccustomed as I am to writing public testimonials", I feel like I really should write one for Caroline Smith,at All Body Care.

Some background:

Some years back I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent the usual treatment protocols, chemotherapy - designed to my particulate Her2 positive type of Breast Cancer, Herceptin - a drug developed to treat Her2 positive cancer,radiation - targeting a specific section of my right breast. (I even got a tiny tattoo - to assist hitting the target).


I have always been a fairly bubbly and positive person, so I underwent this treatment regime in a pretty up frame of mind.


After I'd been given an all clear signal - surviving five years after treatment I started to experience severe temperatures and a cellulitis rash, (a deep cellular infection) which needed to be treated with intravenous antibiotics. I also started to have a shingles like rash around the upper part of my body.


For more than two years I  felt really unwell, I was hospitalised five times with a serious infection and temperatures over 40 degrees and a rash which would not clear up, even after antibiotics. I also experienced a lot of joint pain and fluid retention, maybe from the intravenous treatments, my system was out of wack. I called All Body Care looking to get some reflexology, which I thought may help my condition.


Caroline on inspecting my skin recommended Lymphatic Drainage massage, and even after the first treatment there was a positive response. The rash that has covered my legs for a couple of years began to clear. After three treatments it had reduced by so much that it was barely visible. I felt so much better, my energy levels had improved vastly and finally I wasn't ashamed to reveal my legs. The extreme peeling had stopped and my skin felt more hydrated and soft.


I'm usually sceptical of 'miracle cures' - my past experience is that there are no free lunches and healing takes time - and a series of protocols that lead to feeling better. But, I feel like I have experienced some kind of miraculous treatment - maybe because this therapist knows her stuff and could see my poor beaten around body was still full of toxins from treatments past...


Anyway,I am truly grateful for Caroline's assessment and treatment of my problem. I am continuing treatment, I know with time and continued treatment I will be able to expel the toxins from my system...and be back on the path to being my healthy happy self.


I recommend Caroline's All Body Care complementary treatments for anyone who is looking to improve their well being and to shed that toxic feeling that goes hand in hand with modern living.

Feeling better

G T James

Hi Caroline,

Feedback is all positive. Range of movement in my right shoulder has increased considerably. I feel 'looser' in my shoulders neck and back, if that makes sense? I'm amazed and very happy. Thanks for what you did.

See you next week

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